3 Technological Trends that will Dominate the Year 2017

Technology is advancing fast, and there is no doubt about it. Our lives have become more comfortable due to technology, and we are used to having, in the present, in the various domains of our existence, from entertainment to shopping, daily tasks, and going up to corporate processes. Nothing is done without technology these days because it helps us save time and effort and be more efficient. Even if it evolved in the past decades beyond our wildest imagination, technology would not stop now, the year 2017 bringing us more technological trends that will dictate the way things will go. Would you like to know what the main technological trends are for this year? Just take a look at the following lines.

1. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Technological Trends 2017 - Virtual Reality

The augmented reality and virtual reality are already part of today’s modern living since the last half of the past year. Nobody thought that these two could be reached so fast, many people thinking about them as parts of a sci-fi movie, but researchers did it, bringing to the wide public devices that can actually deliver incredible results when it comes to both of these realities. Still, what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality? How can they help us and how can they influence our future? Augmented reality is the one we could use on the outside because all it does is to present the current environment in a perfected manner. It would be like watching TV or reading your e-mails without the need of a screen. The augmented reality devices can be a part of your regular glasses, so you will be able to see the present reality but with elements added by the augmented reality device.

When it comes to virtual reality, things are a bit different. In order to use this type of reality, your eyes and ears will have to be covered, with special lenses and headphones respectively, because you will be taken out of your reality and placed into a different one. Yes, in the case of virtual reality, what you will see and hear will have nothing to do with your surrounding environment. This is why it is needed for VR to be used in a controlled environment, to avoid unwanted injuries. Tourism companies, for instance, are already exploiting the idea of using VR to promote their travel offers. Their clients won’t have to look at a brochure with pictures to see how their destination will look like because they actually will be able to experience it with the help of virtual reality. So, most certainly AR and VR will be even more present in the numerous domains of our lifestyle, being a dominant technological trend for this year.

2. Cloud Computing & Big Data

Technological Trends 2017 - big-data-information-technology-computers

In a world that is invaded by massive amounts of information and data, no physical storage device tends to be sufficient to store and process data. Because of this, more and more companies, especially large enterprises, but also regular people, started to discover the benefits of using cloud computing since a large year. In fact, many cloud services emerged and flourished last year, and this is a trend that will continue in 2017 as well. Cloud computing will not just allow the storage of large amounts of information, but it also permits accessing it from anywhere in the world and by using any kind of device. If you have the key to access your cloud account, nothing will stop you to get the info you need. Security is much better than in the case of storing data on various devices, and there isn’t the risk of losing it if something malfunctions. If your device stops working anymore, you can easily replace it and still have your information and data available right away. It is futile to say that such an aspect is crucial for companies, having in mind that, in the past, a cyber-attack or malfunctions that led to the disappearance of massive amounts of data were real disasters. A reliable cloud storage can be a great and handsome solution for anyone, especially for business needs.

The matter of Big Data is also of concern and interest to many out there since the databases of so many companies are quite impressive. Well, if cloud computing represents the infrastructure for storing and moving data, Big Data represents the content itself. Cloud computing will allow Big Data to be stored safely while allowing instance access to the manager of the cloud account. Do we really need so much data? For a company, to remain competitive and have the ability to offer what its customers need, the existence of a detailed and comprehensive database is more than necessary. Today, whoever holds essential data will be the winner, and that means to exploit and gather as much data as possible, with the purpose of finding that one that will deliver the needed answers and solutions.

3. IoT & Home Improvement Gadgets

Technological Trends 2017 - CCTV Cameras - IP Cameras

IoT or the Internet of Things is not a new concept anymore. The mission of the Internet of Things is to connect as many devices as possible, regardless of their nature and purpose, through the Internet. This is already happening, more and more devices offering the possibility for people to control them remotely. It is the surveillance system in your home that sends you notifications through an app installed on your mobile device each time movement is detected in the area. So, even if you are not near, you can still see what is happening and control the surveillance system through the Internet. This is only a mere example, as more and more smart devices appear on the market. This is definitely a trend that will dominate the technology market in 2017, both manufacturers and clients being interested in the possibility to control their appliances and even cars through a network. For instance, the concept of smart home was presented last year, a building that is entirely controlled through smart devices. Practically, a smart home contains elements of IoT, which can be controlled through apps and wireless Internet networks, whether you are or not at home. It will be more than interesting to see how this evolves and what innovations will be available in this technological sector this year. One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that we should get prepared to be amazed.

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