Insider’s Guide to Nonpublic Company PPC Audits

Auditing in the business world is essential for financial transparency and integrity. Therefore, for certain private (nonpublic) companies, auditing can take a lot of work. But do not worry; an insider’s guide is here to help private organizations like yours understand the auditing system.

What is a PPC Audit?

PPC audits could be termed an SOP to analyze your advertising strategy with the effect, expenditure, profit, ad groups, and individual ads. Make sure you regularly audit your PPC accounts to understand everything in detail.

Why Need to Perform a PPC Audit?

PPC campaigns demand immense work, including monitoring and developing campaigns, analyzing the bidding budget, and identifying the right suitable keywords. Therefore, a PPC audit can help you in a lot of ways:

  • You will quickly identify whether you are spending money on the right keywords through the PPC audit. In this case, you can discontinue ads that are not converting and use the budget on the keywords ranking higher.
  • You can spot the problem with the performance of your ad campaign. PPC strategies will always come with errors, but a PPC audit is the right way to configure your ad performance. You may be running certain ads for demographics with improper keywords. After knowing this, you can easily change your advertising strategy.
  • You will learn about audience engagement. A PPC audit will let you know which ads they click the most, their location, and even the devices they use while interacting with the PPC ad. Based on this, you can devise strategies to optimize your campaigns to target the right audience.
  • You’ll get details about your competitors. A simple audit of your PPC campaign can help you gain insights into the keywords your competitors target and how your ads perform compared to them. You can easily observe their strategy to optimize yours.

An Overview of Nonpublic Company

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Private or non-public companies are small-sized companies that usually face various difficulties while auditing. Like public companies, private organizations have no strict rules, but to maintain accuracy, they need to follow the SOP of auditing.

How Do PPC Services Packages Help?

It can help to provide direction to private companies in auditing. A professional PPC agency collaborates with you to resolve your company’s various challenges with varied tools and resources. 

1. Training and Professional Guidance

One needs special expertise during the audit process. Therefore, PPC service packages will help you get the right expertise. The professionals are well-updated with the auditing standards, which help them work accurately to drive results.

2. Use of cutting-edge modern tech

New tech in modern auditing is a game changer. A professional PPC agency comes with unique technologies to help you with auditing, such as AI and ML, which ultimately help increase efficiency. 

3. Comprehensive Audit Tools

PPC packages also come with different yet essential audit tools. From risk assessment tools to data analytics to maintain compliance with accounting standards.

Selecting the Right PPC Package for Private Company Audit

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Choosing the right package can help you get through this auditing challenge. We are here to help you. Below are some factors that will guide you in hiring the right PPC package.

1. Scalability

Signing up for PPC packages that can be easily upgraded can help the growing private company. This flexibility helps to make the audit process efficient, irrespective of the company’s size.

2. Training and Support

The package that you choose must have experienced auditors who can easily train you. The auditor’s understanding of the available tools and resources results in a successful audit.

3. Technology Integration

PPC packages consistently work to encourage technology integration. Auditors will introduce various automated software to improve the audit quality and accuracy.

4. Sticks to the Regulatory Standards

The PPC service you choose must strictly follow regulatory compliance. Private companies may not need the same regulatory standards as public companies, but maintaining the auditing standards is always better.

The Audit Checklist


1. Set a Date

Before you set an audit work make sure you set a date range. Also, be ready with enough amount of data for analysis.

Choosing a larger data set will help you give more accurate auditing results. An additional tip: when running paid data, use at least three months of data. 

2. Download the Data

Get a sizeable amount of data. Visit the Google Ads account and get your data easily exported. At Google Ads, you can create custom exports to get specific data on certain pages.

Also, consider running the big data if you already have it. Only if the ads running on both the platforms are same.

3. Note Down Your Budget

Observe the budget keenly and check the expenses on your ads during PPC audits. Keep track of the data and how much of your budget you are spending on your ad campaigns.

In addition, check your cost per click (CPC) as well as the total number of clicks you get through the set budget from different types of platforms. This will help you to analyze the effectiveness of your campaign perfectly.

