Mobile Business Trends in 2015 – All You Need to Know

Mobile applications have revolutionized the way we live our lives, that’s a no-brainer. The increasing number of apps developed, every day, is a rude awakening if your business or enterprise has not already started indulging and taking advantage of the various features these apps can offer. In 2014, the mobile technology leaped from its phone format to wearable devices and the Internet of Things. This year, more businesses are getting on board and app developers are finding more potential in developing apps for enterprises and business purposes. These 8 mobile business trends will showcase how important and indispensable mobile applications have become for B2B and B2C purposes.

Creating purposeful apps with scope to expand


Mobile applications provide various features that can help business simplify many of their exhaustive processes. As app opportunities are extremely dynamic, clients often get excited which results in the creation of app with various unnecessary features which complicates the interface as well as the usability. In 2015, application developers are more inclined to advise their clients to stick to their focus element and develop apps based on the main features. With the scope to expand, more features can be added as and when the necessity arises. This ensures that the main focus is laid on the key functionality.

Mobile payments will play a substantial role

mobile-business-trends-2015-Mobile-Website-Design-Mobile-Marketing-Small-Businesses-5With the Apple Play already in place and a wide array of people who spend online though their smart devices, mobile payment platform is slowly gaining popularity. Google wallet, which had a bad start will get in pace and this year, we can definitely see substantial increase in the user base who opt to pay via such platforms.

Mobile security given prime importance


App security has always been a point of concern for app developers and since businesses have delicate details, the security must be prepped up to incorporate mobile applications into any business model. According to Gartner’s Prediction, 75% of the apps developed will not pass the basic security test and hackers will find such loop holes to access sensitive information. Thus, considerable amount and resources will be allotted to prime up the mobile security.

Expansion and evolution of Internet of Things (IoT)


Every day we see an increase in the user base who use multiple devices to access information. App developers are looking to enhance user experience who logs on various devices. The Wi-Fi or beacon technology will also see improvements with the help of IoT. App developers will be able to provide more consumer related information at the right time with such technologies and information in place.

Mobiles becoming a target and mobile advertising spend set to increase

mobile-business-trends-2015-mobile-advertisingMore businesses are looking to target consumer through their smart devices. Based on a research firm Juniper Research, in-app mobile advertising will cross over 7 billion USD in the year 2015. App developers will not restrict to banner ads, but will enter the world of interactive features and formats. Also, more app developers are looking to create free apps with in-app purchase features which ensure more user footfalls.

Wearable market set to shoot high-up


With the wearable gadgets already gaining a fan-base, app developers are looking to incorporate more features than just for the fitness and health industry. More user based features are said to be induced to help improve productivity and efficiency. Also, the fashion industry is quick to pick up on wearable technology as well. In 2015, we can expect a diverse usage for such wearable market in enterprises.

Rise of M-commerce features

mobile-business-trends-2015-magento-on-mobile-3Based on the research by e-Marketer, 19% of the e-commerce spending will be through smart devices by the end of 2015. There will be a considerable increase in e-commerce platform adapting the mobile platform to attract more users and also increase user retention. Mobile apps also help in directly reaching out to the consumers at ease. Also, retailers can enhance their app to increase more customer interaction, feedback, customer support and many more.

App analytics and HTML 5


As the Internet of Things gain popularity, App developers need to collect more data to get insights on consumer behavior and also the performance of the apps. Developers will try to invest more time in collecting relevant data and formulating the metrics to gather useful information. Also, HTML 5 will become the main frame for developing dynamic apps that can run on multiple devices without any hinder. Do look out for more hybrid apps by the end of 2015.

Conclusion :: Mobile Business Trends in 2015

These mobile business trends clearly focus on improving the end user experience and looking to open new opportunities for businesses. It has become a blatant fact that all businesses need mobile optimized web pages as an increasing number of users access internet exclusively through their smart devices. The year 2015 is a big year for mobile technology to start blooming in every aspect of business models and make enterprises run more smoothly and efficiently. Looking to stay ahead of the game and get yourself a branded app, then visit this site to get in touch with skillful developers now!

This article is written by Mathumunisamy. He is the Digital Marketing Lead at Innoppl. He is passionate about digital marketing trends, tools and techniques, mobile app and the web development industry. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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