5 Must-Have SaaS Tools to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Given the role of social media in business, very often, and in different niche markets, word of mouth influences purchase decisions in favor of many brands and companies. When the momentum peaks up, the benefits can sometimes be bigger and better than what your marketing team pays money to accomplish.

But here is the hard part. You cannot experience the amazing benefits of word of mouth without great customer satisfaction. Why should your customer tell their friends and colleagues at work about your product/ brand if they aren’t satisfied?

Customer satisfaction is an important metric that is used to measure customers’ happiness levels and identify unhappy customers. To increase your probabilities in this regard, you have to be more proactive than your competitors.

Intending to help you to enable word of mouth at scale, we’ve enlisted the best SaaS tools to increase customer satisfaction.

As Tom Peters put it, ‘You can only improve what you measure.’

Through proactive deployment and integration of these tools mentioned below, you’ll start to gain deeper insights into your customer experience and satisfaction levels. Moreover, this will help you and your customer success team to measure and improve on the metrics that matter most. Possibly, putting these tools to work will also make it possible for you to achieve a lower churn rate, higher customer lifetime value (LTV), and growing recurring revenue (MRR).

Now, check out the tools listed below.

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1. GainSight


From researching online for best SaaS tools and asking about them on the best business questions and answers websites like Quora, and Yahoo Answers, you may already have learned a lot about customer satisfaction and how to increase customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, all this knowledge may not be fruitful if you don’t have the right tool for the job. In fact, you might only be competing with half of your existing potential.

GainSight is a customer success software that uses innovative customer-centric technology to empower businesses, increase profits, and minimize the risk of customer churn. The platform offers in-built tools to emancipate the team to influence customer advocacy in ways that benefit the business at large.

One of its clients put it this way, “GainSight helped us to establish early warning signals with identifiable patterns so that we can take prompt actions to increase customer satisfaction and retention.”

Below are some of the specific ways that this tool makes all this possible.

  • GainSight Customer Success: The tool helps your team capture and analyze every bit of important interaction with your customer base. It also enables cross-functional teams to collaborate for the prompt delivery of expected customer outcomes.
  • GainSight Product Experience: You can leverage the timely feedback system and onboarding workflow analytics to understand what matters to your most engaged and disengaged users. Moreover, it makes it easier to spot product adoption trends across user segments.
In addition to these mentioned above, GainSight has some other interesting features. It can help you increase customer satisfaction and possibly, retention rate.

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2. ProProfs Customer Service Training Software

ProProfs-training-maker-logo - SaaS Tools Customer Satisfaction

For both big enterprises and startups, training the customer support team is one of the best ways to provide the ultimate experience to your customers. They have to be well-versed with their roles and responsibilities. Even though your customer service best practices might be serving you well, you can still train the team to extract more value from your existing and potential customers.

With ProProfs customer service training software, you can create engaging skills courses to train your customer support executives on the company’s products and services.

What’s more –

  • The courses can be accessed from any device and location.
    The tool even allows you to keep track of the employee’s engagement with the courses and learning material.
  • Depending on your needs, you may want to use the training course templates found on this platform. Or you can build a course from scratch.
  • You can make use of the context-specific quizzes and tests to identify the knowledge gap. These methods help you reveal new areas that require improvement.
Interestingly, if you want to understand the difference that this tool can make, consider measuring customer satisfaction levels before and after training your team. Not only this, but ProProfs also offers a complete software suite. It has been built around the idea of not just customer satisfaction but customer delight:
  • Helpdesk software that has been designed to offer better collaboration for quicker ticket resolution with shared inboxes.
  • Knowledgebase for better knowledge sharing to improve efficiency in resolving issues and add to customer delight.
  • Survey software to help gauge specific customer feedback so that you can act upon it.
  • Live Chat software to offer instant help and access insightful reports to get the right idea of the customer journey and to help with troubleshooting.

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3. CustomerGauge


Regardless of how you look at it, without real numbers, everything you have been doing to improve customer satisfaction will be based on mere assumptions. A SaaS tool that helps you measure customer satisfaction levels is a must today’s competitive landscape.

Instead of having to rely on luck or guesswork, CustomerGauge makes it easier to identify the specific areas with the greatest opportunity for improvement. This software-as-a-service platform helps companies measure and analyze customer feedback, based on the Net Promoter System®, a valuable industry-standard metric.

Using this tool in the long term will surely have a significant impact on your retention rate as well as word of mouth.

