How Insight Engines are Paving the Future of Customer Support

Customer service needs to be reimagined for a new era. More than two-thirds of consumers say they prefer serving themselves to relying on a conversation with a customer support representative, and a surprising 91 percent of people would use a self-support service if it met their needs. Self-service is becoming more popular. Information is more readily available. Mobile devices are affording customers more demand for instant gratification. Together, all these factors are reshaping how we think about customer support, and …

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Smart Technologies of 2017 – Let’s Find Out the Current Progress!

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds on an almost regular basis. And to keep up with them is really difficult. By the end of the year what we once considered as upbeat, an in-thing, fashionable, trendy and latest seems to become outdated and obsolete. Wouldn’t you say this is the case? So, what are going to be the smart technologies of 2017? Read on to find out below: Software of the Future A lot of money is being spent on …

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Tips to Increase Your Mobile Security Without Slowing It Down

Mobile security is a topic that never goes out of the news. Every now and then we hear news about mobile security and its vulnerabilities. People use mobile devices and have become so much dependent on them that it is hard for them to imagine their lives without not having one. They need to keep their mobile devices safe and secure because they’ve stored private data in the form of pictures, videos, text messages, etc. on their mobile devices. Imagine …

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How is Technology Helping Banking Institutions?

Banking and finance are two important parts of commerce and are constantly developing. The scope of banking traditionally meant the accepting of money from their customers and lending any surplus to other people who had the need for funds. This has since evolved to providing a whole range of services to serve both financial and non-financial needs. Technology has significantly helped these changes. How is technology helping banking institutions? Initially, technology was used by banks for back office operations. This …

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Smartphone Security: How to Avoid Smartphone Hackers

In 2016, it was estimated that roughly 2.1 Billion people around the world use smartphones. As you can imagine, those numbers are only set to increase with more and more countries developing and beginning to offer smartphones in their country. It is said that by 2020, there will be 2.87 billion people worldwide with smartphones ( As the increase in smartphone users rises so does the amount of theft and harassment from hackers. Hackers are finding innovative ways to tap …

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quadcopter - drone performance

3 Interesting Tips for Better Drone Performance

In case you haven’t noticed, aerial drones are one of the most popular new gadgets on the market today. Drone sales have soared in recent years. According to this Fortune Magazine article, sales of drones (also referred to as Unmanned Arial Vehicles, or UAVs) nearly tripled in 2016. Citing statistics from the retail research group NPD, there were almost one million drones sold in the US in 2016, making this one of the fastest growing technologies in the country. According …

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Risks and Advantages Associated With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Risks and Advantages Associated With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Right from offering or to offering simple payments with mobiles, the wheels of the technological world are really moving too fast. There was a time when you would look for simple automobile or radio parts from shop to shop and now, even mobile parts can be availed online that too from different vendors from all over the globe. Nevertheless, here we are talking about the latest revolution called AI or the Artificial Intelligence. Technically, it includes everything from autonomous cars …

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Modern Day Gadgets to Gift Him on His Special Day

When it comes to gift giving, many of us find that it is easier to find that special something for a woman over a man. Perhaps, as ABC News reports this is due to the fact that women tend to love to shop and men do not. As a gift giver, we can see the preferences that a woman has when she is in the store. Yet, because men tend not to shop, finding that perfect gift can be a …

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shopping - custom kiosks - street vending

Why Custom Kiosks Are Gaining Popularity in 2017

As companies look to grow and technology continues to evolve, kicks are beginning to take off like never before. As the uses of kiosks continue to gain popularity more and more companies are also starting to use it as a way to increase revenue. By placing kiosks in random yet strategic places, you are creating more opportunities for your customers to interact directly with your brand and or service. While many businesses are beginning to research more in depth on …

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Top 7 Best Ways to Protect Your Windows Computer

With the release of , Microsoft brought users a perfect operating system for personal computers, which has a lot of new features and is more secure than previous versions. However, the built-in security features on your Windows PCs are never enough. Therefore, you need to improve the security level of your computer, which will make it more secure against viruses, malware, as well as other malicious programs and even hackers. In this guide, we are going to show you several …

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