10 Advantages of Next.js: Powering Your Websites and Apps

Every business needs new ideas to stay competitive. Being innovative puts you ahead in the online market. People like using things that are quick and easy. That’s why your app or website should have extra features. Next.js is a tool for making cool React Web apps using JavaScript.

Next.js is built on React, a tool for creating the part of websites users see. Many app makers choose Next.js because it makes building apps faster and simpler. Now, let’s talk about why using this JavaScript tool is good for your app and website.

Why Should You Choose Next.js?

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The most common question for any app developer is ‘Why Next.js?’. Very often, developers find themselves confused about whether to choose React Vs. Next.js.

But the answer is simple. Next.js has a unique blend of power, versatility, and developer friendliness. This framework is fast and easy to use for app developers and business owners.

The best thing? Your users can have a great experience if your app is developed in Next.js. That’s why most mobile app developers use this framework to develop their apps.

Let us give you a little more overview about Next.js.

What is Next.js?

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Next.js is built on React. React is powerful enough to create easy-to-use applications. It’s powered by Java.

Next.js is a great option for front-end development because it contains many features. For example, there are features of automatic code splitting, typescript, etc. App developers can use these features without much hassle.

Interestingly, Next.js is great at what it offers. App developers might not find similar features in other frameworks. This tool comes with capabilities that help you to develop code faster. App developers can build apps that are highly performance-driven.

Next.js is the top choice for almost all modern app developers. Even big brands like Netflix, Airbnb, and TikTok are using it to develop their apps. It has features that let you use top-used frameworks in your app development.

Advantages of Using Next.js

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The below-mentioned are some of the benefits offered by Next.js for app developers.

1. Serverless Functioning

Next.js doesn’t need any servers. It makes your tasks easy as you can handle front-end tasks without hassle. It supports you in multiple tasks with its serverless functionality.

This web development framework has a simple architecture. So, the server management process is very simple. App developers can host the app on the cloud using Next.js. It also helps in ensuring that every resource has an efficient utilization.

With this feature, you can rest assured that your app’s performance will be top-notch. After all, websites can crash at times. It usually happens when there is a sudden traffic spike on the websites.

However, Next.js supports automatic scaling of your app. So, your application or website can handle sudden traffic spikes. It’s one of the best frameworks for e-commerce businesses where a lot of users engage at any given point.

2. File-Based Routing

File-based routing is another feature that makes Next.js a powerful tool. Developers can easily map through URLs directly to the files.

All the information regarding the file routing is available in the projects directory. You can turn all files into routes and streamline your navigation process.

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3. Hot Module Replacement

All developers need a framework or a platform that gives them control over everything. Next.js promotes ease and control for the developers.

It contains an HMR that helps developers change codes instantly. There is no need for reloading. Your app development process speeds up when you get everything on your plate on demand.

4. Seamless Error Handling

It can be frustrating to commit errors in app development. Rectifying mobile app development mistakes can take up a lot of time. It requires a lot of effort for the app developer. Sometimes, you might need to restart the entire process of creating the app.

Next.js comes with a built-in error handling feature. Whenever similar errors occur, it will show you the error with the solution. This feature saves the time and effort of the developers.

5. Server-Side Rendering

Server-side rendering, or SSR, in web development lets developers create web pages. You can then show these web pages on the server side. Next.js allows app developers to quickly display their brand’s products on the page. There are fewer delays as often seen in the usual way of showing pages on the user’s side.

6. SEO Benefits

Next.js also offers several SEO advantages for users. Proper SEO helps you level up your online store or website’s position on Google. It helps you build your brand awareness and visibility.

Next.js helps in making your website quicker, safer, and more informative for the users. We all know that Google crawlers are always on the hunt for informative websites. So, if you develop your pages with Next.js, the pages will have special features. These features will help the search engines index your app/website. As a result, your website or page will have better visibility among online users.

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7. Increased Conversions

People are likely to use only those websites or online stores that are easy to use. Online users might prefer switching to other websites if the page loading time is high.

Next.js helps in enhancing the user-friendliness of your website. So, online users stick to your website with loyalty. If they get the best on your website, they’re likely to shop more from you.

8. Better Adaptability

Websites and apps made with Next.js work on any device, fitting any screen size. Developers like using this framework because it adapts well, letting users access apps or websites on their favorite devices.

9. Scalability for Growth

Every online business wants to grow and build more projects. So, it’s important that you choose your app development framework very wisely. Next.js can be a perfect choice as it offers a very high degree of scalability. It offers a scalable architecture that allows you to keep up with the growing user base of your business.

It also helps you serve your business needs. It allows you to continue your business venture confidently. You can easily go for future market expansion using this framework.

10. Secure Data

Next.js is different from other web development platforms. It offers more security to the users. Rest assured the app users will have more confidence in your services because of the data privacy.

Most applications are not secure because they connect the pages with the database. These apps store all the information about the users in the database. You don’t need to establish any connection with the database when using Next.js. It doesn’t store any sensitive information of your app users.

So, with privacy playing a key role, your app user will be easily able to confide in your services. And, therefore your mobile application with Next.js becomes much more reliable for users.

Why App Developers Prefer Next.js?

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Next.js has emerged as a key player in numerous websites and mobile applications due to its unmatched potential. If app developers need Server-Side Rendering (SSR), they consistently opt for Next.js as their framework of choice.

Next.js serves as the best fit for apps that have the below-mentioned requirements:

  • Frequent updates of the content.
  • Large user base.
  • Needs real-time publishing.
  • Doesn’t need you to rebuild the entire website.

Let’s understand where this framework is the most useful.

1. Multi-User Websites

Next.js is the most common in large multi-user websites. Such platforms need to manage huge data. Large multi-use websites need access to real-time data. It delivers performance in this regard.

Multi-user websites like TikTok, Hashnod, etc., rely on Next.js.

2. Client-Side Rendered Applications

This framework is ideal for websites that require frequent rewriting. The app needs updates with the current web pages. It helps websites secure the data for pre-writing from the web server.

Next.js also supports good interaction between the app and the user. It helps in delivering a great user experience to your users.

3. Big E-Commerce Websites

Websites for big e-commerce companies operate very dynamically, that is, they need frequent changes to be made. Also, for a user to stay on the website and not bounce on some other site, it becomes crucial for the developer to provide them with an exquisite user experience. This includes fast loading speed and catchy content.

Next.js delivers on all the fronts. It has the potential to provide a good user experience and also allows developers to make frequent changes.


Advantages of Next.js:: Conclusion.

There are endless reasons to choose Next.js. It is the best framework for developing your website or application. It contains many features that help you build a great app. These features make it a perfect choice for app developers.

Next.js solves problems with traditional mobile app development. But don’t forget to consider your project requirements before choosing this framework. Your app will be a big hit only when it is the right fit for your needs.

Author: Rohan Dalvi
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