Worried about Next Penguin Update? Do Link Audit Now!

The next Google Penguin update may be named as penguin 4.0, will step into the market as soon as possible and we all should aware of its consequences.

Gary Illyes from Google posted on Twitter that the coming Google Penguin update will be the last Penguin update. He further added, “It’s likely there won’t be next one,”

Latest Updates in Penguin

Penguin Update - Link Audit - google-penguin-algorithmPenguin 3.0 — October 17, 2014

Before one and a half year, the Google had launched a Penguin refresh after previous Penguin update (2.1) and announced its latest Penguin update (3.0). This update seemed to be lighter than expected (<1% of US/English queries affected) and was perhaps data-only (not a new Penguin algorithm).

You should know that these new Penguin updates will be the version of real time and its consequences and retrievals will occur every time.

Penguin updates are likely to be same as that of the Google Panda at which Google stated that we often will not identify any more changes to these algorithms since it is regular in long terms. But the reality is that all recognize minor changes, not the extreme updates from many years. The fact is that panda is continuously progressing, and Penguin would be very rapid, according to how rapidly Google indexes fresh and past links.

It’s time to perform an action!

The worst period is that when you need to do a link audit. Before your places in the Google, the page will be wiped out or your inbox will be filled by the warning of “unnatural links” due to coming to Penguin update then it’s time to take the step of link audit. Perform a link audit in two ways: quantitative and qualitative, which gazes at a number of backlinks to your site and the quality of those links.

A wide-ranging link audit is an initial step in evolving any of your online marketing plans. Building links are still the most efficient way to increase traffic, through rankings. Google wouldn’t be killing its time making the Penguin Algorithm and striking penalties for Manual Link Spam if the backlinks didn’t still create a big difference.

Penguin Update - Link Audit - link building

Recognizing the Link Data

How can you recognize which links have to be removed when you receive “unnatural links”?

For reasonable purposes, having permission to use tools of Google webmaster and Google Analytics is fine, but not certainly a deal cracker. If you want to pull through from a negative impact, then GWT (Google Web Toolkit) usage is mandatory.

How can you gather the link data?

Now you will require a paid contribution to review the complete backlink sector. There are many tools, some of them are Google Webmaster Central, Xinu, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, or Ahrefs will help you to perform an action. We’ll be concentrating on the given link features:

  • The web address of the page linking to you
  • The outbound link on the website
  • The text used as a hyperlink
  • The Proportion of text of the hyperlink
  • The link is whether a do-follow or no-follow
  • The degree of conviction and authority of the backlink
  • The IP of the URL linking to you
To start, write the URL to audit into the backlink checker.

Evaluating the number of links and their authority by using Ahref backlink tool

  • Links those are not ranked by the Google but show a domain.
  • Links that show on a site with a malicious file or virus threat.
  • Grey bar or zero links that display on a certain page of the website with Google PageRank.
  • Links approaching from link networks.
  • Links that show on the same page as spammy, irrelevant links.
Penguin Update - Link Audit - google-panda-and-penguin-update

Paid Links to the website

If you want to get rid of a manual penalty then each and every paid link must be eliminated. No other option. The Google team that analyzing spam links devotes all its time to find out paid links.

There are some other ways you can go about wiping out those links you want to get removed.

Interact with the webmaster of the site that’s making a backlink to your site and enquire that the link either is taken down or no-followed, according to the severity.

Google’s disavow tool can also be used. Google gives webmasters a tool to create a file of disavow links directing to their sites.


Penguin Update - Link Audit - conclusion

I hope this link audit process assists you retain your site vigorously and your links serve advantage to you. You have to be persistent enough as link audit can be a time-consuming method, but it’s worth the work being proactive rather than coming up to deal with a penalty that will propel you into the same procedure anyway.

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