FamiSafe App Review – Is it a Reliable and Worthy Parental Control App?

There is nothing nearly as anxiety-inducing for parents as not recognizing where your children are or whether they’re healthy or not. But every day, parents just had to cope with the fear and take their children out into the world, to kindergarten, to playgrounds, etc.

You will never really know what your children do if they’re out of your reach. This planet is a dangerous place, and we all know it’s full of monsters and abductors.

Kids are subject to online harassment and various other negative practices in the online environment. Using a parental control instrument is the best way to secure your kids truly. And that is when you get the FamiSafe parental control app.

Most adults do not know where the kids are or what they are doing online, cause them fear and paranoia. You’d like to be beside them all the time, of course, to defend them, particularly against the threats of the online environment. It is feasible in this modern age through parental control software, and FamiSafe is among the best alternatives worth considering.

It is among the most appropriate tools for parental control. FamiSafe would provide you with full oversight of your child’s phone, from screening age-inappropriate content to controlling screen time.

What is FamiSafe?


FamiSafe is a parental control app. It is highly secure, comes from one of the leading technological civilizations globally, and it has already built a name for itself. It is meant to help parents keep track of their kids and their 24/7 behaviors.

FamiSafe parental control app is a fairly simple surveillance app for parents. It allows you access to features such as GPS tracking, app management, and browser history scanning, respectively. It does not provide many of the advanced surveillance functions that sophisticated spy apps have, such as reviewing call records and messages logs.

But on the other side, it’s fully legit software that’s even accessible in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, so you can quickly install it without jailbreaking or rooting the target handset, as is done in several other applications for phone monitoring.

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Key Features of FamiSafe

  • Efficiently track children, like Geo-Fencing.
  • It can monitor the kid’s telephone remotely and restrict its use.
  • Easy to install from legitimate sources and download.
  • No required jailbreaking or roots.
  • Includes a free 3-Day Trial.

Other Unique Features of FamiSafe


Websites Filter

You may use FamiSafe to filter websites based on groups, as it is popular with other parental control apps. The browsers supported include Chrome and Safari. Violence and adults are some of the mentioned categories.


Tracking Location and Geo-Fencing

  • It is one of FamiSafe’s most commonly used features. When you’re out of reach with your kids, it’s hard to tell whether they’re healthy or exactly where they are. Parents are also anxious about their children returning from school in the late hours.
  • You will keep track of your kid’s position at all times with FamiSafe. So, you can stop them from going into danger. To decide the places, they have been to during the day, and at what time, you can also check their position histories.
  • Geo-Fencing is one of the most excellent features of this app. This role helps you set up a geographic radius ranging from 100 m to 1000 m for your child’s phone.
  • If your kid walks out of the radius, you can get a warning immediately. If you’d like to make sure your kid isn’t going very far from home, it is an efficient feature.

Track Use of App

  • We all know how simple it is for children to become addicted to such a screen time app, especially social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • It is necessary to make sure that the screens do not fully guide their lives for parents. By scheduling time limits where such applications will be blocked from their phones, you can help implement that.
  • Parents also get a full record of applications downloaded by children. When, and for how long, you can find out which software they’ve used. It will help you decide which and what applications to ban.

Monitoring Web Material

A helpful location would be the internet. But it is still full of obscene and violent material that can be detrimental to little people. You will figure out which pages your kids are visiting with this feature and ban any questionable or undesirable sites.


Monitoring Screen Time

For some periods, this feature gives the ability to lock your phones. At bedtime, for instance, you should lock their devices – so they’re not disturbed.


Remote Tracking

You do not need to reach your kid’s phone again until you’ve set up the program. All of the configurations can be handled remotely from your computer.


Detecting Social Media Texts and Porn Images

With so many free porn sites emerging every day, parents must take extra precautions and see to it that kids don’t get influenced by them. With such apps, it is possible to detect the text of social media and understand if the kids are using the sites well at the same time see if they have been misusing the porn images which they mistakenly must have come across.

