How Tech & IT Companies Can Manage Cost Efficiently Post-Covid-19?

The pandemic runs in waves, so does business! Covid-19 continues to hinder the market operations, supply chains, and production everywhere, and to overcome its impact is not a cakewalk at all. It has hit the tech and IT companies across the globe badly, forcing them to respond to, cope with, and look beyond the crises. Business operations all around the world have brought to a virtual standstill, with no definite endpoint in sight.

The key areas where Covid-19 has generated significant business impacts are customer engagement, supply chain, and financing & business continuity. Most of the companies have been out of the operation for a long time and employees are living with a fear of cost-cutting or salary deductions. Unfortunately, IT & Tech organizations are not expected to bounce back from the slump instantly after the movement restrictions are lifted.

All and All, it has brought lots of challenges for the IT companies where they have to relook or reconsider their operation strategies and have come up with an effective business plan to optimize their cost efficiency for the long run. The pandemic leads to the organizations adopting a hybrid of physical and digital ways altogether and begin the new era of ‘Phygital (physical + digital)’ workspace.

A majority of IT organizations are now looking for effective solutions that will help them to achieve cost optimizations, thereby increasing profitability. However, one thing must be noted that cost optimizations or cost efficiency should not be confused with expense-line trimming.

Let’s find out some of the major business challenges faced by Tech and IT companies during the pandemic along with outstanding ways of cost management efficiency Post Covid-19 here. Take a look!

A Guide to Critical Business Challenges


There is no second thought in the fact that Covid-19 brings multiple business challenges for the IT and Tech Companies worldwide, irrespective of the size. These challenges have not just disrupted their operations but also badly hit their cost-efficiency.

Before jumping to the ways to manage cost optimization or efficiency, it is mandatory to get well-versed with the major challenges faced by the organizations. Let’s get started!

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1. Business Interruption

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The first and foremost challenge faced by organizations is Business Interruption. Operations and revenue drivers are impaired which directly leads to the downfall of the overall performance of the organization.

2. Workforce Disruption

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This pandemic has promoted a work-from-home culture which in turn reduces efficiency and productivity. Companies around the world are forced to telecommunicate amidst the pandemic and a majority of organizations are grappling with the reality of the same.

Moreover, it is hurting the creativity of the employees and, therefore, decreasing their overall skillset.

3. Uncertainty

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Uncertainty is yet another major challenge appearing in front of the IT and Tech organizations nowadays. Although employees are working remotely and attending the video and audio conferencing on a regular basis, and uncertainty around their work, reporting, and performance is still prevailing.

4. Slowdown in recruiting

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Covid-19 has raised staffing concerns and further slows down the process of recruiting. It could then affect a future pipeline of skilled workers, thereby failing in achieving the goals and objectives.

5. Cybersecurity

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As more and more employees are working remotely, therefore, it somewhere raises the concern of cybersecurity. It multiplies the chances of data breaching by thousand times and thus, puts the company’s information security at risk.

Ways to Improve Cost Efficiency Post Covid-19


This pandemic has adversely affected businesses and IT Companies are no exception. If organizations genuinely wish to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19, then they will have to follow the holistic approach while discovering several areas for cost optimization.

Scroll down the page to get an in-depth insight into the ways to improve cost efficiency post-Covid-19. Let’s dig right in!

1. Follow the Physical + Digital Working Models


One of the most effective ways to overcome this situation and to improve cost efficiency is to follow the hybrid of physical and digital ways of being together and begin the new era of digitization. Organizations should invest in technology and processes in order to ensure smooth functioning and seamless business operation.

To ensure accuracy and to enhance productivity, a majority of companies are now turning their heads towards the SaaS collaboration tools. These video conferencing software services and unprecedented content sharing eliminate uncertainty and thereby, assure the company’s growth to the fullest.

This advanced software leads to seamless communication and organizations need to restructure how they establish the perfect coordination.

2. Rethink the Marketing Strategy


As companies need to restart their business post-Covid-19, they will have to promote customer-focused marketing. Let’s be honest, the new normal is way more different than the previous situation, therefore, it is mandatory to re-think the marketing strategy and focuses to bring customers back to the brand.

