Smart Homes – Is it the Future of Home Automation?

Several smart technologies, though in the starting phase of their development, create a futuristic feel to homes. Nowadays, the home automation market is evolving rapidly; a significant portion of this growth is enhancing via the tablet market. Smart home DIYers are making good use of their tablets, converting it into a remote control. The smart home will continue to evolve as long as people can come to realize that smart homes are an investment into the future. With the increase …

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What is Microsoft SQL Certification? Which is Right for You?

SQL is the popular user abbreviation for the Structured query language. This is the language for relational databases. A number of database platforms employ SQL. However, every platform will have to choose the exact SQL to employ.  This is where the variations make a difference. The syntax for two different database platforms, Microsoft SQL and MySQL, are different. These are the two most popular database platforms in the word of the web today. Of course, you have to remember that, once …

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Moving Small Businesses to Clouds – It is a Good Time to Move

In the current scenario, it is a wise decision for the small business owners to step into the cloud technology platform to enjoy various benefits during their business processing. Due to the advent of the latest technology in the field of cloud technology, there are immense advantages for a long run. In this article let us discuss the pros of moving the small business into the clouds. Moreover, it is the right time to make use of the cloud technology …

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How are New Technologies Improving the Creation of Animation Films?

Just like other forms of technology, film technology has undergone massive evolution as the years have passed by. The industry that started with hand-drawn pictures, which literally had to be animated by hand, has taken many leaps. The ancient animation which is known as anime in Japan is a quite simple model of animation due to its less graphics & computer-aided technologies. With years of development and a lot of innovative technology, animators are now using groundbreaking software to produce astonishing films …

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iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7

Many iPhone fans expected Apple to produce iPhone 7S after producing the iPhone 7. Instead, they delivered the iPhone 8 which was later followed by iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Is there any difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8? Here is what to learn about the two phones. 1) Design Difference From afar, the two phones look similar. When you look at their faces, they appear indistinguishable. However, there are peculiar differences in their designs. First, iPhone 8 …

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What is a RAID Server? Is it Worthy to Setup a RAID Server?

Are you serious about your business and how would you recover if all data gets lost? Saving in the tapes have been an old school story nowadays. But many businesses now too, protecting their data in a single set of tapes. But can you imagine while backing up the data if you incur any issue while saving, it can be a BLUNDER for you? So, take care of your data while installing a reliable service provider for the server issues. …

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A Complete Technological Guide on Renewable Energy

Dependency on renewable energy is growing larger and larger. Fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas are available in limited supply and also unhygienic to the planet. We can interchange some of the fossil fuels by using Green renewable alternatives such as the wind, solar and hydro. So, using the right technology at right scale can help us in the near future. But what renewable energy is, what impact it plays in our environment? To clear your doubt, we …

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Smart Ships: Big Data will Change Shipping in the Near Future

Shipping usually reminds us of stormy seas, dockyards and rusty and large shipping containers. Most don’t consider it as a high-tech industry, but the reality is that, at this moment, it is having a data revolution like many other industries. Imagine a world where the shipping industry’s inanimate objects could talk. What would the ships of today convey us about the stress overweight containers kept on their hulls? How would they tell us about the strain they are put under …

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Camera Lens Iris: The Introduction and the Working Methodology

With the advent of HDTV and megapixel cameras, modern security systems can definitely provide images with ultra-high-resolution. When it comes to the quality of these high-resolution images, many components are necessary to achieve crystal-like clarity. Camera iris is one such component which is required to produce lucid images and videos. What is an Iris? It is an element, which is used to control the intensity of illumination being fed into the lens. It consists of a number of thin plates …

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Mobile Phone Contracts vs. Sim Only Contracts: Which One is the Best?

Mobile Phones have become an essential for most of the world; we can’t live without them. Many consumers believe that a mobile phone and its cellular network go hand in hand. But thanks to Sim only contract, you can get better value for money than what is offered on mobile network tariffs. Let us discuss how both Mobile Phone Contracts & Sim Only Contracts work. Mobile Phone Contracts: In Mobile phone deals, you have to choose your handset and term …

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