How Can the Digital Signage Boost Up Your Marketing Campaigns?

According to a recent market study, 90 percent of the agencies and the media companies have reported that they are increasing their expenditure in the digital marketing efforts. This means that more and more organizations are getting digitally savvy in nature.

The digital signage templates are becoming popular among the marketers and the advertisers who are trying to enhance the growth of the business. This surely indicates that the traditional marketing methods are to be replaced with the digital media. The skills, approaches and the tools required for the digital signage should be modified accordingly.

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Emergence of Digital Marketing:

With the introduction of digital marketing and eCommerce, the use of digital signage has added freshness to the marketing environment. As the modern audience is more accustomed to the digital media, the marketing campaigns should also be adopted according to the behavior of the audience. The digital signage, which provides improved interactivity, can easily become a part of the modern world of digital marketing.

Content Strategy:

As the networks of the digital signage are dependent on the content, a proper content strategy needs to be maintained right from the beginning. If you do not present appealing content in your web page, the number of visitors will be very less. Similarly, in case of the digital advertisements, the content should speak very boldly and the audience should feel attracted towards it.

Keeping the content relevant and fresh is required for a successful marketing effort. Either traditional poster display or digital display, the content must be updated at regular intervals. The audience will never be interested with the same content for a long time.

With the centralized management network of the digital signage systems, the content can easily be updated frequently. In this way, the customers can easily acquire different messages at different times they are visiting your business place. The targeted messaging every time will definitely enhance your marketing efforts.

Mobile Marketing:

The user experience of the digital signage systems should be enhanced on a regular basis. As every year, the use of mobile devices are increasing, the mobility of the digital marketers should also increase. The digital signage systems should be customized so that the audience can interact with their mobile devices. From the digital display, they can also download the relevant information and store them in their personal devices.

For example, the use of QR codes has significantly increased. It can be considered as the main integration point where the mobile technology gets connected with the digital technology. The consumers can easily perform a scanning activity for downloading the content from the digital signage screen. This helps in retaining the relevant information for a longer period of time, even though the customers have walked away from the digital display. Therefore, this information pull strategy used from the smartphone can play a great role in the digital marketing efforts.

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Social Media & Digital Signage:

The social media can be one of the ‘hot buttons’ in the modern generation of connectivity. Different brands can interact with their customers through Facebook, Twitter and can acquire the feedback and experiences of their existing customers. Digital signage can play a great role in the social media experiences.

For example, if a company wants to promote the online visibility, it can encourage its viewers to like its page on Facebook. To engage the viewers in the social media profile, you can provide incentives and offers for liking the page. The on-site displays can be used for inviting different visitors for checking in at a particular venue. The frequent visitor can be given a tag ‘Mayor’ and the name displayed on the screen can be seen by the family and friends of the visitor.

Twitter can also help to promote your brand in a very positive manner. Any user who has experienced the products may tweet about it by sharing his positive experience with it. The digital signage system can play the Twitter Ticker which will help in displaying all the Tweets. This type of user experience can help the company to connect in a better way with the customers.

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The marketers are required to consider the following points while using the digital signage as their modern marketing tool:

  • New Skill Sets: When you are installing the digital signage for your organization, your skill sets should also be refreshed. If your resources are not skillful enough to operate the software, you should spend some amount on the training sessions. Many service providers can provide you with new skill sets required for the functioning of the digital signage software.
  • Re-orient Metrics: The metrics and the statistics collected through the digital signage software can help you in modifying your marketing efforts. For example, the polling activities with the customers will help you to get an insight about which messages are working effectively and which are not. The statistics not only help to customize the present campaigns, but also helps in strategizing the future marketing plans.
  • Re-purpose Expertise: Different creative skills like the video editing, graphics, animation, demographic identification etc may exist internally in your organization or with your trusted vendors. Now, this expertise can be redirected for exploring new opportunities in the digital signage systems.
  • Customized Experience: Different customers can be provided with different experiences even when they have walked out of the store. As the digital signage is interactive, it can collect information about the customer. For example, a gardening center can gather information about the gardening habits of the customer and can send him relevant mails on taking care of his plants during the change of season.
  • Recognize Consumer Behavior: For enhancing the marketing efforts, the consumer behavior should be recognized and remembered by the organization. It can keep track of the interests of the consumers and can respond as and when required.
For fulfilling the goals, the marketers can exploit various opportunities through the digital signage software. But before installing the system, the professionals are required to absorb new skills for recognizing the importance of the digital marketing.

This article is written by Jonathan Harvey. He is working in a digital marketing agency - doPublicity for the last 10 years and he specializes in digital signage templates. He is also an avid blogger. You can read some of his other articles by visiting his site.

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