Here are some of the ways this tool can help its users –

  • Survey builder and reporting suite: Get useful insights at every step of the customer journey.
  • Lifetime value ranking: Analyze customer segments and identify the best growth opportunities.
  • Multi-stakeholder management: Make it easy for everyone to collaborate for timely actions.
On a higher level, CustomerGauge provides a suite of products. The customer experience analytics tools that give users great insights for progressive improvement. Depending on what you are currently using and preferred workflows, this tool integrates well with others like Salesforce, Hubspot, BazaarVoice, ZenDesk, Oracle, NetSuite, and SugarCRM.

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4. Help Scout

Help-Scout-logo - SaaS Tools Customer Satisfaction

Assisting your customers exactly in their moment of need is one of the best courses of action to enhance their satisfaction levels and elicit brand loyalty. This is what Help Scout is all about.

Help Scout is a feature-rich helpdesk that is designed to keep every team member on the same page. This SaaS software is suitable for companies of all sizes. This platform is said to be serving over 10,000 companies across 140 countries. Now, let’s take a look at some of the specific ways this SaaS tool can help you increase customer satisfaction levels in your business.

Help Scout features:

  • Shared Inboxes: The most helpful customer service is hardly a one-man thing. With a perfect understanding of this fact, Help Scout empowers team members to collaborate in real-time with specific features like private notes, saved replies, tagging, and collision detection.
  • Self-Serve Knowledge Base: This serves as an organized collection of solutions to common customer problems. It answers to important user questions that can be accessed without disturbing any team member. You can self help to reduce the volume of requests and workload. The team will be able to work in limited time slots while delivering great customer experience.
  • In-App Messaging: With Help Scout’s in-app messaging, conversations can also be triggered by customer reps. It based on website events like page/URL visited, page scroll, or time on page. The two very important things you can do with this feature is 1.) Suggest helpful content related to the specific features your customers are using and 2.) Start a conversion within your app. With these features, you can increase both customer satisfaction and retention rate.
  • Live Chat: Let’s face it. No one enjoys waiting for customer support emails when important issues are taking a toll on you. With the live chat tool, the customer support reps are able to deliver important solutions to customers in real-time.
In addition to all of the features mentioned above, one outstanding thing I noticed about this customer service software tool is its crisp, and clean user interface. While this may not have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, it is something their users applaud very often.

Are you someone that values both simplicity and affordability of customer service software? HelpScout is one of the best options around.

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5. Custify


In simple terms, Custify is a customer success software designed for SaaS businesses. From onboarding to payments and support, this SaaS tool empowers support teams to deliver real-time solutions that match customer expectations to increase satisfaction. According to a study published by ProfitWell’s Patrick Campbell, involuntary churn can be very expensive, amounting up to 20% of overall churn in many SaaS businesses. These are failed payments or cancellations that often happen against the purchase intent of some customers.

Custify is not focused on churn reduction only, just like some other tools. It will provide some useful tools to support new and existing customers every step of the way. Some of its core features for delivering value in this regard include the following.

Custify features –

  • Customer 360: You don’t have to remain blind on how customers are adopting and using your products from one context to the other. Use the insights provided by the tool to identify patterns and the exact customers that need help towards their intended goals.
  • Customer Health: From one segment to the other, you’ll be able to understand the key metrics. It defines customer health in a way that is unique to your business. With the data points derived in this case, it becomes easier to take prompt actions where the customer health metrics are very low. Don’t wait for customers to initiate requests or want to leave.
  • Tasks And Alerts: Having all of the data in a beautified dashboard is good. But taking the right actions at the right time matters the most. This is where Custify’s tool becomes very helpful. In addition to getting prompt alerts, you’ll also have high-level clarity on the specific things that need to be done in each context.
These are the core features you’ll get by buying into Custify’s premium plans. On a further look, you’ll also be able to find other interesting tools or features that will help you to help your customers succeed.

Know more about Custify

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Final Words

Must-Have SaaS Tools to Increase Customer Satisfaction - conclusion

Looking at how important customer satisfaction is. You have to keep looking to increase it, while sustainably inducing positive word of mouth.

As you might have realized by now, the tools you use for any business functions often make a lot of difference. Instead of having to rely on guesswork or starting the customer success & satisfaction workflow processes from scratch, most of these SaaS tools will provide you with playbooks and operating templates for diverse contexts.

Other than the above-mentioned tool, startups can choose to have a landing page builder like MailChimp Landing Pages to capture leads and send targeted messages to specific audiences.

Whether you are running a SaaS business or some other type of business with an online presence, you’ll find most of SaaS tools very useful. They reduce the time to benefit and are highly beneficial in terms of scalability and interactions.

And the best part – almost all of them come with a free trial plan.

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