6 Reasons to Integrate Your Website Contact Form With CRM

You may have established your startup after the initial struggle of curating the customer journey. You might be starting out fresh with your startup. Or, the idea to have your own startup has not transformed into a business plan. You are an entrepreneur, who requires the help of a smart sales and contact management solution. And for you, CRM is the best sales management tool.

I won’t be pressing on the need of having a CRM in this article simply because, in this fast-paced and competitive market, you cannot cope with various business pressures if you are doing the tasks manually!

Today, I will be focusing on the reasons why businesses, no matter their size, must integrate their website contact form with their CRM. So, without further ado, let’s share the information, shall we?


To get you started, the steps are simple.

  • You create a website contact us form and integrate it with your CRM software.
  • Inside the CRM, you start setting intelligent workflows. This allows the data shared by website visitors to be synchronized with your CRM.
  • Your CRM takes these data, and based on the website form fields, create them as contacts.
Let’s show you how you can utilize the integration between your website contact form and CRM.

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1. Automatically assign contacts to your sales reps for quick follow-ups

We know that these contacts are not worth anything until your curate them and mold them into paying customers.

  • Doing that task manually will create havoc inside your sales team.
  • More than two reps might be pursuing the same contact and might irritate the contact and make them avoid your outreach process.
  • Using the same intelligent workflows, you can distribute these contacts to your sales reps in an orderly manner.
  • Once the reps are assigned these contacts you can set your outreach program.
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2. Add recipients directly to the email drip list using their email address

If it is easy to add your website visitors as contacts inside your CRM, wouldn’t it be easier to add them to your email drip campaign using their email addresses?

The answer is yes!

Using the workflows, you can add your CRM contacts to your sales email campaigns based on the nature of their inquiry. The reason for such a personalized experience is the inclusion of tags that decide which email address should be added to a certain sales email drip campaign.

For instance

A website visitor landed on your contact us link after going through one of your blogs or landing pages. He added his name, contact details, and query in the website contact form.

“Hi, I saw that you provide built-in calling feature with virtual numbers for 80+ countries. Is there any special requirement for using this feature?” 

The above message from the prospect might seem dull to you, however, it is a goldmine for entrepreneurs and startup owners.

  • Such messages from your website visitors provide an opportunity to know what your prospects are looking for in your services.
  • Using more of such messages, you can set tags inside your CRM software.
  • Doing so allows your CRM to trigger an automated action that adds the email address of such prospects to a certain outreach sales drips email campaign.
  • More than doing this, CRM software enables you to get detail reports of how your emails are performing.
  • Whether your emails are being opened or the attachments you sent with your emails are being downloaded or not.

3. Add recipients easily to the messaging list using their phone number


Using the same workflow rule that I showed you in the above point, you can easily set your outbound message campaign. Based on your inquiry and using the relevant tags, you can send personalized messages to the people in your contact list.

  • Just get your business number and add it to your contact us page.
  • Whenever your website visitors drop messages on this number, the CRM will create a contact and add this number to your outbound campaign list.
  • Automation allows easy delivery of your messages to your contacts.
  • Moreover, you can check how your messages are performing and which message templates need an update to perform better for future campaigns.

4. Enrich your contacts profile using various add-ons

Once you integrate your website forms with your CRM, you can activate add-ons that will seamlessly access the contact information and keep your contacts information up-to-date.

Tools such as Clearbit, access your contact database and use the email address field to look them up on social media platforms and update their designation and working company.

  • This information comes in handy particularly in the event when your contact leaves and joins a new organization.
  • If your database is up-to-date with such information, your sales reps can make calls to the contact and pitch for getting an account of their new organization.
  • They can also get an update on the new person who has replaced them in the previous organization.
  • You can easily maintain your old customer rapport while pitching for a new one, with quite an ease.

5. Provide better customer support

When you have all the required data in one place, don’t you think, your customer support will get better in time?

I bet, it will!

If you are asking how? Then read on!

Just imagine a scenario where your website visitor is facing some issue with your product or service. Their first instinct is to get online and search for your contact us support form. Once they feed the form with their request and a detail of the issue they are facing, they hit the “Send” button in anticipation that they will get a prompt response.

  • If you are working on a manual process, your customer’s email might reach the support executive quite late.
  • If the request for assistance was urgent, this delay will irate the customer, resulting in customer churn.
  • Having your website contact form integrated with your CRM will help in avoiding such a situation and will result in creating better customer relations.

6. Instant data access and quick decision making


One more reason that I seem fit for this article is the instantaneous availability of every crucial data. Having accurate information, with you, helps in quick decision making.

I am sure you have read this quote somewhere, Prevention is better than cure!

  • A CRM software enables its user to take a data-driven decision with the help of reports of every sales outreach campaign.
  • With these reports, it gets easy to analyze which sales tool is expensive and which one needs correction.
  • You can divert your resources based on these reports and make better decisions for your business.
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To conclude


For any startup, gaining break-even in the first 3 years from their inception is a necessity.

Adopting a CRM software that allows ease of integrating with WordPress Contact Form 7 and Gravity or Wufoo forms will allow seamless synchronization of your contacts information. Once you successfully integrate your website forms with a smart sales CRM, you can take control of your sales process and better your customer relationship.

I hope this article will provide you with the insights that will inspire you to use your CRM in a more productive manner. I would suggest you use this article as your personal hack of decoding your teams’ productivity without doing extra manual labor.

With a limited budget, there is a dearth of things that you can do, without cutting down your cost further. I would suggest planning and investment in a smart CRM sales software that cuts down your manual labor and allows you to make the most of your sales strategy. With that thought, I would take your leave, until next time.

Author-Image-Saptarshi-DasThis article is written by Saptarshi Das. A writer with an uncommon funny bone and a knack for perfection. Saptarshi has been writing about how Salesmate CRM helps small and medium business, for a long time now! He is a content writer and a geek in the digital marketing sense of it, who likes to spend most of his time researching ways technology is influencing your daily life (positively). Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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