4. Check the Content

Content is king. This is very true for ad campaigns. Your target audience should react positively to the content that you provide. Make sure you closely keep track of this factor while auditing.

The motive of the ad campaign is reaching the target audience, which should be achieved.

5. Observe Your Quality Score

The most important factor in PPC is the quality score. Your ad gets placed depending on your quality score and maximum bid. Therefore, check and improve the quality score if you want your ad to get placed well.


6. Analyze Your Keyword Targeting

Now the next step is optimizing the long-tail keywords. An example of a long tail keyword is,  “Flower shops in Harrisburg, PA”. These long-tail keywords will help you get a high number of leads. Therefore, don’t forget to optimize them.

7. Track Your Click-through and Conversion Rates

These two metrics go hand in hand, they are dependent on each other as your CTR will affect your conversion rate. Remember to check both when you are on your audit work.

8. Check the Bids

Remember, if you spend around $10 per click on your ad for customers to buy a $15 product, you are not left with much of a profit margin. Therefore, you must reevaluate your strategy during the PPC audit.

9. Improve Location Targeting

With the help of location targeting, you can easily create a good ad campaign for your brand. Google Ads allows you to display ads based on your location. This will surely help you boost your business.

10. Avoid Unnecessary Expenditure

Making more money for business should be your main motive, and not losing much, always focus on making a profit. Improper campaign optimization can lead to loss of money.

Top 4 PPC Audit Tools for Maximum ROI


1. WordStream

Google Ads Performance Grader by WordStream.


  • It has a pre-set auditing checklist that covers landing page optimization, unnecessary spending, keyword analysis, and ad copy analysis.
  • The major advantage includes a user-friendly UI design.

Pricing: Free.

2. Adalysis

PPC audit tool with 20+ years of experience.


  • The performance analyzer in this tool helps give detailed information about your campaign changes.
  • This tool also offers customizable reports, instantly notifying you about your campaign fluctuations.
  • You also get a regular diagnostic audit that provides detailed information about your bids, performing keywords, and other campaign details.

Pricing: The charges of this tool are monthly ad spending. It also offers a 14-day free tool trial.

3. Opteo

Google Ads PPC audit tool that comes with important recommendations, which is backed with detailed research.


  • It helps you to give detailed information about PPC bid optimization, which is based on your target customer engagement.
  • Google Ads also notifies you to give critical alerts.
  • Slack integration in this tool works to provide you with timely alerts and reports.
  • With this tool, you can easily customize your reports and your brand logo.

Pricing: It is a paid tool, but after signing up, you get a 30-day free trial.

4. Helium10

It offers a free Amazon PPC audit tool. This tool helps you run different types of analyses.


  • The tool gives in-depth analyses of your campaign, keyword, duplicate keyword,  and ACOS analysis.
  • This free tool is user-friendly and works easily to generate reports.
  • You get the best insights, which helps to optimize your ad campaign strategy.

Pricing: Free.

What Should You Consider While Selecting a PPC Audit Tool?


With the best tool, you can quickly and efficiently conduct a PPC audit for your Non-public company. Here are some essential features you must look for in a tool.

A paid or free tool can give you wholesome and detailed auditing capabilities.

A reliable tool should give you a detailed analysis, including:

  • Keyword performance.
  • Landing page analysis.
  • Ad copy analysis.

Other features that you look for:

  • Alerts and notifications: This feature helps avoid wasting money on ad campaigns. Getting instant alerts will help you optimize your ads correctly.
  • Offers recommendations: A PPC audit tool must give recommendations to improve your ads’ performance.
  • Customized reports: Select a tool that offers a customization option on their dashboard.

Bottom Line

Guide to Nonpublic Company PPC Audits: Conclusion.

Private company audits must be performed under the guidance of an expert who follows the regulatory rules. We hope this guide helped you!

Author: Hardik Mody
This article is written by Hardik Mody. Hardik is a Digital Marketing Manager. He plans and coordinates the marketing activities of ValueHits, a full-service Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai, India. With his experience and Expertise in the field, he identifies potential customers and develops marketing campaigns. Also, he is efficient enough to meet the client’s requirements and well-organized in handling Multiple tasks.

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