Buzzwords Set to Take Technology Over in 2016

With technology developing and changing as quickly as it does, it becomes difficult to keep track of what’s hot from year to year. Every year hot topics take the spotlight, forcing the previous year’s topics out of the way. 2016 is not different. This year a number of technology buzzwords are set to take over your news feeds, signaling a shift in direction and popularity of technology trends. So what are the hottest trends in tech that what we will be discussing for the remainder of the year? This list comprises a few familiar terms along with a few not-so-familiar ones.

There are a lot of articles about technology buzzwords, but this one from datapine – a leading tech startup in the field of business intelligence – inspired me most for this post. This post has dictated the whole set of trends which will rule 2016. With the arrival of every year, a batch of buzzwords becomes the trend for that year. Tech industry has always been inspired by the catchy phrases but the fact is they are either meaningless or fail to deliver the fact that they actually want to deliver.

1. Net Neutrality

Buzzwords - Point 1A lot has been made about net neutrality in recent years. It has been a hot-button issue among politicians and internet activists alike. Net neutrality proponents seek to keep internet speed consistent for all websites accessed by visitors. However, some ISPs would like to create a paid option that would see internet traffic tiered. Those who pay can have their pages served up more quickly than non-paying website owners. Proponents of net neutrality argue that creating fast and slow lanes can be a slippery slope towards censorship and a non-free market economy.

2. High availability

Buzzwords - Point 2When a system has a better than average ability to perform consistently at a high level with very little downtime, it is described as having “high availability”. High availability systems have multiple failsafe, reliable crossovers and can detect failures as they happen. High availability systems are most applicable to data centers and hospitals where downtime can be dangerous or life-threatening.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Buzzwords - Point 3We’ve all heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in some capacity before. Whether it was through books, movies or TV shows. Many times artificial intelligence is portrayed as dark, bleak or dystopian. However, nowadays artificial intelligence is finding new applications in healthcare. Artificial intelligence refers to the ability of software and machines to learn and improve over time and in so doing enable them to make autonomous decisions. Healthcare applications of AI include health and heart monitors and while consumer-driven applications include self-driving cars.

4. Actionable Analytics

Buzzwords - Point 4Analytics has been a popular topic in the world of business and sports for many years now. However, Actionable Analytics points to a new capability in a business where both structured and unstructured data are processed automatically enabling that data to become more “actionable”. Similar to artificial intelligence, actionable analytics will have the ability to learn and offer advice based on its reasoning. With all of this processed data available, it will be easier for business leaders to pull data from whichever period they choose.

5. Internet of Things / Device Mash

Buzzwords - Point 5The Internet of Things/Device Mach describes a trend in which a number of devices which people use and depend on all communicate with each other through the internet. Devices can range from wearables to autos, to health monitors to consumer electronics. Connected devices will create what is known as an ambient intelligence which collects and shares information across a range of devices.

6. Deep Learning

Buzzwords - Point 6While Deep Learning is not itself Artificial Intelligence, it will certainly take us close to that direction. Also called Advanced Machine Learning, Deep Learning is a trend in machine learning that is faster, more powerful and more insightful than any process we are familiar with today. Using a set of algorithms, the process seeks to process data in layers. Each layer is comprised of increasingly complex features and in this way, it is possible for the machine to learn through experience.

7. ReactJS

Buzzwords - Point 7ReactJS is a JavaScript library that affords new ways to construct user interfaces for large applications. Primarily used in social media spaces such as Facebook and Instagram, use is spreading to apps. One of the best features of ReactJS is its ability to create reusable code while at the same time mitigating the cost of code testing. However, it also has the added bonus of simplifying the coding process and helping the collaborative process by streamlining workflow.

8. Quantum Computing

Buzzwords - Point 8In quantum computing, memory and processing operations are performed using atoms and molecules. By using quantum bits instead of binary bits, data need not be limited to two opposing states. The processing power of quantum computing far exceeds the processing power of the computers available today. While quantum computers have been created in the past, they have been limited in their scope. Scientists are aiming to produce a more practical computer than can be used for a wide range of applications.

9. Information of Everything

Buzzwords - Point 9With new devices comes the need for information that exceeds text, video or audio. The information of everything promises just that. Devices will now produce, use and transmit data to each other and the information of everything will link and process that data, whether structured or unstructured. This data processing is performed on native servers or in the cloud. In addition to this, the data is then utilized for business, analytics or other workplace applications. The information of everything will mean the utilization of data that was previously considered unattainable.

10. Smart Factory

Buzzwords - Point 10Also called Industry 4.0, smart factories are the next step in the evolutionary chain of production. In part due to how data is collected and processed, smart factories will see the interconnection between humans and smart factories. Through the Internet of Things, machines will be interlinked and intelligent. The will also process data on the spot and have the ability to make the necessary adjustments.

Buzzwords - conclusionThese ten buzzwords are only a peek inside the trends that 2016 will offer. However, trends change all the time. Where old trends die, new ones emerge. There is no way to know for certain where these trends will take us or if they will promise more than they can deliver. However, one thing that is certain is that data itself is the hot commodity. Ideas on how to collect it, process it and utilize it are driving these technological ideas and advances today.

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