Car Dealer Website with Joomla 3 Template – A Complex and Professional Solution

As an auto dealer, it’s all about sales! You need a website easy to use, designed to present appealing photos of your cars and attract the attention of potential new buyers.

Are you searching an idea for earning money or for business? I will tell you how to do it using a Joomla 3 template example to help you to get into right direction. The greatest solution to buy or sell any type of vehicle can be in your hands. Everything is possible with the masterpiece of functionality, and great looking design.

Also if you are already in this business and looking to expand your activity it is the right time to make your own website to showcase your vehicles, without unnecessary developers, designers and any other professionals.

Joomla 3 template created for cars category – JM Car Dealer can be a great solution for dealers.


This template was designed with car category in mind; it means that its purpose is a web solution for car dealerships, private car dealers, car companies, car rentals, repair workshops, auto blogs, car services and other industrial websites that require special cars niche functionality and auto service presentation.

It gives you the tools to keep your website up-to-date with your latest vehicles and also make it easy for you to remove the cars you have just sold.

Template is versatile and highly customizable with many color variations available, several fonts, custom features and much more.

With JM Car Dealer template you can showcase your inventory and reach more car buyers. It can be used on any level of business starting from huge car dealer companies and for personal websites selling cars.

That is why JM Car Dealer is a unique template.

The demo site was included – you can see there possibilities of arranging a professional and functional website on fictitious car company example.

The example company shown in demo owns 3 selling agencies in 3 different cities. Users are able to create an account for employee of dealer agency to let them enter car offers that come to the company. All offers from 3 agencies are placed in one database and are visible for all clients. They can see all of them or filter cars by the separate agency.

Template is based on functional EF4 Framework with many useful and configurable settings at the template backend.

The template’s layout and supported extensions are fully responsive. The site adjusts to small screens.

JM Car Dealer template uses fantastic DJ-Catalog2 component. With this extension dealers can present cars in elegant and clean way as an online catalog. Offers can be presented in different type of views – blog view or table view for example.


All items can include descriptions. In this case understandable and persuasive information of each used vehicle, emphasizing its reliability and value would be important.

Dj-Catalog2 Joomla extension comes with several unique and useful features like:

1. Custom fields (unlimited number) that can be displayed on product listings and product details.


2. Filters – filter cars by previously created custom fields to simplify the search process

3. Featured offers – To pay an attention of visitors, selected cars can be marked as featured.


4. Add to Quote – useful option that allows users to ask about the quote of specified service and the dealers to calculate all costs.

Joomla extensions uses with this template are:

DJ-MediaTools – Great gallery or slides denouement. There are numerous different layouts to choose from.


Component allows displaying cars using animated slides.

The best way to use DJ-MediaTools on car company example would be shooting bright and clear digital pictures or cars after first washing or waxing. You can even employ a professional photographer if you don’t want to take the pictures personally. Because of the fact that DJ-MediaTools is compatible with DJ-Catalog2 extension all items including images, titles and description can be displayed directly from the DJ-Catalog2 component.

DJ-MegaMenu – Displays advanced menu system with modules in submenu.


There is also an alternative icon menu module with CSS3 animations that can be displayed in a standard or non-standard way. You can display 8 separate links with icon image and tooltips for example.


How to manage circle menu with icons? You can read about this here.

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