What is a RAID Server? Is it Worthy to Setup a RAID Server?

Are you serious about your business and how would you recover if all data gets lost? Saving in the tapes have been an old school story nowadays. But many businesses now too, protecting their data in a single set of tapes. But can you imagine while backing up the data if you incur any issue while saving, it can be a BLUNDER for you? So, take care of your data while installing a reliable service provider for the server issues.

Well, these issues will always be there unless you move to Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID, wiki).  It is a kind of its own system that utilizes various multiple hard drives simultaneously in a manner so that it can act as a single storage volume.

What is RAID Server?

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) uses technology that increases the reliability of businesses through redundancy, various drive components and combining them into one unit where the user finds all the drives organized into an array are independent. With the help of a controller that is being used in the management of hard drives, Raid array can be configured to perform following actions:

  • Raid can be used to stripe data across writing and reading data in multiple drives simultaneously; this can even double the performance.
  • The respective server can also mirror data across the multiple drives so that each drive present in the array represents the exact copy of the data stored.
  • Raid server can also create Parity blocks in an array for each drive. The lost information can be recovered if any drive fails. And it will also keep the array running while the failed drive is under maintenance.
RAID Server

Raid server also has various levels that utilize the mirroring, striping, parity or a combination of all of them. It can help you in doing a better job as your data is protected. You can also rebuild your failed one too. Raid servers have many versions that are launched in the market. Each has their set of advantages and disadvantages attached to them. In all the cases, it is the best way to diversify your risk so that you can protect your business.

Advantages of Raid Server:

  • If any drive fails then the data can be copied to the replacement drive it saves in rebuilding the failed drive.
  • In a single drive, the speed of writing and reading is a bit slow as compared to the Raid server.
  • This is the only server that improves the resiliency of the data at a very low cost.
  • The Raid Server uses a simple and a user-friendly technology so that any layman, a person can also learn to operate and perform the recovery of data.
  • The data also remains available if the drive failed and while the replacement is going on as the controller copies the data while rebuilding the same to new drive.

Disadvantages of Raid Server:

  • Once one of the drives fails, then restoring and replacing the same takes a day or two. The process also depends on the size of the server and load it has. And if in case another drive fails then the data is lost.
  • As the data is written twice on disk, the usability of the drive is just half of the capacity.
  • Drive failures do have an effect on everything but while recovering data from RAID, it may accept at times.


What is a RAID Server? Is it Worthy to Setup a RAID Server? - Conclusion

Data recovery in any business is a must as your work depends fully on the same functionality only. The Raid server technology is new in the market and has a foothold on the same as well. The usage is quite user-friendly, and this makes them one of the best servers to be used today. They have their levels attached which you can go through once you think of implementing them. They are designed to handle the data cautiously so that they can safeguard the business from any catastrophe. Let’s have a check on RAID how it can be an effective solution for you in protecting your business from various malware. A user has to follow proper guidelines while installing the entire set up. Although it is easy to install, there can be issues; so one has to take all necessary precautions in the process.

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