5 Email Marketing Trends that are Helping in Redefining the Way

Every email marketing campaign is centered on a key element: customer focused experience. When using the email marketing approach to make your business known to the masses, it is important to deliver the right type of message to the right type of people. Some companies might think this is – it’s not. Due to the rise of social media, many marketers have classified email marketing as uncool, old-fashioned and outdated. Contrary to popular belief, the approach can still render results. However, it must be used properly and implemented correctly to help a business thrive. Here 5 email marketing trends that help redefine the way email marketing will function over the next twelve months.

1. Super targeted emails take the lead


When connecting to a favorite brand, a prospective customer will want to connect with the experience. Since companies are dealing with a constantly growing user base, it is difficult for them to stay in touch with all fans. It is nearly impossible for customer service teams to handle thousands of email conversions “in person” in due time. To help ease the work, companies have started using automated emails. The technology is incredibly advanced because it allows customer service personnel to craft & sends the same “personal” message to numerous customers (having the same issues, concerns, questions). Automated message systems use adaptive behavioral software that only sends useful, engaging and relevant emails.

2. Limitless controlling of email templates


Email marketing will be dominated by modular template designs this 2016. For those unfamiliar with the term, the following explanation might help: a modular template design is very similar to a Lego block that can fix and rearranged to match with your demands. The methodology’s main purpose is to edit designs quickly without compelling developers to start from scratch. Modular template designs improve email quality as well as consistency; and since email automation is gaining a lot of exposure, we can assume that increasingly more marketers will begin appreciating the option of editable emails. Basically, the will have multiple versions one email template, and they can use it in various ways without starting from scratch.

3. Crazy personalization


Email marketing will go through several significant changes in automation and personalization. Many businesses already use (or have used) low-scale automation systems, such as cart abandonment and welcome messages. Things are improving, and marketers now understand the importance personalization for a marketing campaign. Personalization does not need to be limited to using customer data; its main purpose this year will be to soften the edges and include a level of human interaction between companies and customers. Even though email personalization is a notable step forward that can target customers more efficiently, the methodology can do a lot more. Businesses can connect landing pages to personalized emails, further expanding their success rate. This helps customers deal with a more unified experience; boosting the conversion likelihood due to the personalized-based content.

4. The death of HTML emails


Experts agree that email marketing is an incredibly powerful channel. In last two decades, we’ve seen major changes occurring in email marketing. Multimedia content spread across mobile and desktop has gone mainstream. This year, the email marketing will most likely witness the death of HTML emails. Considering that email design is now simpler than ever, there’s no longer necessary for extensive coding to help marketers build attention-grabbing, catchy and professional email marketing campaigns. Technology is currently redefining the way people perceive email design. Modern emails now have an edge to edge designs and flipping screens regardless of size and device used to open emails.

5. The rise of interactive emails


This 2016, the user interactivity we’ve gotten used to will go beyond classic GIFs. Increased user interactivity within an email guarantees email marketers an increased click through rate, business conversion, and traffic. Simple experiments such as animations and image rollovers such as falling snow and rain can easily be stopped by email recipients; these make the overall experience more fun and interactive, and make a long-lasting impression. Advanced kinetic email content and additional controlling options can transform a simple campaign into a popular and incredibly exciting experience.


Email Marketing Trends - conclusion

The email marketing industry is changing at a really fast pace. In the upcoming 12 months, we’ll see amazing email marketing trends materialize and soon enough they’ll be implemented in conventional marketing campaigns. The purpose is to boost conversion rate, engage more customers and transform visitors into paying clients.

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