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This is another impeccable feature that you can consider. The Filter explicit search can be seen on the mainstream of the browser. It also allows and blocks certain words to search on the engine like Google and Bing.


Driving Report

With such an amazing app, it is possible to get a fine report of the driving habits that your kid has. You can see the driving activities such as over speeding, high speed, and even hand brake to name some. You can look for the individual driving of the kid to a certain route, top seeing, and behavior of the kid when riding.

Compatibility of FamiSafe


One of the great things about FamiSafe is that a wide range of mobile devices is compliant with it. It supports 4.4 to 10 Android and 9 to 13 iOS. The software can also be useful for tracking tablets, in addition to smartphones. No jailbreaking or rooting of the target computer is necessary.

For parents, maybe there is nothing more troubling than not knowing where their children are. Don’t overthink. You can enjoy powerful position monitoring functions with FamiSafe. You can be aware of your child’s present location, and you will even monitor the places you visit within a given amount of time.

How much is FamiSafe expected to cost?


FamiSafe implements a model focused on subscriptions. Even so, you could get it across three separate times of subscription:

  • Monthly: US $9.99.
  • Quarterly: US $19.99.
  • Annually: US $59.999.

You also can check out a 3-Day free trial before buying FamiSafe as it offers a trial for all features. You can purchase it from Google Play. As such, all refund requests must be sent to the Google Play or Apple App Store platforms.

FamiSafe is described as having subscriptions that fit affordable needs. Monthly, quarterly and annual schedules are available to select. The monthly package costs $9.99 a month, $6.66 a month for the quarterly plan, and $4.99 a month for the annual plan. Depending on the subscription you chose, you can track up to 30 cameras. You can choose according to your choice and options available to you.

How will FamiSafe be used?

One of the best features of FamiSafe is that the installation and use of it are incredibly effortless. These moves you have to execute.

  • Step1: Install and Download. Download FamiSafe from Google Play and update it on your phones.
  • Step2: Sign Up. First, you need to register an account with FamiSafe, either from your phone or your child’s phone. Make sure the right designation is applied to all phones. The parents should be registered, and the phone of your child should register as ‘Baby’.
  • Step3: The Kid’s Phone Setup.
For your iPhone
  • Login in to your account, pick your child’s identity, and then enter your children’s personal information, such as name and age.
  • You now need to allow FamiSafe permission. First, enable the location to be reached and then add mobile device management.
For Android
  • Login into your account, pick the baby’s name and then type your kid’s name and age, the same as for the iPhone.
  • Grant FamiSafe permission when needed.
  • Offer access to Software use.
  • Grant FamiSafe access for administration. It would shield the application from uninstallation by someone other than the individual.
  • Enable the position monitoring mechanism so that you can watch the child’s phone. Setting up the Parent’s Phone
  • It’s pretty easy. You log in to your account and choose your identity as a parent. Then add your phone to your child’s computer.

You can also call the help staff for assistance if you have any problems downloading the software. You can request a ticket through their app’s Support area. Or at [email protected], you can contact them directly. Within 24 business hours, they respond.

How to run FamiSafe Uninstall?

FamiSafe has uninstallation protection on kids’ Android. Kids can’t easily uninstall the FamiSafe app without the consent of parents who have administrative permissions on kids’ devices.

However, you would first have to log in with your account information on the child’s phone and then uninstall the program.

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With easy Site, there are some applications to block the content. You can even filter out such content using this software. This app can even track down, this means when installing it you don’t have to worry about your child’s whereabouts, especially when using their smartphones. You will be on top using the FamiSafe parental management app. Even though it is not the best to help parents track what is going on with their children’s social networks, it also allows you to set warnings for offensive phrases. FamiSafe is an inexpensive app that aims to keep your child secure, from website surveillance and app use to location tracking.

Know more about FamiSafe

FamiSafe - Review Breakdown


Thumbs Up!

FamiSafe is an inexpensive app that aims to keep your child secure, from website surveillance and app use to location tracking.

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