Key Mobile Marketing Trends that will Rule 2016

A recent survey revealed that users spend an average of 2 hours per day on their mobile which is 33 percent of their entire internet time. We have observed a constant growth in this over the last a few years as it was only 20 percent in 2012 and now have crossed 35 percent. There is no surprise that among young users aged 16-24 the mobile usage is much higher, nearly 4 hours a day. Looking at these stats, it is clear that we are marching towards a society where users will spend a larger part of their internet time on mobile. Especially, the young generation, which will reach to this tipping point very early with mobile usage crossing the 50 per cent threshold in most major markets by 2018.

Why is the Trend Changing?

For advertisers, mobile is crucial, but it’s especially critical for brands that target the young audience. If you want to get this audience, this device has to be in your marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing Trends that will Rule 2016

1. United Mobile Experience:

It will be very interesting to observe brands focusing on what exactly all these vital technologies mean for the users’ mobile experiences. The marketers that consolidated connect physical, mobile, desktop and rest of the devices to create one united experience for the users will be successful.

2. Organic and Augmented Reality:

In consumer end–to-end products and services, the market will see virtual and augmented reality. The concept of augmented and virtual was brought into use in the gaming and porn arena for the first time, however, they will be conveniently available to the consumers in 2016. In industries like real estate, sports, entertainment and hospitality virtual reality will be used.

3. Tightened Security:

Security will take a center stage as mobile phones will be more used for tightening the security in homes as well as other places. Users will have to be extra aware of home security beyond the conventional locks.

Tightened Security

4. The IOT:

Currently, the rising number of mobile users has crossed the 5.2 billion mark in the world. A large number of American millennial claim that in the forthcoming 5 years everything will be done on the small screen. The miscellaneous functions include customers paying for their shopping, go to hotels and accessing their room using their smartphones.

5. Personalized Retail:

Retail will be more mobile as a big change is taking place, impacting the arena to begin looking at novel paths of offering the customers novel services.

6. Your TV Viewing Habits Will Be Impacted:

As the shift to app-based viewing grows and conventional viewing starts losing its grip, a new era of TV will be huge in 2016.

Your TV Viewing Habits Will Be Impacted

7. New Approach to Products:

The focus will no more be on building liable or flexible products while it can be shifted to how a right product can be delivered to the right customer.

8. Revolutionized Education:

In the developing world, the potential for a revolution is there and it can be very well started but with an abundance of disruptors based on the London era.

9. Superior Use of Data to Personalize Content:

Users’ behavior will be used to get lessons from using data in a significant way to offer value to companies as well as users.

10. Interaction with Each other using Mobile Content will Evolve:

There is a constant growth in the content a user uses to interact with. From touch to voice to gesture controls everything will face changes. For instance, voice search has been used by nearly half of all millennial.

Interaction with Each other using Mobile Content will Evolve

11. App Streaming:

The future is near when users will be completely able to communicate with apps that are not available on their mobile devices. Credited to the app streaming being tested and will include applications that sprint utterly in the cloud.

12. App-only Content in SERPs:

2016 might see the new change where users will get a lot more information related to their specific app and a lot more search results popping up with results for things that not simply websites.

13. More Video Consumption:

The consumption of mobile video is already on a surge and it will keep on touching heights as the user rise. However, it will impact advertising and the extent method will be evolved.

More Video Consumption

14. Upgrade in Artificial Intelligence:

There is a race going on for profound learning and artificial intelligence between the giants including Google, Apple, and Facebook, thus, it will necessarily change the way we access our information.

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