What are the Improvements that React JS Offers in Headless WordPress?

Let’s first understand what a Headless WordPress is. WordPress blog has two sides’ front and back. The front is something that everyone sees and reads the blog. And the backend is something where you get to see the dashboard, admin panel, and other CMS tools. With the help of the WordPress tool, you can actually manage and track all the website content. If the configuration is ok, then you can edit the web page. As a user, you are getting different roles working effectively. With the help of WordPress, you can easily shift the content framework. Also, you can take the help of multichannel publishing and cross-platform.

What is React JS?


React JS helps you create an amazing interface for web and mobile apps. It is an open-source, front-end library and component-based, and you can view layers with it. It helps in the creation of dynamic apps; the performance is mind-blowing. It needs less coding in the dynamic app. You can perform with reusable components, and you have your own logic and control that you can use through the application, and it even reduces the development time.

It also offers unidirectional data flow because it flows in a single direction to remove the errors.

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Benefits of Headless WordPress

WordPress Rocks
  • Multiple channels: You can publish your content on various devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. It helps that your website is accessible from any device.
  • Simple design: It is lightweight and easily managed and even you create and redesign the website and improve user experience.
  • Better performance: It offers great performances with perfect integration of different technologies and brings reliability.
  • Scalability: The website becomes more flexible, and you can easily change the size, features, and scale. The platform updates usually, and it will evolve the need.
  • Security: The security is high-end tight and keeps the website safe and secure. It will keep away the website from all potential dangers. You will feel great, and it gives you authentic service.
  • Non-specific: It can produce content in non-platform specific.
  • It even offers control, giving the best return in the form. It makes the work different and suitable.

Which one is best?


In WordPress, you have lots of features and plugins. It can become sometimes unmanageable. You will get most of the time the updates of the plugins and frequent themes. It can be annoying at times and make the work tiring. The speed of the page matters because it can definitely be a problem. The fancy plugins of WordPress make it really hard to load the website page. Image losing is also a big problem, and it affects badly. It makes the work tiring. The SEO ranking is slow and poor. Most website and blog owners use the WordPress platform to organize their website; hence it becomes weak and prone to hacking. If you do not secure it properly, it is a chance to crash easily. Before the crash, you will not get any notice. It adds to the management expense and needs constant observation.

React helps in the website speed, and it increases its speed. It makes things work, and the website loading page makes super-fast. It helps in the website opening and gives a perfect showdown. The development speed is mind-blowing, and it gives all the good effects and ensures that you are getting the best speed that you can dream of. Online security is hard to crack, and hackers find it hard to hack the website based on this framework. The customization and flexibility are tremendous in this framework. The website’s launch is easy, and it gives great major support. It can definitely help and ensure that it must affect positively.

You have come to know the pros and cons of both, and now it is time for you to decide which one works for you the best and how you will help in the process.

React JS and WordPress Setup


As per Visual Studio Code, there must be a text editor. There will be NodeJS and NPM. Environment setup offers GIT control of the version. You can run the code and open the command. For calls of API, you can install packages. You can build the web app and launch the application with great command. These are all the installation processes that you must follow. It gives you a better setup and makes the thing work for your own good. An expert in this can definitely work smart. The concerned expert will be able to do it efficiently, and hence you need a good service to complete the installation process in a great manner. It makes the thing work, and you can rely on the same.

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The Fundamentals of Headless WordPress


As a necessity, WordPress requires a theme to operate. In most cases, the front-end is not needed in the case of a headless WordPress build. That’s why it is important to develop a blank theme to make it happen. Index.php and style.css will come in handy when the context is about using a headless CMS.

Note that the index.php file plays a crucial role while accessing the headless CMS. Your index.php file assures that the front end is discarded and the backend processes are not troubled. You can achieve that by directing the users to the static site.

Moreover, you can use other code snippets too. After reading the blank theme, you should upload it to the theme directory. This will get you closer to work with a headless WordPress. And once you have the blank theme in WordPress, it is time to leverage the API calls.

You can do that with the help of AJAX requests. You must search for APIs that can manage asynchronous data. If your browser doesn’t support the fetch API function, you can always use a polyfill.

Ways to use Headless WordPress with React


There is no denying that React is a popular JavaScript framework introduced by the developer community and Facebook for front-end development. React has a powerful JS library that can be used for speedy, robust, and dynamic one-page applications.

After the WordPress installation is complete, developing the React applications is a pretty simple process. However, you have to install the following things on your desktop to create React applications:

  • NodeJS and NPM.
  • Git for control version.
  • Any text editor of your preference.

Once the installation process is complete, you should follow specific steps to create a web application with React after setting up the environment:

  • To create a project, open the command line and execute code to develop a new project.
  • For APIs, you should install the Axios package.
  • Go to the text editor and open your folder.
  • You should start the program with specific commands.
  • You are all set to develop a web application.

Do you know that React can drastically increase the page loading speed? In most cases, React can improve your WordPress website’s loading speed. This augurs well for SEO purposes. In simple words, your website will rank higher with React. After the successful launch of the headless CMS, you will have complete control over how it is configured. In other words, React JS can make your WordPress website more feature-rich and user-friendly.

The Improvements that React JS Offers in Headless WordPress

  • UI Design that is Seamless: It creates module code with WordPress, which you can call components. The developers of React JS can design customize headless WordPress. It is a part of the interface that users use. It can definitely handle minimal input like development time is less, the experts can work on core features. Also, they operate unit testing, which ensures that there is no crash.
  • Online Document Object Model: It enhances the web app’s scalability. It even represents the virtual memory page, and it even has a few benefits like taking less loading time, even jQuery, i.e., heavy code. It has a light, smooth web page.
  • Advantage of SEO: Content is everything for a website. Therefore, one should definitely choose this improvement to gain more traffic. It enhances the loading speed of the user and gives the ultimate and perfect user interface.

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Now React is the best platform that will give you excellent service with the following benefits:

  • a fast-loading website page,
  • the navigation is lightning fast and smooth,
  • the front side is engaging and interactive,
  • the web page wireframe is user appealing and even highly responsive to the different devices.

You can take up the React JS development services and get the best advantage. It makes things work smoothly, and you will get extensive service from the expert.

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