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As a business requiring content, it can be pretty difficult sometimes to find a writer that ‘speaks to you’ and is able to produce the kind of content you need and in a timely manner. Even if you do find the right writer for your needs, they may not be right for your wallet. In these situations, what do you do?

Once in a while, a service comes along that ticks all of the boxes and seems too good to be true. In this instance, ContentMart is that service. Clients and writer alike are well represented, and service with ContentMart and finding writers and work have never been easier.

What is ContentMart?

ContentMart, as the name may suggest, is a content marketplace where businesses and individuals can connect with thousands of skilled writers from right across the world. By doing so, you are able to order content for your blog, website or anything else where you may need quality writing such as a brochure, for example.

The business was founded in 2015 by Anton Rublevsky. With a staff of over 50 people, ContentMart has offices in Kiev (Ukraine) and Gurugram (India). Writers working with ContentMart do so on a freelance basis and are based all around the world.

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Prospective clients can browse a database of thousands of writers, searching for the one that matches their needs most closely. With so many writers to choose from and some very attractive rates, there is sure to be a writer for every situation and a situation for every writer.

The ContentMart platform caters for both the client and writer on pretty much an even footing, with both able to seek out and find what they need. While customers can actively search for writers, they can also post jobs so that writers can bid for the work. Bidding for jobs in this way allows writers to get noticed by clients where they may not have been noticed before.

Of course, there are other freelancing platforms out there, but ContentMart is one of the very few that caters exclusively for writers. This, more than anything else, is what makes ContentMart stand out from the crowd. Where it differs from the other content, only platforms is quality. Thanks to the very way that ContentMart is set up, only quality writers need actually apply.

Aspiring writers for the platform must pass tests and upload examples of work, for every category they wish to work in. This helps to keep the standards high and ensures that clients get what they pay for.

Why Choose ContentMart?

As somebody looking for writers, clients do not pay a commission to ContentMart for having work carried out by one of their writers; this is another unique point for a platform of this type. As well as proactively searching for writers, the job posting/bidding system allows the client to cast a wider net in their search for the perfect writer.

Writers, as touched upon above, are tested. These tests are designed to highlight the English grammar of the worker and also a portfolio is built based on work with previous clients. Prospective customers using ContentMart is able to view these to help them make a final decision on whether or not to hire that particular writer.


Like so many other businesses today, ContentMart has chosen total transparency in the way that it works with writers and clients and it seems to be working for them.

More and more writers sign up to work with ContentMart every single day, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. This is one of the best platforms for writers and clients alike, with each side having the level of control over their work and accounts that other platforms simply either don’t allow or they execute it poorly.

While ContentMart does not charge clients any fees at all, which makes it extremely attractive over other platforms; writers are charged 20% on each completed order which is taken from their earnings. While this may seem a little steep, the amount of work that can be gained more than makes up for it. Furthermore, this fee amount is comparable to other platforms and so is no more an inconvenience than any other.

In Conclusion

ContentMart Review - A Quality Marketplace for your Business Content - conclusionContentMart is probably the better solution for writers and clients alike since they are both well catered for and the quality of the work and writers available is kept at a high standard. The affiliate program is also worth taking a look at since it offers an extra possible revenue stream.

With so many freelance websites and services around, it can be hard discovering which ones are worth the investment of precious time. ContentMart, for written content, is definitely one of them.

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