Geneko GWR462 M2M 4G Router with LCD Display – Feature Review

Precisely 25 years ago Geneko was established, an organization that presented a considerable participation to the ICT technology application in Serbia, in addition to the SEE region. Predominantly driven by the global marketplace, for decades Geneko has been developing affiliations with world leaders in the ICT sector, gaining famous awards for the attained projects and its own innovative merchandise. Geneko marks a very long practice of engagement on prominent fairs, including CeBIT, Embedded World along with several others.

Nowadays, Geneko is a technological company concentrated on creation and manufacturing of the communicational products, M2M as well as IoT solutions, fiscal products with the most improved technologies and products and software programs for fleet supervision, generally intended for exportation.

Already known as a dependable brand we are introduced to Geneko’s new router technology, the Geneko GWR.

About Geneko GWR462:

Geneko has created a series of High-Speed Broadband cellular router, called Geneko GWR, specifically for all of those programs where data transfers expected in high-speed (up to one hundred Mbps) over Cellular reception. The Geneko GWR462 Router Series makes it possible for extremely versatile connectivity because of ADSL, mobile link as well as Wireless Wi-Fi alternatives and connection to the master router. Finalized series is founded on dependable and excellent performance hardware platform making use of ARM microprocessor (Cortex-A8). Secure and safe data transmission through mobile networks is supplied via VPN (IPsec, OpenVPN and also GRE).


The dependability of the GWR462 system is refined with numerous network features. Take full advantage of a pair of SIM card slots for automatic swap to substitute service provider in case there is a failure of the major connection. In addition, you can even opt for Wireless network and even ADSL connectivity whereas the infrastructure on the field enables these kinds of connections.

GWR462-5W is a 4G Router is currently enhanced with an all-new LCD display making it possible for user-friendly tracking of router situation such as : currently working SIM card , GSM service provider , ports utilization (WAN, LAN, ADSL, Wireless Wi-Fi) , IP location , reception strength/quality etc. With a sturdy all-metal casing as well as high-grade accessories or components inside, the resilience of the merchandise is assured.

Benefits and Features:

  • Top-speed transfer of data with a newly introduced 4G LTE module {100Mbps DI/ 50Mbps UL}.
  • A newly introduced liquid crystal display screen {LCD} for stress-free monitoring.
  • Five fully functional Ethernet ports {Four x LAN, one x WAN}.
  • Ping reboot and also VPN are just 2 of the full set of improved capabilities included.
  • User-friendly and uncomplicated internet-based configuration user interface.
  • High-Quality CLI for IT experts and specialists.
  • Dual SIM card support to backup the reception SIM.
  • Numerous failover options.
  • Improved program log for general performance tracking.
  • Reasonably priced solution.


Geneko GWR462 supports almost all radio frequencies like LTE, UMTS, HSPA+, DC-HSPA+, GSM, GPRS and EDGE. It supports two types of module, Sierra Wireless module and Huawei module. For an LTE connection, it can support a transfer rate up to 100 Mbps. Of course, the exact data transfer speeds can vary greatly depending on your connection as they are not certain to get.


As per wireless connectivity, you will get Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n with a sensitivity up to 54 Mbps (-75.7 dBm). The maximum transfer power you will get is 18.1 dBm. It comes with wireless security like WEP (64/128/256 bit), TKIP or AES keys, WPA and WPA2.

Ports and Connectors:

As I have already mentioned previously, Geneko GWR462 comes with dual SIM card slots for using 2 network SIM card with an auto-switch option. It also has HSPA/HSPA+/LTE module embedded.

You will get 2xSMA female external antenna connectors for GSM as well as RP-SMA male external antenna connector for Wi-Fi. It has total 5 Ethernet ports, i.e. 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. You will also get a Serial RS-232 port as well as a USB 2.0 port.


As per the power source, it comes with a 12 Volts DC, 2 Amps, 4 pins industrialized connector provided with UK 3-pin cable.

Liquid Crystal DisplayScreen {LCD Screen}:

The newly introduced LCD display screen on the front of the model now gives users the access to monitor router functions and status. The capabilities of the display screen include: monitoring the active SIM card, Service provider, status of the signal and also the ports usage. The screen size is 67 mm x 39 mm.


Dimension, Weight, and Price:

The overall dimension of this router is 160mm x 100mm x 31.5mm (L x W x H) and the weight is just 600 grams maximum. The price is kept just under $500.00 which is quite affordable comparing with its features and benefits.



Geneko GWR462 is a quite durable and the main highlighting features of this router is its dual LTE SIM card capabilities, high-quality transmission speed, several connectivity options as well as it’s all new LCD screen. Comparing with its price, you are getting a very superior, worthy and a durable router for your company.

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Geneko GWR462 - Review Breakdown



Geneko GWR462 is quite durable comes with dual LTE SIM card capabilities, high-quality transmission speed, several connectivity options as well as it’s all new LCD screen.

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