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Well, this article will be all about the term drop shipping and how Oberlo Dropshipping app and Shopify can simplify your job of running your own drop shipping business smoothly over AliExpress.  So basically I will be drawing your attention towards all the details regarding drop shipping business and Oberlo app. Let’s get started with the details below.

What is Drop Shipping?

What is Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is nothing but a business type which is executed just like a way of chain management business. The persons who are into drop shipping business, they usually do not require to keep goods or products in stock in an advance. Rather what they do is after receiving the order they used to transfer the order and its shipping details to any third party manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships and delivers the products directly to the customer and execute the whole process from then. And in the result, you finally receive a good amount of commissions over the product sold from your website.

What is Oberlo?

What is OberloThis particular word “Oberlo” is going on your mind and you might be thinking how it is going to help you in running your drop shipping business successfully. Oberlo basically is a Shopify extension or app which you can install on your Shopify based websites for running your drop shipping business. With the help of this app, you can very easily and quickly import and synchronize products from AliExpress to your website. AliExpress is a website of Alibaba Group, the China-based largest wholesaling website of the world. Oberlo can help you to run your drop shipping AliExpress business by making all the process quite easy and fun.

Setting Up Oberlo with Shopify:

Setting Up Oberlo with ShopifyOberlo is specially designed for Shopify. So, you should have an active Shopify account and website. Now to setup Oberlo with Shopify, firstly you will have to sign up for it, and that you can do in two ways. Firstly you can do it via the official website of Oberlo. And secondly, you can sign up via the Shopify app marketplace where the Oberlo app is listed.

Next, you will have to click the installation link present over your Shopify store. The Oberlo app will be installed very easily like the other Shopify apps. And once it is installed and you activate your plan, Oberlo will be available to use on your website.

The Benefits of Oberlo App:

The Benefits of OberloOberlo app can do almost everything automatically. With the help of this app, you can very easily update your every business needs like importing and synchronizing of products, order fulfilling, inventory and the pricing management. Not only this you can also very easily track the shipments of your customers, you can track your sales, can be able to connect yourself very easily towards your existing products of your store, can also if necessary change the suppliers of your products, and much more. Everything is being sorted out very easily with the help of Oberlo. Oberlo is having more than 300 positive customer reviews on Shopify website; most of the users are quite satisfied with this plugins.

Pricing of Oberlo:

Pricing of OberloThe pricing kept for this useful app is very reasonable. They are offering their customers with three different plans: the Starter plan, the Basic plan, and the Professional plan.

The Starter plan will cost you $4.90 per month. In this the starter plan you will get the chance to add 500 products and can execute maximum 50 orders per month. The Basic plan will cost you $29.90 per month. And in this plan, you will get to add 10000 products in your website and you will get a chance to execute 500 orders per month. And the Professional plan will cost you $79.90 per month. In this plan, you will get to allow up to 30000 products and will get to execute unlimited orders every month. In the professional plan, you can get to enjoy a trial period of 30 days of Shopify and Oberlo app.


Oberlo App for Shopify - conclusion

Drop shipping business is becoming very popular day by day. And so, in this case, Oberlo will definitely help us if we want to work with AliExpress in making some extra dollars. Go and try out this Oberlo app on your Shopify website if you wish to step into this drop shipping business.


Oberlo - Review Breakdown

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Drop shipping business is becoming very popular day by day, and so, in this case, Oberlo will definitely going to help us if we want to work with AliExpress in making some extra dollars.

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