7 Ways Personalized Mugs Can Invite More Sales Your Way

Planting a seed of interest in a customer wins you half the battle; a good salesperson knows this. Some people are uncomfortable giving sales speeches, which limits them to grab a new customer.

Introducing people to your brand in a friendly way can help you pass this barrier. Have you tried personalized mugs for promotion to invite more sales? Mugs are one of the cost-effective materials and provide an attractive canvas for your brand message or brand logos.

A personalized mug can create a beautiful memory. They are very versatile and creative, which makes them perfect for making people happy. There is no limit when it comes to designing them!

But how can you use personalized mugs for more sales? Indeed, there are many ways to serve them to invite more sales. This article covers the different ways to use these personalized mugs, so grab a mug and read till last.

1. The obvious way – sell them!


Who doesn’t want a mug designed in their way? Personalization offers an opportunity for your customers to think creatively. People can give a personal touch to a mug by creating a good design or printing any good quote on it.

Not only the mugs, according to a survey by Deloitte, about 20% of people are also willing to pay more for personalized items.

Just imagine your shopper is holding a personalized mug with some message written on it or a good design. Without even uttering a word, your customer can say many things.

People tend to ask for the things that catch their eye. When people notice it in your customer’s hands, they will ask for its details like from where they purchased it, its price, and other details. This will indirectly attract a new customer to your store. Now the seed of interest has been planted; you just need to convert.

To make it cost-effective, you can buy it in bulk quantity at low prices. This can lower the price quite comparatively, and then the mugs should be personalized.

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2. Market your mugs on social media


Social media has a great potential to drive a sale to your store. Billions of people are online on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and much more. You can post the picture of the personalized mugs on these social media platforms and engage them on your page. In this way, you can grab the people’s attention and convert them to your loyal customer. You can also ask them to share your product on their social media if they like the product.

Though you can post organically on social media, you can advertise as well. With advertising on social media, you get a more and authentic audience by defining your target audience.

3. Sending personalized mugs to the bloggers


Blogging is a basic and welcoming way to market the product. According to a report, 60% of consumers say they found blog posts valuable in the early buying process. Personalized mugs are always a focus of attention among customers. Hire or collaborate with a good blogger, send them a sample of your personalized mugs to write a blog about your store and personalized mugs. Influential bloggers can build a hype of your products online.

In this way, you can educate your customer regarding your brand and products. Because selling is not always a good strategy. Through blogging, you are following a good content marketing strategy by providing them valuable information. Through this, you can create a loyal customer base, which you can convert easily.

Another advantage of blogging is that it will give detailed information regarding your business and products. It makes your brand look more valuable, which is appreciated by the customers.


4. Use it as a promotional tool


For ages, marketers and business owners are using promotional products as a tool to advertise their products or brand. Have you ever tried to increase your sales? If not, then you are missing out on a good opportunity for conversion. Personalized mugs are the best for the promotion as it is simple and provides the canvas to print a name and logo of the brand. If mugs are bought in bulk, then it can be a cost-effective way for the promotion.

Giving away something free of cost in a hope of sale can be a risky step. Yet, promotional products are consistent to drive a better result as compared to other types of advertising. Unlike promotion in ads, you are giving some value in reality, which improves the customer’s experience.

Everyone loves to drink tea, coffee, or some beverage from time to time. Whenever they use a mug of your brand, positive memories will be associated with it.

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5. Giveaways of personalized mugs


As we have discussed above, a personalized mug is a good option for the promotion. Probably the cheap and the most appreciated one as well. Giveaways of personalized mugs can be a good option.

You can host an event of the giveaway on the online store or social media. In that, you can ask your follower to do some tasks like following the page or share your page on their account, and much more.

According to a report, on average, 35% of brands organize one giveaway in a month. 28% of brands like to run several contests all around the year. 15.9% organizes one social media contest throughout the year.

The best way of doing it is to host an in-store giveaway to get some foot traffic to your store. People love the free stuff, so introduce your brand to them by giving a customized mug.

Now the customers have stepped into your store and can see other related products of your brand. However, if they are showing interest in your brand, then you have an opportunity to sell them.

6. Special deals on personalized mugs


Special deals are the finest way to attract customers. You have especially seen that many store owners roll out a spicy deal to grab their attention in the holiday season. Every customer likes deals and discounts on the product.

According to a survey of Retail Me Not, 80% of consumers feel motivated to make a first time purchase with a new brand if they found an offer.

This means the majority of consumers are looking out for a good deal. Many consumers adore a good deal, right? Everyone appreciates the thinking that they are getting a good deal, even when they are not.

As per the study, 36% of consumers like to buy a personalized product.

Now you have a personalized mug, which is a center of attraction, and you have a special deal to roll out to interest a customer. When combined, both of these can make you stand apart from the competition and help you invite more sales to your store.

7. Centerpiece of advertising or decoration


Another way personalized mugs can drive your sales is by making them the main part of advertisements or decoration. When someone finds your company for the first time, you want to set a first good impression. The website is one of the common things in the customers’ checklist to know more about the brand or product. Showcase the personalized mugs in such a way so that you can make a first good impression.

94% of the impression is related to your site’s design if you want a positive impact on a visitor, design such a website that catches your audience’s eye and carries them from the first fold to the Thank You page.

If you have a physical store, probably the customer would like to step into your store. The first impression is key in this case. You will win a customer by giving them a first good impression of your store. Use personalized mugs and other products as a decorative asset throughout your store. Such astounding decor will help you in capturing the attention of each individual who steps into your store.

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Final words

7 Ways Personalized Mugs Can Invite More Sales Your Way - conclusion

These were the seven ways of how personalized mugs can invite more sales. Personalized mugs are not just simple mugs. They can be used creatively. You can sell it; you can promote your brand through it, you can also use it for the giveaway, you can use it for decorating, and much more. When it comes to market or generate sales for your brand, a personalized mug is a good way to spread the word and a cheaper one as well. This means you can draw attention to more potential customers to your brand.

This article is written by Pratik Shah. Pratik is the creative head of Brush Your Ideas, a web-to-print technology solution offering custom product design tools and web-to-print storefront solutions. He has been giving his valuable tips and suggestion about mug design software.

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