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1) Car Dealer Website with Joomla 3 Template – A Complex and Professional Solution

Published on: March 10, 2015 | Listed under: Joomla

car-dealer-website-joomla-3-templateAs an auto dealer, it’s all about sales! You need a website easy to use, designed to present appealing photos of your cars and attract the attention of potential new buyers. Are you searching an idea for earning money or for business? I will tell you how to do it using a Joomla 3 template example to help you to get into right direction. The greatest solution to buy or sell any type of vehicle can be in your hands. ...

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2) 7 Website Development Mistakes Every Small Business Should Avoid

Published on: March 11, 2015 | Listed under: Design

7 Website Development Mistakes Every Small Business Should AvoidWebsites are extremely important for modern small businesses. At the very least, a website is an important tool for providing information about your business to potential customers, but most websites do much more. The connectivity and web presence provided by a good website can launch a business past their competition. But due to the technical nature of website development, many small businesses are plagued by errors and poor optimization which drag their website down and prevent it from operating at ...

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3) How Can the Digital Signage Boost Up Your Marketing Campaigns?

Published on: March 12, 2015 | Listed under: Internet

how-can-digital-signage-boost-up-marketing-campaignsAccording to a recent market study, 90 percent of the agencies and the media companies have reported that they are increasing their expenditure in the digital marketing efforts. This means that more and more organizations are getting digitally savvy in nature. The digital signage templates are becoming popular among the marketers and the advertisers who are trying to enhance the growth of the business. This surely indicates that the traditional marketing methods are to be replaced with the digital media. ...

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4) 10 Best Resources for CakePHP Development & Programming

Published on: March 27, 2015 | Listed under: Programming

10-Best-Places-Get-Help-CakePHP-Development-ProgrammingCakePHP as a framework has been made easy with time by the community of developers who have years of experience working with the technology. The contribution of developers and experts has been focused towards fraternity goals and is available to you in comprehensive packages and easy-to-learn environments. Some of them are official and some are just the most famous places to grab information online. These amazing resources have been exemplifying in the way they offer you with the core knowledge ...

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5) 8 Tips to Secure Magento Website from Hackers

Published on: March 30, 2015 | Listed under: Magento

8-tips-secure-magento-website-hackersIs the issue of security of your Magento website making you worried? Magento is emerging as a powerful weapon for e-commerce web development due to its up to date features. According to the latest updates and market research, Magento’s market share has been reported to be 27%. Out of Alexa top 1 Million websites, above 34,000 have been developed using Magento. It shows that Magento is a leading and in demand e-commerce web development platform. In fact, when you plan ...

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6) 10 Unexpected Ways to Promote your eCommerce Business Campaign

Published on: March 30, 2015 | Listed under: eCommerce

10-Unexpected-Ways-to-Promote-your-eCommerce-Business-CampaignAfter sparking an eCommerce business idea, you come up with a product that you would like to sell to your customers. In many cases, marketing is the most difficult part of a business venture, with many companies competing for the same clients in the market. However, with clear marketing strategies including web to print product design software, eCommerce business owners can overcome the challenges of marketing and rise above the competition. Here are ten ways for eCommerce business owners can ...

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