BABAKA Outdoor Solar Power Bank Review

When it comes to charging your mobile devices in the outdoors, it becomes very difficult to find a power source for charging. That is when solar power banks come into use. BABAKA Outdoor Solar Power Bank is one of the best solar power banks for outdoor use. It is especially so for world travelers, trekkers, and campers. The great ease of holding the charge makes them so much valuable outdoor gadgets. Traveling without a solar power bank can lead to a bad holiday too. So, what makes BABAKA Outdoor Solar Power Bank so very useful? Here’s a complete review with pros, cons, and features.

Foldable Solar Panels


BABAKA has 4 solar panels which can be folded and carried easily. It charges the power bank 4 times faster and stores enough power to charge mobiles, smartphones, and tablets. A foldable power bank also makes it easy to carry it in backpacks and luggage.

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Magnetic Compass

The BABAKA Outdoor Solar Power Bank has a very useful compass that can give you correct directions. The compass is a very useful gadget that is attached to a carabiner and can be carried and hooked onto belts and backpacks.

Multifunctional Flashlight


The BABAKA Solar Charger comes with 3 multifunctional LED flashlight modes which are helpful in different situations. There is the Standard mode that illuminates nearby things. The SOS mode is for sending emergency signals for help. The third mode is the flashing mode that is used to send a warning signal to others.

Fast Charging

BABAKA Outdoor Solar Power Bank has a fast-charging chip. It enables this charger to charge mobile at a high speed of 5V/2.4A. It saves charging time. There are two 2.4A output ports so that users can charge two devices at the same time.

Wide Compatibility


The BABAKA Outdoor Solar Charger is widely compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It can easily charge iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, iPad, iPods, Kindle devices. It even charges laptops and heat vests.

Huge Charging Capacity

With its huge 26800mAh charging capacity, the BABAKA Solar Power Bank can charge the iPhone 6-10 times, Samsung 6-7 times, iPad, iPad Air, and tablets 3-4 times. It also weighs only 640 grams only, so it is very lightweight to carry.

Charge by direct sunlight


When users can’t find a charging point when they are traveling, they can use this BABAKA Outdoor Solar Charger to charge their devices. It can charge itself even in direct sunlight without any other external sources.

No need for an electric socket

It is not always possible to find an electric socket to charge when traveling or camping. At such times, this BABAKA Solar Power Bank is effective and useful. It does not need any electrical source to power the power bank. It only works on solar power.

Waterproof solar charger


The BABAKA Solar Power Bank is completely waterproof. It comes with an IP65 waterproof registration. It gives protection against contact with water.


Users can use the BABAKA Solar Charger outdoors as it is dustproof and waterproof. Users will find it easy to clean the power bank when they are traveling.

Saves charging time


Users can charge their devices within no time with this BABAKA Solar Power Bank. It has two 2.4A output ports, which can charge two devices at the same time. It thus saves time when traveling outdoors.

Total safety while charging

BABAKA Solar Charger has a built-in protection system, which saves it from overcharging, overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, over-discharge, overvoltage. It also has a CE/FCC/RoHS certification that makes it safe to use with various devices.

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When traveling in rugged outdoor environments, a gadget like the BABAKA Solar Power Bank comes in handy for travelers. It has such features that come very useful in outdoor conditions, where it is tough to find a power source to charge devices. This power bank relies on sunlight to hold power, which is then used to charge various smartphones and tablets. It is thus one of the most useful and valuable travel accessories to have when traveling, trekking, camping, and outdoor use. Users have the safety and compatibility of this solar power bank that comes handy in outdoors.

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When traveling in rugged outdoor environments, a gadget like the BABAKA Solar Power Bank comes in handy for travelers. It has such features that come very useful in outdoor conditions, where it is tough to find a power source to charge devices.

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