How to Optimize the Conversion Rate of Your Affiliate Traffic

Affiliates are a good source to attract traffic and for deriving a decent income. They are widely used by various website owners on their website to earn good commission rates from various e-commerce platforms. But, do you know how to optimize the conversion rate of your affiliate website to get higher rates online? Affiliate traffic gives you good rates, which are better than others and of course, it increases your website value as well.

Let’s see how you can optimize the conversion rate of your affiliate website:

1) Do keep track of Competitive Intelligence:

Spying on your competition is not bad; you just need to study the intelligence and pattern they are using with their affiliates. It will help in making out and devising various strategies for your products.

2) Promote Coupons and Discounts:

Traffic always looks for something that doesn’t exert any pressure on their wallets. So, try to look for the same even if you can promote them on their own website by featuring various discounts over your windows.


3) Avoid Leaks:

Always ensure that your landing pages to which you are referring the affiliate traffic should be free of all commissionable routes that end user can take. The route can be through various chat windows, untraceable and weird phone numbers, or links to your store eBay, Amazon, etc.

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4) Analyze your revenue and customer data:

Before running any affiliate program on your website, you should know target audience of your business. Besides this, a business owner should know detailed answers of below questions properly:

  • Do you know the revenue percentage of each sale from your website?
  • Do you know how much each sign up can be valuable for you?
  • What about the repeat purchases or how much value created by every repeated customer?
  • Do you know about other channels and how much cost is allotted for per acquisition of clients?
To maximize your revenue, you should structure affiliate payouts, and study the guidelines so that you can measure the optimization and program efforts. And to analyze the same, you should have a clear understanding of everything related to affiliate.


5) Use only those images that are clickable:

Do use hyperlinks for images. Your audience can miss affiliate links, but they cannot ignore affiliate links. If you look forward to linking the respective hyperlink images, do add a powerful call to action. It definitely made an impact on the audience as it will help you in giving maximum clicks. Images can be used with CTA images rather than having buttons.

6) Do use interactive affiliates for visitors to interact with you:

Having the button will definitely help you but no need to sit relaxed for them. Lots of people do paste the button like “Buy Now”, “last day for the sale” or “Get it Now”. But do you know the fact that it also reduces the chances of getting the clicks on the buttons too? As lots of readers are not in a position to buy the showcased products right away. Your job is to land them on the advertiser page when the chances of conversion can be high. And for the same, the call to action should be impressive as same can be used to create more conversions.

Go ahead using affiliate networks

7) Do open for the affiliate link in the same tab:

Looking for opening a different tab can create a lot of doubts in the mind of visitors. They tend to lose their trust level while opening a new tab. After clicking on the same tab when they see the page is getting open in different tab they find it quite irrational. A lot of people consider it as a negative sign if the affiliate opens in the next tab. This is a small thing but an important thing which website owners have to take care of.

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Final Words:

How to Optimize the Conversion Rate of Your Affiliate Traffic - Conclusion

The techniques mentioned above are in line with the recommendations made by Mr. Dima Midon, a digital marketing consultant and the CEO of TrafficBox. As he advices website owners to focus on quality content and says,

“High-quality content is crucial if you want to boost traffic to your site because it will be discussed and shared on social media platforms as well”.

So, follow all these suggested tricks and optimize conversion rate of your affiliate traffic in the most effective way.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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