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In this article, I will be discussing one quite helpful gadget which can serve the purpose of our two most important activities while we are driving a car. The device is basically a Bluetooth headset with car charging option, and the name of the device is “Evoplus Q9”.

This Bluetooth headset can be considered as a very important gadget which should be kept in our car for our own security and safety purposes. Also, currently an exciting offer is running on this device. You can grab this currently with an additional $5.00 discount. The offer will be valid until 31st November 2016. Let’s see how it can help us in our daily life, especially when we are in motion.

1. Design:

Evoplus Q9 1

Looking towards the design of Evoplus Q9, it is quite unique with a very sleek look. It is extremely light weight also. As a first impression, it seems to me like a Cigar. The look of this headset is quite elegant and very new till date. I have not seen too many car chargers or Bluetooth headsets like this before. The stylish Cigar looks with a dual tone color (Black & Silver) will surely fit with the interior of your car.

2. Features:

Evoplus Q9 2

I have already mentioned previously that Evoplus Q9 has two main features that can help us while we are driving. One is the USB port charging facility. This will help you to charge your mobile phones and all your smart devices. You will get 2 traditional USB ports to charge 2 devices at a time. The output of one port is 5 Volts + 2.1 Amps and the other one is 5 Volts + 1 Amps.

The other main feature of Evoplus Q9 is the Bluetooth headset for receiving phone calls. It uses the magnetic wireless connection for using it as a Bluetooth headset. This Bluetooth headset is compatible with any iPhone, Samsung, and all Android Smartphones devices.

The Bluetooth version you will get is 4.1 which is quite updated. You can experience uninterrupted wireless connectivity with HD voice quality. Bluetooth 4.1 version is also compatible with various mobile digital products. The power sensitivity capacity of this gadget is -90dBm. The transmission range is from 2.40GHz to 2.48GHz and the transmission distance is 10M (without any other obstacle).

The earphone comes with soft buds with various sizes. So it will surely fit in your ear. Just attach the right size of earbud as per your ear size. Due to the soft buds, it is also super comfortable while wearing it even for a long time.

3. Battery, Dimension & Weight:

Evoplus Q9 3

The battery capacity of Evoplus Q9 is 25mAh and the power it will consume is 3.7V. This can give this Bluetooth headset a backup for at least 1.5 hours while talking, without any noise or disturbances. It can take around 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. Just attach the base part of the device in your car charging port and put the headset in the top section to start charging.

* Note: This Bluetooth headset is specially designed to use only in your car. So, you will not get any normal charging ports to plug and charge it in your home plug points or anywhere else. It can only be charged on your car charging port.

The whole device is divided into two parts. One is the wireless Bluetooth headset. Its dimension is just 20 x 22 MM. And the dimension of the other part or the car charger is just 20 x 97 MM. The weight of the whole device is just 25 grams. You can now assume by your own how sleek and light weight this product can be.

4. Pricing:

Evoplus Q9 4

Now moving towards the pricing, I believe you have already developed a huge interest in this device due to its super awesome dual performing activities. Okay, the regular price of this device is kept around $33.00 and you can purchase it from Amazon using the following link.

But right now a cool offer is going on. You can avail this device with a $5.00 discount by using this Coupon code “IDLK6RR7” and the total price will drop to just $27.99. Just use this coupon code at the time of placing your order on Amazon. But please remember, this coupon code is having a deadline. You have to redeem this on or before 31st November 2016.


Evoplus Q9 5

Evoplus Q9 is really an awesome device for your everyday use. It’s a great advantage for every car owner or car drivers to have a gadget like this. The sleek and lightweight design, an elegant look, a great HD voice output quality and a decent battery backup are the main highlighting points of Evoplus Q9. And the price $27.99 (*$32.99 without the discount) is totally worthy and justifying all of its design and features. I will definitely recommend this device to all car owners or drivers.

Buy Evoplus Q9 charger here from Amazon

Evoplus Q9 - Review Breakdown



The sleek and lightweight design, an elegant look, a great HD voice output quality and a decent battery backup are the main highlighting points of Evoplus Q9.

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