Gather the data from multiple sources and manage it effectively to get a better understanding of the customers’ perspective. This information will help you in acquiring a unified view of the overall situation and lets you prepare the strategy accordingly. Try to understand the customer’s behavior and create an ideal response to improve the marketing substantially.


3. Setting-up for a Cost Reboot


Let’s begin by taking a step back to understand the whole scenario. Whatever IT and Tech Companies are confronting today is unarguably the consequence of the limited and structural focus on the cost model. Whilst time and efforts were mainly on modeling structural revenues, a little attention should have been given to supporting the cost model.

To face this burning platform such as Covid-19 and to improve the cost efficiency, it is mandatory to set up for a cost reboot. It improves the flow of resources to the area of strategic importance and thus reduces the level of inefficiencies to a great extent.

Organizations need to determine the total baseline and identify the ways to optimize the cost and saving initiatives.

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4. Maintain transparency


Transparency holds significant importance in increasing the overall efficiency of the business operation. Organizations need to maintain transparency in everything, be it cost model, resources, or policies. It not just attracts the customers but also builds trust among employees and makes them feel that they are working for a company with ethical standards.

It somewhere fosters the commitment and engagement of employees and lets them feel important. This will then enhance productivity and increase profitability as well.

5. Focus on outstanding warehouse operations


The next effective solution to excel the cost efficiency post-Covid-19 situation is to focus on the outstanding warehouse operations. There is no denying the fact that a warehouse is the backbone of any business, be it an IT, Tech or retail, or anything in between. Therefore, companies should adopt warehouse management strategies for smooth functioning.

One can opt for well-defined software that boosts business growth and fosters a healthy relationship with the company’s stakeholders. On top of this, it also helps in reducing the overall business cost and streamlines the flow of the supply chain, making the customers happy and satisfied.

6. Expand your operations to multiple channels


This pandemic has taught us one thing that businesses cannot grow by just confining themselves to the physical boundaries. They need to discover different opportunities and expand their operations to multiple channels in order to overcome this impactful situation.

Try to gain rich and in-depth insights into the operational efficiency and cost models and get ready to handle these uncertain situations in a much effective way. Organizations will have to strike a perfect balance between human capital and technical resources to run the business efficiently.


7. Redesign the process to optimize the cost strategically


Yet another worth trying method to foster cost efficiency is to follow a strategic approach to optimize the cost model and take further measures accordingly. IT and tech leaders will have to use the various methodologies to improve the effectiveness and accuracy of the organization structure and thus increases the overall growth.

There is no second thought in the fact that when processes are streamlined, more focus can then be directed towards higher value creation. Moreover, it increases the employee’s satisfaction as well by rendering them with the necessary resources. Strategic cost optimization integrates technology with the business and thus enables fast and reliable output.

8. Use offshore development centers to manage cost-efficiency


Offshore Development Centers, commonly abbreviated as ODC, is no longer an unfamiliar term as more and more companies are now following this trend, thanks to their cost-effective nature. This latest trend is the ultimate solution to go for to optimize the overall cost during and after this pandemic.

Let’s check out some of the ways in which these ODCs can facilitate the IT and Tech Companies in managing their cost-efficiency.

  1. Cut out the Expenses: An offshore development company boasts its own equipment and infrastructure; therefore, it directly leads to cost reduction. A company won’t have to worry about the set-up or anything else. Just connect with them and rest assured.
  2. Focus on the core operations: ODCs feature a team of professionals who have gained expertise in controlling operations and promoting smooth functionality. Therefore, opt for this latest trend and get rid of all the worries about cost control and cost structure. They will take care of everything so that you can focus on the core operations in order to increase overall productivity.

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Get Ready for the New Normal & Take Measures Accordingly


There is no idea about when the world goes back to normal and what the new normal would be. Therefore, it is the sole duty of the Tech and IT companies to be prepared for anything and take well-defined measures to overcome the crises. There is no denying the fact that the pandemic has favored those who have taken their operations and cost model seriously.

A majority of businesses have outperformed and crashed during this turbulent time. Therefore, wait no more and think about adopting the SaaS solutions and other technological advancements like ODC to not just manage the cost efficiency but also stimulates the overall business growth.

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