How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing While You Sleep?

Affiliate business has become a buzzword. It is applied for mutual promotion by both big companies and ordinary people who actively use this method of passive earnings. They can calmly drink coffee in the kitchen on Monday morning, not being in a hurry to the office, while their bank account is being funded. But how exactly does an affiliate partnership work? Where to start and how to make money on affiliate marketing? What is the affiliate marketing average income? We have collected the answers to these and other questions in our article to help you earn money while you sleep.

What is affiliate marketing?

Go ahead using affiliate networks

Affiliate marketing is a process when a partner or company receives a percentage of the sale of a certain product for its promotion and advertising on the website, in the video blog, using mailings, and so on.

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How does affiliate marketing work?


Now let’s take a closer look at this. The way affiliate marketing works is pretty simple:

Build a platform

For the affiliate promotion of any product, a platform where the future affiliate marketer can do the advertisement is needed. It can be anything: a website, a YouTube channel, or an Instagram page. The main thing is that this platform must be filled with high-quality and catchy content interesting to the audience.

Join the affiliate program

Many companies offer great affiliate programs. Find a product that harmoniously suits your platform. It would be weird if a blogger of a popular science channel on YouTube advertises a new line of chainsaws. Advertising simply will not work, or it will work poorly because the audience of the channel is not interested in this product.

To find out if a particular company offers an affiliate program, simply visit their official website and scroll down the page. Most often, companies leave an active link to their affiliate program at the bottom. However, do not rush to accept it. Always read the terms of a partnership. Many companies have strict rules and conditions that must be met for your advertisement to get paid.

Get a unique link and share it

After joining the affiliate program and choosing a product, you will receive a unique link. A buyer (a reader of your blog or a subscriber) will follow this link and buy a product or service. Your affiliate partner’s website will record the information that this purchase was made using your unique link, and you will be credited with a percentage of the sale. This percentage can be any, from 1% to 50% or more, depending on the conditions of the affiliate program.

That’s all! It is difficult to find a simpler and less costly way of earning money than affiliate marketing.

How do affiliate marketers get paid?


Actually, there are several different systems for paying affiliate marketers. It all depends on which affiliate program you have chosen.

For sales

This is the standard affiliate payment system already described above. You only get paid when a customer has followed your unique link to a product page and purchased it. Then, you get a predetermined percentage of the sale.

For lead

In this structure, the affiliate gets paid for converting leads – converting potential buyers who are interested in your offer into those who really want to pay for your product. You need to convince a potential buyer to follow the link and take a deliberately agreed action, and this is not always the purchase of goods.

For click

In the case of pay-per-click, the affiliate marketer is rewarded for increasing the partner’s web traffic, that is, for the number of times potential buyers clicked on your unique link and went to the company’s website.

The prices for each of the presented advertising payment methods are quite different. Most often, the cost depends on the size of your platform and audience activity. This is why many bloggers with a million subscribers have affiliate contracts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How can you start affiliate marketing with no money?


Many successful affiliate marketers start out without investing money. This is more than possible if you have an interesting Instagram page or personal blog with a live audience. In such cases, advertising a product through an affiliate program may only take you a little time to write a post. However, to start a full-fledged income on such programs it is better to begin with a certain amount of money. Think of it as an investment in a business that will give you great rewards in the future.

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How much can you make with affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing may be one of the easiest passive earnings to make, but to make a lot of money while you sleep, you initially need to make some effort. Since you will receive a percentage of the sale or a set price for clicks on the link, which is not a high amount, you need to think about the simultaneous advertising of several products of affiliate partners. An average affiliate marketer can earn up to $50 a day. Advanced affiliate marketers can earn $2,000 per day. If an affiliate partnership is signed between large companies, the price tag here can reach even millions of dollars.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?


The main advantage of affiliate marketing is the ability to start making money with absolutely no investment. Few methods of earning money can afford such luxury. You can always try yourself in affiliate programs without risking losing your investment. It’s important to remember, however, that affiliate marketing is not quick money. It takes patience and strategy to build your site and get a wide and active audience.

An equally important factor due to which thousands of people go into affiliate marketing is the opportunity of passive earnings even when you sleep. There is no need to sit at the computer for hours or go to the office five days a week. It is important to promote your site and be able to make good advertising for the product. Then, your participation will be minimal: write a post about a new hairdryer or shoot a video of cupcakes from a new pastry shop.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing, given the minimal investment in this business or none at all, is a high return on investment. Affiliate programs can be easily and quickly expanded as your information platform grows. This method of earning money is also suitable not only for those who do not have Napoleonic ambitions to make millions on advertising but also for people with an active audience on social networks who want to have some additional income.

What are some tips for beginners in affiliate marketing?


Always recommend products that you are confident in or, even better, that you have tried yourself. One of the most important factors in increasing your affiliate marketing earnings is expanding your platform. The audience will not trust you if you offer a low-quality product or advertise scammers.

Also, always test and optimize your confusion metrics, in other words, the activity of your audience in relation to advertising links. You can have a large audience; however, people will be interested not in what you advise to buy but in how you do it. Improve your skills in this direction.

To not miscalculate when choosing a product for affiliate promotion, look at affiliate traffic sources, where their customers are from, what their age and gender are, etc. Focus on the metrics of your traffic and company’s traffic to choose a product that is interesting for your audience. Take some time to explore Google Analytics. There, you can find all the necessary information on traffic.  This insight is critical to making informed decisions, increasing conversion rates, and boosting affiliate sales.

Another effective strategy for increasing earnings from affiliate marketing has already been mentioned earlier in this article, namely, partnering with several companies and promoting numerous products. There are markers who even create 2-4 platforms to promote companies to different audiences. If you have goals to actively expand your affiliate business, you need to use this strategy.

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Final words

Make Money Affiliate Marketing - conclusion

These are the basics of affiliate marketing. Any business for its expansion requires a deep study of the area in which it is developing. Successful promotion of a company’s product through an affiliate program requires many factors to be matched, and this is truly an art.

To increase profits, you need to know the principles of advertising, how to choose a product suitable for your platform and for your audience, how to attract their attention and convince them to follow the link and buy a product, how to manage leads and traffic, and much more important information that has to be taken into account in affiliate marketing.

But the best thing about an affiliate business is that you don’t even need that much knowledge to participate in affiliate programs if your goal is to simply make extra money on your social media page. Just post a link to a product or service and get your daily income!

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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