8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018

If you are a web designer then you must know the most trending website design ideas for the year 2018 to impress your client. If you are a website owner then you must adopt few modern website design trends that will help your website to stand out in the competition. Here we have highlighted some of the best website design trends to watch out for in the year 2018:

1) Experimental videos:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 1Experimental videos are an ideal way which most of the web designers use to enhance the design of the website. Till today, we have seen it getting used in a traditional way. But in the year 2018, you will see it getting used in the highly creative forms such as particle backgrounds, cinemagraphs and augmented realities. Here is an example from Huffingtonpost.com where you can see an idea of experimental videos has been implemented.

Animated Explainer Videos

2) Hand-drawn elements:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 2Web designers who want to give an extremely creative touch to a website can follow the trend of hand-drawn elements. It doesn’t require you to demonstrate a whole website from the scratch and you can consider adding some of the useful elements such as text, colors, and images. Basecamp.com is one of the few websites which are following this trend.

3) Floating navigation menus:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 3Earlier fixed navigation was a trend followed by many sites as it kept the site experience very simplistic by offering navigation control in the hand of users. In the year 2018, web designers would like to transform this idea to next level by detaching the navigation from the site design and shifting it down. You can see this trend being followed by following popular websites: Trello.com | Mashable.com.

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4) Creative typography choices:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 4The year 2018 will witnessed websites with their header text styled in the extremely creative way. You can see it getting bit bolder, transparent and both upper and lower case letters weirdly used. Few websites used an idea of placing the text vertically. Some more such ideas will be released from the creative minds of web designers in coming time. Check out few websites which have executed this modern trend in a most impressive way: Moz.com | Checkthem.com.


5) Bright color patterns:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 5In 2018, you will see web designers using vibrant colors in their controlled setting by pushing the limits to a whole different level. Apart from vibrant color designs, you will also observe more twisting with gradients and double exposure. You can find many examples of colorful and vibrant websites here.

6) Page transitions:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 6This is one of the highly creative ideas, which is followed by some of the illustrious web designers to keep the website experience highly cohesive. Most of the websites which are design-centric have done perfect execution of this modern trend. Here are some of the examples to check out for: Envato.com | Apple iMac Pro.

7) Broken grid layouts:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 7Every web designer tries extremely hard to create highly engaging and creative layout. But when it comes to crafting them in a more logical way, the grid has put lot restrictions. The trend of broken grid layouts has emerged to overlook this constraint and it offers web designers a complete freedom while working on layouts. Go to the site of Intercom.com to know how this idea works.


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8) Mobile friendly websites:

8 Modern Website Design Trends to Follow in 2018 - Point 8Taking into consideration the importance of offering mobile experience to users, every website nowadays has started following a trend of making it responsive. In near future, the websites will be ranked on the basis of their mobile version and web designers will start depending on SVG rather than PNG and JPEG.

Final Words:

conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsApart from some of the key trends discussed above, there are other modern design ideas to be followed such as custom illustrations, dynamic gradients, CSS grid, particle backgrounds and integrated animations.

In the year 2017, we have witnessed many technology advancements, especially in the context of mobile usage which has started replacing desktop browsing. This gives a clear indication that 2018 will be more focused on the mobile functionality. At the same time, desktop functionality will continue to evolve as it will try to stay relevant. Considering all these important facts in mind, you can choose web design trend that can help your website go grab user attention.

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