20 New SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building for 2019-2020

The core algorithm of Google is based on links and SEO link building techniques play a vital role in ranking your website on the Google search engine. Though the task of link building is quite tricky, there are some effective methods you can implement that will give you maximum SEO results within optimum efforts. You need to give up on old techniques and adopt modern tactics to make your campaign successful. Here we have discussed some of the highly advanced SEO friendly methods for link building that you can follow in years to come:

1. Your social circle

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 1If you are new in the field of link building then you can always start with your colleagues, friends, clients or relatives who have their own website or blog. You can ask them to give a backlink to your website through anchor text instead of footer or sidebar. Make sure the backlink comes from the article or blog is relevant to your website otherwise it will be not much effective.

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2. Niche communities

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 2You can also get in touch with the communities that are related to your main niche. You can contact social groups and forums by actively participating in relevant discussion. By doing this, you will not only get backlinks but also get acquainted with the latest happenings in your industry. No matter what industry you are working in, you will always find communities related to your niche.

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3. Writing guest posts

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 3There are several high DA websites that welcome you to write guest posts on their website. You can search for such websites in your niche and consider posting articles on those websites with a backlink to your website. However, you need to make sure that you meet all guidelines given by website owner before sending your article or else it may get rejected. Though most of the websites charge some nominal fees for adding a guest post on their website, you can search for sources that offer free guest post publishing services.

“If you find a particular source having a high domain authority and very relevant to your website then you can always set some budget for guest posting.” – as mentioned by Tom Parling, the CEO at Ocere.

4. Create a blog related to your business

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 4If you want to get guaranteed backlinks from multiple domains then you can consider starting your own blogs by purchasing several domains at affordable price. This way you can keep adding relevant articles to your blog and give a backlink to your business website on an occasional basis. Make sure you create a blog website with articles posted on it on a regular basis.


5. Contact Trustworthy directories

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 5There are several online directories available on the internet and not all of them are bad. So, you can list down directories that are trustworthy and send requests to add your site on those directories. Having your website link listed on niche directories will help you to rank your website on search engine and customers can easily find you online.

6. Add a Testimonial

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 6This is one of the effective link building techniques that put everybody in a win-win situation. In this method, you can say some positive words about other’s business and get an opportunity to add a backlink to your website. The approval rate of getting backlinks through testimonials is quite high when compared with standard e-mails. It is recommended to leave honest feedback while writing a testimonial so it will not look exaggerated.

“Start a list and get cracking – you have nothing to lose but your link poverty :-)” – as stated by Rand Fishkin, the CEO & Founder of Moz.

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7. Research backlinks of competitor

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 7You can do some exhaustive research and find out backlinks of your competitor’s website. If they are successfully managed to get backlinks from quality websites then you can be. There are several online tools available that will help you to list down sources along with the techniques your competitors are following to get the backlinks.

8. Use Infographics

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 8Most of the readers find it quite interesting to read the content in the form of graphics or creative visuals. Infographics are a kind of content medium that gives a perfect representation of vital information in graphical form. It is most concise and up to the point way of conveying information to your audience. It is one such a medium that you can use to get backlinks to your website. They will not only help you to attract traffic but readers even end up sharing your infographics if they find it extremely unique and useful.

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9. Case Studies & Reports

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 9If you have extensive knowledge and experience of working in a specific field then you can use all the information to create detailed report or case studies in your niche. You can include all the statistics, graphs, charts, facts and figures that can add value to the customers. By doing so you can increase the authority of your website and get a lot of backlinks. You can even increase the number of loyal customers as they might be interested in reading content on your website on a regular basis.

10. Newsletter subscription

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 10It is another effective SEO friendly method that you can use for link building. Publishing valuable newsletter will increase the awareness and attention of your clients or readers. You can consider adding some call to action button after newsletter that will prompt your audience to register and get readable content such as e-books or whitepapers on their email address.

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11. Dead backlinks

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 11It is common to see some broken backlinks on every website that may show 404 errors. This kind of issue may occur when a specific website is migrated or re-launched. You can consider redirecting such kind of broken backlinks to live pages thereby making sure that you recover all your dead backlinks.

dead backlink

12. Social media

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 12In today’s technology-oriented world, social media has a crucial role to enhance the reputation of your business or get backlinks to your website. You can share your niche content on social channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. and develop connections. If you keep sharing quality content on a consistent basis then there are chances that it may get viral within quick time.

13. Sharing widget

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 13You can consider sharing creative widgets or icons which other people can use on their website. They will not only end up sharing your content on social media channels but also help you in link building by adding your blog link on their website. Though most of the people charge for a widget or social icon, you can consider offering it for free for the initial time.

14. Surveys and Quizzes

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 14It is another effective way that allows you to get a lot of social exposure in quick succession. You can conduct quiz competitions or surveys on social media platforms and give a link back to your website to increase the traffic to your website. Running a quiz campaign will also allow you to get attract a young audience. Youth are the ones who are more tempted to participate in such competitions.


15. Run an Affiliate Program

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 15This is one of the most influential SEO methods that let you gain links as well as earn revenue. There are many people searching for a fresh source of money; you can use this opportunity to attract large database. You can set an effective commission system that will put everyone in a win-win scenario.

16. Transcribe Videos

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 16Video transcription is considered as an impressive link building tactic as influencers in every sector are using videos to get in touch with their audience. You can transcribe the video content of experts and publish the content on social media to get backlinks from authoritative sources which have got a significant amount of traffic.

Animated Explainer Videos

17. Get interviewed

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 17Getting interviewed is a very effective trick to make yourself famous within a short period of time. This strategy may sound out of reach for some people but there is always a way to figure it out. You can get in touch with research publishers that will help you to get things smoothly. Publishing your interview with a link to your website is always an efficient idea that will give you lucrative results in long term.

18. Link Exchange

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 18If you come across a website or blogger who is running website very similar to yours then you can think of collaborating with him for link building. You can consider backlinking each other’s website for a fair deal and this way you can boost authority your website. Before participating in such a link exchange, make sure you do your research properly and contact websites which are genuine and good quality.

link exchange

19. Content Syndication

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 19It is an ideal backlink source that will help you to boost traffic. You simply need to add an excerpt or short description of your long article on several platforms by linking it back to your original post.

20. Link building on Wikipedia

SEO Friendly Methods for Link Building - Point 20Though it looks complicated at first instance, it is a handy strategy in the long term. Creating pages on Wikipedia and linking it back to your website is always a great idea. This is mainly because of the fact that your website will be used as a reference; you will get fresh links on a continual basis.

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The Bottom Line


Have you used several SEO tactics for link building till today but didn’t get satisfactory results? Then its time you start thinking out of the box. Following above-mentioned SEO friendly strategies will definitely help you to get the best out of your efforts. Most of the website owners have reaped benefits by changing their approach in link building and it’s your turn now. So, go ahead and follow the list of strategies discussed above and start experiencing its rewards within quick time.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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