Exploring the Impact of Technology & Social Media on Today’s Businesses

Do you want to bring change to your business? Do you want to enhance your social presence? Well, you should think about implementing social media tools as well as making technical changes. It can seriously give a positive impact on your business. In this post, we will discuss seven technology trends that you need to accept for stepping ahead in the digital competition. You can put a serious impact on your business with proper and effective uses of these tools.

Google – Redefining itself

Google is undergoing radical transformation related to how to perceive and collect information as well as deliver the results. With the strategies of social media, it is essential to understand the direction or movements of Google. This search engine wants to provide proper results and henceforth accepts only quality content as well as people of authority.


Developing spammy links from different sites may work for a while, but it is not suggested because Google will ultimately discover and penalize these websites as well. So, it is advisable that you remain very much alert to the Google strategies. Make sure that you employ a professional only who can help you to climb the ladder in Google to reach the apex ranking position. They need to be highly strong from the aspect of Social and SEO as well as have a good reputation accompanied by strong relationships with the relevant group of audience.

Follow more networking sites to reach more audiences

Social Media Management Tools are quite necessary for managing the social presence of your website. There are plenty of social networks with diverse audience spread across them. Operating on these platforms is no doubt time consuming, and of course, expert help is necessary. With time, you will get to see much more popping up. Our job is to build content assets as well as distributing them to relevant platforms in a specific format.

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SAAS Businesses will face lack of finance


Many products which you purchase will be paid on the monthly subscription system. It will be suitable as there is not an enormous amount due up front. In fact, the product firm will also get recurring revenue that keeps on increasing every month, provided that they can keep on getting new customers. However, the major hindrance is that no sooner that these start-up businesses is that they keep of increasing the charges with the growth of the company. Thus, it takes several years to reach the profit level. So, as a startup company, you need to invest in SEO tools carefully, especially when the funding amount is limited. If not planned carefully, then it may even throw you out of the business line. Understanding debt program’s concept is also necessary to ensure that you do not get into debts. If you cannot return the debt amount and keep on increasing more and more debt, then it will also ruin your firm as well.

Lean Startup concept

The technology community goes through similar trend as that of other businesses and sectors. Lean Startup is known to be one of the biggest trends. It means that they do not have to wait in the darkroom for developing a product until perfection. They can build, release, followed by a feedback and they start the manufacturing process again. For developers, this is a perfect option because they can develop products on the basis of the feedback received.

Plenty of tools

When it comes to social media tools, there is no dearth of the option. There are too many tools available in the market when it comes to business improvement. We all love to have a single tool that can take care of the entire factors related to SEO, but unfortunately, there are so many things that need to be taken care of that it is not possible for a single tool to take care of them. Moreover, even if a firm comes up with a unique tool to cover so many functionalities together, then it will not be able to add depth to individual components.


You will get to see businesses using several tools. However, over the time, an open standard will develop that will lead to interoperating of tools with one another.

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Huge firms prefer to move slowly, while social media moves at lightning speed. Large businesses prefer little innovation. It is always essential to hire the service of CMO in a firm, who can take care of the content aspect. We can see many acquisitions as of now, and we will also see more in the upcoming days as well.

It is impossible to ignore that nowadays more and more people prefer to use a mobile device for accessing the websites and services. However, many businesses do not have the mobile site. You should understand that around 20 percent of the entire traffic comes from the mobile site and if you do not have a responsive website then you are missing an adequate amount of traffic every month. In fact, you can either choose for the responsive site or the mobile site. Any of the options will do. The former option is better to opt for as it allows a single site to be accessed by visitors from numerous devices.

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Social media technology and tools will keep on changing with the passing time, and a new one will pop up as per the demands and market conditions. There are lots of tools available now, and more will come up as well. So, it is up to you that you do the necessary evaluation and research before finally deciding to use any particular tool for your business. It is suggested to do your share of homework because otherwise, it is quite possible that you end up with a wrong choice. The best tool as per the critics may not prove to be the best for you as well.

This article is written by Cindy Hawthorne. She is a popular SEO blogger who has already written numerous articles on this subject. The real essence of this post is the social media technology that one cannot tend to ignore at any cost. Along with National Debt Relief, LLC, she has also helped readers in understanding debt program's essential details.

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