Web Design Trends which will make Web Developers Grin from Ear to Ear

It is the whole new world of technology, and people desire to have their web presence to be known to the world. This has led to the growing trend of web development which the web developer must know about. This will also help the web developer in creating some of the marvelous websites for the people to enhance their web presence. This is needed for improving the business, for the entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. In the year 2017, you can give your company a renovation for meeting your web development requirements.

Which are the best web design trends of 2017?


There are loads of website design trends which help the designers for coming up with the best creativity. This includes the animation, impressive layouts and much more to check out for. So, here are the top-notch web design trends for the year 2017 which the web designers must check out for:

1) VR and the 360-degree video:

Web Design Trends which will make Web Developers Grin from Ear to Ear - Point 1Well, the tech world has been the most in talks regarding the changing technology which hits in the tech trends. Well, the Virtual Reality is one of the major web design trends to know, and this leads to the impressive web designing. The best way of VR and the 360 degrees view on the website can be included, is by the design of the site which just looks appealing. The website designers must also know about the Google’s Daydream VR headset, and this is also expanding the imagination as to how the technology is being adapted for daily usage, and there are various brands who are making use of this technology, like Microsoft, HTC, and the Sony PlayStation.

Virtual Reality

2) Designing of the card and grid layouts:

Web Design Trends which will make Web Developers Grin from Ear to Ear - Point 2At first, this had also been famous by the Pinterest; card designing layouts are going on to be for shaping and also influencing web design trends. All the web designers around the globe will be able to see grid layouts which are being suitable for the pages. This also makes it to the different information being presented in the attractive form. Some of the best brands examples which are making use of this technology are the Tumblr, Dribble, Vice. This also makes the customers thrill to bits when they check out the card layout in these brands.

3) Artificial Intelligence based bots and various conversational interfaces:

Web Design Trends which will make Web Developers Grin from Ear to Ear - Point 3If the visuals are being concerned with, then bots are the best website design trends for the website designers. These bots will just impact how designers will be opting for developing and designing the websites. AI powered bots will also be best web design trend for web designers throughout the world, and this will enable the businesses for the conversion of communication and the sales. Making use of different tools like Letsclap, even the online businesses will be able to get connected with their customers through the messaging apps such as the Facebook messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc. and this provides whole new personalized customer support and also the commerce. As we can see, numerous people make use of the facebook messenger every month; and this has led to the introduction of bots. Any of the brands will be able to create the Facebook bot without hassle, and no kind of coding knowledge is needed. The year 2017 will also see the trendy and awe-inspiring interfaces which will be taken to the next level.

Robot - Machine - Artificial Intelligence

4) Quality oriented original photography:

Web Design Trends which will make Web Developers Grin from Ear to Ear - Point 4Well, another best web design trend to check out is in the photography segment. The stock photography is something which cannot be trusted more and so it is turning out to be neglected in the design segment. It is the perception that the stock photography is not at all good for the business. As there are various authentic photography sites which are there online; but to know about the best is something which is a difficult task. To check out the classy images is getting very simple than ever, and so there will be a reduction of best stock photography in web designing factor. As per different surveys, the image which includes the real people does get a better chance for conversion of visitors to the customers faster and in a simple way. So, for the attraction of customers, different brands will be adopting the well composed but real life looking images which will include the visual story of the site.

The Final Words:


In a nutshell, it can also be concluded that the above listed are the best website design trends for the website designers and this will make them grin from ear to ear when they make use of the same in their web designing part for the clients of different sectors. There will also be the new technique coming in the graphic designing, and it is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Various catchy design tools are also available for the designers, and this includes the Figma, etc.

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