8 Innovative Ways to Improve Your SEO Using Social Media

The only thought most people have when creating content for their sites is to have reached a wide audience. Truly, the content must be unique- informative and easy-to-read. However, a lot of people do not give much attention to the channels that could facilitate the content to reach as many people as possible.

See, social media is such a great channel. It can actually help a lot in promoting your content. Here, you not only let it known to your website visitors but also all your social media friends and followers. This happens in the fastest way possible because, nowadays, most people spend a significant amount of time on social media platforms. Therefore, you can improve your SEO with the facilitation of social media platforms that you have active accounts.

There are various ways in which social media can help obtain high traffic for your site. Once you launch the use of these high traffic platforms to promote your content, you will soon realize that your site is getting frequent visits and this could lead to conversions and improve sales- just in case you sell digital products or services. So, if you are still unconvinced on how you can improve SEO using social media, there are innovative ways that you need to explore and comprehend vividly.

1. Marketing with social media improves your site’s traffic


You can be guaranteed of an increase in your site’s traffic if you share multiple links about your website across multiple social media platforms. You see, these channels have extensive reach. Also, those that are interested in what you offer will find it worth sharing your links with their friends too. By doing so, a lot of social media users will get to know your site and will probably visit at a particular time.

You can, for instance, post your latest product on offer on Twitter. You then, in very few words, explain its features and how it will help them. Though it may not grab the attention of most of the Twitter users, those that will get lured into it might share it if they find helpful or resourceful.

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2. Social media can be used to influence


In your brand marketing and advertising, you would probably require influential factors that drive massive success. Here you cannot underestimate the value of social media as an influential factor for your campaign. Look: for a long time, brands have promoted their products on social media. In most cases, people tend to go for those products that have been auspiciously received by most social media users.

So, social media creates awareness of your products and the more people are purchasing or showing interest to your item, the more you may sell in the future because they will notice that your product got received favorably.

3. Social media helps in branding


You would probably want to create a definitive name or a unique symbol for your enterprise. This helps in making sure customers will distinguish your products from those of others. You can achieve this via social media platforms since- in those sites- you are able to promote your online or even offline business in a clear-cut way.

Nonetheless, you need to brand your product and use specific keywords alongside your brand so that you become more influential in your niche. With time, you create a brand that has authority in your business niche. Also, if you like it, make use of social media influencers. These are people who are ever active on various social media platforms and possess a massive following. They are crucial and can command a lot of people to follow your site.

4. A surefire promotional channel

Exploit Social Media

You may want to promote your website. Well, social media is your best bet. You can utilize your social media accounts as your best platform to inform your followers, friends, and even family about the latest offers. So, you may need to have your website integrated with social media accounts in a systematic way. Once you get that done, you can use those accounts to facilitate powerful social media promotions anytime you want.

Remember, more people will visit your site or will want to visit (which most do) your website if they notice that you are more visible on social media. This visibility can be achieved through replying to comments, answering any queries posted on your social media platforms, etc. here, you can go ahead and share links that point to your site so that those who would want to visit can do so whenever they wish. However, the most important aspect is always to make sure you share information that is relevant, flawless, and that is precise.

5. Social media factors in your site’s SEO


Look at this: Your business needs to have a strong social media following. This is because your future potential clients would like to know if you command a huge following. Perhaps, they take this for credibility and trust. They also want to see you on top of others on social media so that they associate your site with a unique presence. Your account will tell your customers all that they need to know about your business.

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6. Social media is actually the Contemporary SEO

SEO Glossary - SEO Exposure Social

A lot has changed in the way people used to search for information. You will be surprised to know that most people do not only rely on search engines to get the info they need. Instead, they make use of social media accounts to search for all the information that they want.

So, this can be a great way if you make use social media. For instance; you can always post descriptions of your products, pictures, and much more information on your social media account. With that, a potential client might perform a search on social media and stumble upon your previous posts. If they click to get more information, they can easily visit your website if you had the URL embedded.

7. It improves Interaction with People


See, on your website, the only sure way you can interact with your customers is through the comment box. Here, you cannot have a more personalized interaction with your clients. However, social media is here for you. You can have the best bet on conversion with your customers on social media. Your readers can easily reach you via your social media accounts. You can always have your customers funnel to your inbox, and you get to know what they really want to buy or you can easily answer any questions that they might have.

8. It can be used as a tool to know what people think about your business


It is true businesspeople would want to get some feedback on their enterprises. A website isn’t an exception. You need to know what customers think about your website. See, you have served a significant number of clients but did you take time to know if they were satisfied with your services? Or do you have an idea of what they can tell others about your business or products in particular?

It is important to get to know where your business is actually heading. You can accomplish this by simply making use of social media. This, however, may not seem to play a role in the SEO part, but it is. You see, if you ask your clients about your business, you can tell them to become your product evangelists, but that is if they were satisfied. By doing so, more people may start visiting your website to see your products, and that may prompt search engines to improve your ranks since it seems your site is becoming more resourceful than ever.

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The Bottom Line


You have explored the various ways in which the use of social media can help in your SEO campaign. So, it is now clear to you that you cannot underrate the importance of creating and maintaining various social media account. However, these accounts will demand efforts in interacting with customers, responding to any questions, clarifications, and complaints that customers might have and also getting to know what your clients would like to have from you. The most important thing is to stay relevant and focused on marketing or simply promoting your website across various social media platforms. This will increase the organic traffic to your site.

Nonetheless, it depends on the search engine used. For instance, Google may not regard social media as a ranking factor, but others have a different algorithm on this. You should, however, focus on creating a lasting social media presence. You need to be visible on social media. Once you create compelling content, go ahead, and share it widely on social media. You will get massive subscriptions. A lot of people will read your stuff. If they love, they will share it. If it goes viral, you will be amazed at how your website traffic will improve. So, it is about time you considered having multiple social media accounts for all your promotions, and marketing of your products.

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