Logmatic.io Review – An Operations Data Platform for Log & Machine Event

Logmatic.io is an information program for records as well as system functions. Here corporations develop their software program as well as the overall performance of the business by leveraging all system information by directing all records, metrics, and system function into an individual hub. Obtain a specific summary of what exactly is transpiring across your dispersed environments, and detect the issue in the haystack immediately.

Capabilities and Advantages:


1. Made for everyone in the corporation:

This tool has been created to centralize all information and facts to supply insights and information to all sections or divisions in the corporation. Use Logmatic.io log analyzer to populate your tech software applications and automate procedures. Work together with other corporation divisions by revealing relevant information.

2. DevOps:

Utilize just a single tool to evaluate and monitor all your system environments and all their record and log entries. This provides you application efficiency management and troubleshooting at the same time which is very convenient.

3. Devs:

Develop the excellence of your code, automatically relieve deployment fixes, and use the code monitoring capabilities.

4. Business:

It doesn’t really matter the type of service you might be offering. It can be client service or marketing service or may be the management service. This tool can leverage a new set of all kind of related and valuable data to quickly find out the proper areas where the improvement is needed within your service.

5. RESTful APIs:

RESTful APIs give you the chance to integrate all key information by collecting from Logmatic.io and transferring it into the apps designed by you or into any other Business intelligence (BI) platforms.

6. Security filters:

This allows you to share the exact scope and level of data with any of your team members for their uses.

7. Powerful Faceted Search:

From all the centralized records and logs, you can very easily and immediately filter any of your data using many filter attributes. This can help you to get precise and appropriate log entries at once. This will be really helpful to find out immediate results to any events so you can solve it just as soon as those happen.

You gain access to full text and faceted searches, log level granular search, real-time records and also real time search, complex search queries or exclusions, fuzzy searches.


8. Powerful analytics:

Comprehend complex interactions. You can correlate all behaviors across all your systems to point out the patterns those are underlying as well as the areas of improvements. This tool can run the innovation of your product and service by developing a continuous loop of feedbacks that collects all usage data of your customers. This will remove the guesswork out from your product development and business decisions.

9. Bridge between admins and developers:

Admins can share any logs out from the production servers to developers. This can reduce the rework, improve the code and accelerate the releases of your products.


10. Enrichment and parsing:

It can transform all heterogeneous and raw data into meaningful, structured information. Logmatic.io can recognize the patterns in the data and will give you the option to run your own custom parsing rules. To trace all requests and transactions, this can use dynamic and unique tagging to stockpile all information that cuts through numerous layers of your technology stack.


11. Automatic recognition:

Nginx, Apache, Firewalls, Syslogs, key/value patterns, JSON events etc. Logmatic.io was designed to apply a well-recognized standard to parse logs, like Grok. Using Grok you can convert all scattered and unstructured event and log data into comprehensible and structured data, run tests, and deploy immediately and straight from the user interface.

12. Integrated user-agent parsing and IP geolocation:

Identify the browsers, operating systems, devices of users etc.

13. Custom tagging:

Group and categorize all elements that scattered towards your technology stack.

14. Dynamic dashboards:

It has options to craft your dashboards quickly and beautifully. You can also share your dashboard across your departments. This will let them discover the desired data happily as they open their new dashboards and getting the all new insightful data totally from a different and new angle.


15. Efficient data visualization:

Pie charts (based on counts), time series, sums, averages, percentages, geo maps, and flow charts. Stored and shareable dashboards to monitor and compare data across your stack to identify the root cause of any events.

16. Alerts on the dashboards:

“IMMEDIATE ALERTING” immediately gets alerted to deviations and irregular behaviors. Be the very first to find out the issue when something wrong is happening, and instantly get notified within few seconds. You can get highly flexible alerts depending on many metrics or search queries, with user-defined thresholds. You can receive alerts via PagerDuty, Slackor or HipChat or even via email. You also get alerts via webhooks (with custom templates) and can notify your server directly.


Other Features and Options:

If you are using Python programming, this can make your Python logging quite easier. This can use of python handlers so you can send logs to Logmatic.io; mainly it contains a proper JSON formatting and a socket handler that will stream all logs straight to logmatic.io.

Logmatic.io listens to the Web. The tool accumulates reports in real-time from blogs, micro-blogging sites, discussion forums, social networks, video sites, as well as from news broadcast sites – anybody anywhere in the world that may be discussing the subjects of interest to their clients – and provides the data back to these consumers by means of a user-friendly online program. This information supports Logmatic.io clients resolve essential business queries and achieve vital insights into their markets and its clients.

Making use of the Logmatic.io setup, clients can search info about their very own products and brand, feedback from customer, information of competitors, their market shares or just about any topics affiliated their business. Logmatic.io indexes over one hundred million documents on their output platform, in addition to the corporation, assures consumers the freshest computer data from the internet, which makes them accessible in the user interface within mere seconds.


Thus, flexibility has always been one of the major characteristics of logmatic.io, although it was one of the major issues it had at its early stages. With the use of a more accommodating technology ‘ELASTICSEARCH’, that problem was fixed.

Depending on fast time response “Before Elasticsearch, providing data in real-time was getting harder and harder as volumes grew,” Renaud Boutet, Co-Founder of Logmatic.io recalls. “We are aggregating tens of thousands of objects every minute. Our older NoSQL database solution was not able to keep the pace. All the systems were struggling.”

On the previous program, Logmatic.io needed to wait for all inquiries to complete before they were able to update it. With numerous consumers continually executing queries, there was certainly not a really good time to update. This made it more challenging for Logmatic.io to deliver on their real-time guarantee.

“Before Elasticsearch, we were experiencing slow query response time as well,” Boutet continues. “Sometimes customers were waiting 5 to 7 seconds, which is not good for a business intelligence tool. Queries would sometimes take more than a minute. You lose all the power of a business intelligence tool if you have slow responses.”

Contributing to the problems, Logmatic.io protects hundreds of gigabytes data, but may be the synchronization procedure was sluggish and would likely often be unsuccessful.

“We were very concerned at that time, because we only had ten customers, but we were already reaching the limit,” Boutet adds. “We were afraid that we would never be able to scale up. We had to find a new solution because otherwise, we would not be able to continue our business. That is why we moved to Elasticsearch.”

Pricing of Logmatic:


Like I mentioned earlier, logmatic.io was generally designed for everyone. Because all new logmatic accounts start out with a two week trial period and you get notified 5 days before your trial expires so you can have your works saved, once your trial expires your account will be automatically closed.

Logmatic.io has three plans which are paid for monthly.

  1. Starter: The starter plan is billed at €49.00 per month and it grants you access from 0.5GB per day and also 7 days retention.
  2. Pro: The pro plan is billed at €99.00 per month and it grants you access from 0.5GB up to 5GB per day for €349.00 15 days retention.
  3. Enterprise: This plan is billed at €349.00 per month for terabytes/day. This plan gives you customized retention.


Logmatic - conclusion

It is an amazing operations data platform for log and machine events. which was designed to be operated with ease and provide users with the best log analyzer which keeps you a step ahead of your customers, It is most certainly a must have for any standard corporation willing to offer customers the best in service provision.

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