How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Help to Customer Engagement?

Up until recently, causation relationships were the base of business relationships comprising absolute values and user-based actions! However, the recent CRM software systems have given a new way of business administration and analysis. A custom relationship management software – CRM system gave system administrators and business analysts more freedom by building relationships. Yes, the relationship between business and customers for an engaging business. And Microsoft Dynamics 365 has proved itself best in it!

Today, the customers are the epicenter of business. And companies revolve around them, put more effort into engaging properly with customers to increase sales. Now is the era where better customer experience results in better revenue generation, active & strong engagement, and increased business profits. Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Customer Engagement solution is a cloud-based CRM solution built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Integrated with technologies and solutions, it enhances business operations, boosts sales, and increase business efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM integrates all Microsoft applications, tools, and products. As a result, this enables you to reduce double entry while saving your valuable time. How does it do that? We will answer this question in this article by telling you the 10 different ways with which it helps in customer engagement.

“According to a Microsoft report, there are about 100,000 monthly active users on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.”

It has been a long time since its presence in our markets. Also, Microsoft’s marketing automation solution and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing are also available. These Dynamics CRM products provide all the tools to the organizations to easily automate campaigns, driving sales teams, and obtaining better customer insights. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement platform, previously it was known as CRM Microsoft Dynamics online.

Furthermore, today, we have Dynamics 365 for Marketing to manage your company’s marketing activities, increasing customer engagement, and facilitating the sales team.

“It is expected that by 2022, the worldwide revenue of the CRM software market will reach 29.77 billion US dollars.”

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Users: A Brief


The top Microsoft Dynamics solutions provider in the USA understands it well that the cost of acquiring new customers is higher than servicing the existing ones. However, if your services experience doesn’t go well as per the user demand, then the customer retention ratio will decrease. Hence, getting new customers is necessary. In an era where everything is getting digitalized, you need software to obtain new customers. And Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions’ primary focus is on getting new customers.

“More specifically, to increase customer engagement!”

Maybe you are using some CRM software and would be getting positive results, too; however, let me ask, is your CRM software cost-effective? Above it, can it guarantee you to explore more deeply into the customer needs? I don’t know about your “so-called” best customer engagement software, but I am quite sure and relaxed with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Actually, it leverages a plethora of functions, gets new customers, builds a healthy relationship, tells you good stats about revenue generation, helps the sales team, and many more in real-time.

MS Dynamics 365 Allows Users to Perform Followingly:

  • With this CRM solution, obtaining a 360° view of customers and their prospects with your business is easy. Every bit of information generates data that is stored securely to tailor your marketing campaigns.
  • It also nurtures the lead with automated campaigns, personalized templates, emails, and landing pages to attract potential customers.
  • It also manages the everyday sales cycle.
  • Finally, it is able to identify the customer insight such that you can make better decisions depending upon your business, marketing trends, and sales cycle.
CRM Microsoft dynamics online focus on adaptability and flexibility by staying on top of technological developments. They indeed take your data, but they take it only when you allow. Moreover, everything is done to reach you, to provide better facilities in your businesses. Consequently, providing more outstanding and personalized services to customers worldwide.

How Dynamics 365 Helps Improve Customer Engagement?


Positive relationships with the customers strengthen their engagement on to your business. Often a question is asked to us, how using a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer Engagement module increases your leads and sales for better business growth. If you are an employee who has just begun learning Dynamics CRM, then you must enable an option that captures the customer interaction data. Once that data is in your hand, certainly, you would do anything to please your customer.

You will interact more to learn about their thoughts, feedback about your services. At the right time with the right approach, you will target your products to sell more. In all these processes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will remain your friend. As it gets more data, it feeds more solutions, ways to make you in touch with customers. Following are some ways how it improves your customer engagement:

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Delivers Messages

Point 1Microsoft Dynamics CRM captures data, the user has full details of customers. Thus, MS Dynamics sends the message to the customer and make their business more interactive.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Selects Right Audience

Point 2The developed message is sent to the right audience to feed CRM software with the best data. Moreover, this makes communication better and personalized. Your business profitability without a doubt depends upon your focus on lead generation. Thus, you need a monitoring tool that results are in your engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Runs Automated Campaigns

Point 3Creating campaigns, generating email marketing solutions will attract a greater number of potential customers. Furthermore, you can cast and customize the templates that ultimately help in events management in order to gather data while keeping the leads engaged during the sales cycle of your business.

Updating Customer

Point 4Microsoft Dynamics improve their needs by creating online forms, which then is filled by the customers. This actually, keeps your all customers updated. The information is saved, is then used to identify customers’ interests based upon the latest market trends.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions Offers Self-service Portals

Point 5Self-service portals are set up in order to drive customer engagement programs effectively. These portals are more flexible for the customers as they are a combination of contact centers, technical support teams, CRM systems, and services or product information ahead of your customers’ requirements.

Auto-generated Contacts

Point 6Each generated lead is a contact that is related to the marketing features in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Moreover, there are still leads developed initially; therefore, their contact record is not necessary. This issue is resolved by using Dynamics 365 custom workflow. Whenever a new or existing unmatched lead record is found, Microsoft Dynamics CRM links the contact record when generated automatically.

It Develops Marketing Segments

Point 7For displaying the right contacts, you must create connections from the auto-generated leads (or contacts). With the help of sales contacts, you are able to develop new marketing contacts, and this develops the custom view. First comes the marketing, then the sales by generated leads. Microsoft dynamics 365 customer engagement is high, advanced, and quickly makes you available all things with little marketing efforts.

Driving Customer Engagement with Self-Service Portals

Point 8Customer self-service portals, in addition to Microsoft software development, enhance customer satisfaction as the Dynamics 365 offers a combination of contact centers with service or product information and technical support teams such that it is accessible to customers whenever needed. Microsoft solution provider services in the USA do everything in their power to accelerate your digital business by transforming technology, and increase product selling by upgrading services. These CRM Microsoft dynamics online improve the business by introducing new business logic and takes care of business efficiency.

Service Performance Evaluation

Point 9Microsoft Dynamics 365 tools help to capture customer feedback on a timely basis/periodically. These feedbacks are given by users in forms, reports, email alerts, and helps in assessing the performance for taking corrective actions over the problems in customer engagement. Dynamics 365 CRM and other tools like Power BI helps in reviewing the service delivery performance by which it identifies the improvement areas. It majorly quantifies the percentage of issues resolved, thus making the interaction of business and customers better.

Microsoft dynamics 365 for finance and operations work best for the retail industry which is unified with Microsoft PowerApps. Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application that works well with the browser Microsoft Edge in real-time. Being an adaptable platform, it corrects the operations and processes, you get complete control over the business data locally and globally.

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Final Words


If a custom software development company in the USA wants to become successful, then they should give proper importance to its customers. The customers should always be considered as the core factor of their business. Other Microsoft Dynamics solutions like Dynamics Sales help you in building strong relationships with the customers and keeps them engaged. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics Sales keeps track of customer accounts, lead generation, customer orders, and campaigns.

Furthermore, it creates marketing lists, assigns tasks to employees, and predicts sales profit and loss. With these features, customizable modules, and additional packages, you can easily run this enterprise software on any device. If your online business needs real-time based analytic software, then Dynamics 365 is the best online software offering you vast benefits.

This article is written by James Burns. James is the Founder and CEO of CMS Website Services, a globally ranking eCommerce development services provider in the USA. With 10+ years of experience in designing, development, implementation & maintenance of high quality global redundant, compliance-ready applications, I have all solutions to your IT problems as a tech-business person. Follow him: Facebook | Twitter.
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