iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7

Many iPhone fans expected Apple to produce iPhone 7S after producing the iPhone 7. Instead, they delivered the iPhone 8 which was later followed by iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. Is there any difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 8? Here is what to learn about the two phones.

1) Design Difference

iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7 - Point 1From afar, the two phones look similar. When you look at their faces, they appear indistinguishable. However, there are peculiar differences in their designs. First, iPhone 8 is slightly bigger than iPhone 7. This makes the iPhone 8 7% heavier than iPhone 7. The difference is brought about by a slight change in design. The back of iPhone 8 is made of glass and not Aluminium as in the case of iPhone 7. This size difference is clear in the phone’s’ dimensions as below:

  • iPhone 7 measures 138.3mm by 67.1mm by 7.1mm
  • iPhone 8 measures 138.4mm by 67.3mm by 7.3mm
Secondly, iPhone 8 has limited color options compared to the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 is found in different colors such as gray, jet black, silver, gold, and rose black. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 is limited to silver, gold, and gray. Thirdly, Apple has added a wireless charging system to the iPhone 8 which is missing in the iPhone 7. The feature is an important distinguishing factor.

However, the two phones have similar finger scanner features in their home button. Other features maintained in the design include water resistance, dust resistance, and rigid side sections. Lastly, there is an improvement of about 25% in the iPhone 8 speaker design. The only thing retained is the lighting port. The iPhone 8 has a larger volume of stereo speakers, and this means better audio performance.

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2) Display Features

iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7 - Point 2Though there are no major improvements on the display functionalities of the two iPhones, there is little to celebrate and appreciate Apple for. The iPhone 8 has been boosted with a ‘True Tone’ adjustment. The phone is able to react to the surrounding light by enhancing color balance. There is also effective support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. These features are in addition to the normal display features of iPhone 7 indicated by a 4.7” LED backlit and 65.6% screen to body ratio. Overall, there is no much difference in display, and so you shouldn’t consider this factor when deciding what iPhone to buy.

3) Performance Variation

iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7 - Point 3This is the most important factor to consider when choosing between the two phones. The iPhone 8 is much faster and smarter. Before its introduction, the iPhone 7 used to be the fastest phone but not anymore. Apple claims that the A11 chipset of the iPhone 8 is 25% faster than that of the iPhone 7. You also get an improved graphics speed performance of 30% and multitasking speed boost of 70%.


4) Camera Performance

iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7 - Point 4Both phones have the following camera properties:

  • A wide-angle camera of 12 megapixels with f/1.8 aperture
  • Front camera of 7 megapixels with f/2.2 aperture
However, Apple promises to enhance the iPhone 8 camera performance due to its ISP (Image signal processor). This means better pixel performance and processing speed.

5) Battery Performance and Life

iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7 - Point 5In terms of the battery life, there is both positive and negative news. Negatively, Apple confirms that the battery life of the iPhone 8 equals that of the iPhone 7 and apparently there is no difference. On a positive note, the iPhone 8 gets to charge quickly since the charging system is wireless.

6) Storage capacity Vs. Price

iPhone Revolution: The New iPhone 8 Against the Previous iPhone 7 - Point 6The storage capacity of the iPhone 8 is double that of the iPhone 7. This is good news for those looking for more memory in the iPhones. The price is also high for the iPhone 8:

  • iPhone 7- $549 (for 32GB), $649 (for 128GB)
  • iPhone 8- $699 (for 64GB), $849 (for 256GB)
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conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsWhen it comes to choosing the right iPhone to buy, you have to consider the speed performance, camera quality, memory capacity, and design. Handling online trading in firms such as CMC Markets goes well with a good Smartphone. Whatever you decide on, iPhones are exceptional world class phones. Their immense features and capabilities make them stylish and effective Smartphone.

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