4 Tech Trends that Will Completely Alter How We Live

In 2017, many of us have in some way been impacted by some of the huge steps made forward in the technology world, which most likely has many of us wondering what type of advancements we are going to see next. While we certainly cannot predict the future, we can forecast the possibilities by taking a closer look at where tech trends are currently sitting at today.

With that mind, the changes technology has already brought into our lives. It gives us a lot to look forward to as some tech trends will entirely change the world as we already know it. Just look at how much smartphones have changed our world over the past decade.

It used to be that we when we needed to look up some information on the internet, we had to wait until we got home in front of our “boxy,” old PCs. Now? Anything and everything you can think of can be done from the palm of our hands and with just a few swipes. Let’s take a look at the 4 tech trends that will completely change the way we live.

Predictive Medical Treatments

Predictive-Medical-Treatments-Clinic-Hospital - Tech Trends that Will Completely Alter How We Live

Unlike a lot of jobs, technology will not completely replace doctors. However, what will change is how doctors treat patients through the help and use of local data pools. Rather than treating symptoms, doctors will have more tools readily available to them to help them identify things such as air quality and water quality using your zip code. These types of capabilities will instead help doctors easily identify the source of a patient’s symptoms.

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Autonomous Motor Vehicles

Autonomous-Motor-Vehicles - Tech Trends that Will Completely Alter How We Live

While this concept is not new, the use of it certainly is. Autonomous cars exist but are not necessarily ready to be used by the masses, although with years of testing, Tesla has stated that they are working together with Uber to create self-driving cars.

How will this forever change our lives? The neat thing about autonomous cars is that cars with these super smart capabilities will be able to accurately communicate and collect data in real time. This will help reduce and even prevent car accidents as well as other motor vehicle accidents from occurring. Others claim hands-free driving has created a false sense of safety for drivers.

AI Will Be Your Assistant

ai-artificial-intelligence-robot-virtual-assistance - Tech Trends that Will Completely Alter How We Live

With SIRI, Cortana, and Alexa, more of us found ourselves asking them (our virtual assistants) to conduct certain tasks such as order groceries, look up and dial phone numbers, and even ask them to research and read important information to us. The goal was never really to stop there either.

Today, we have not just heard about AI robots, but many of us have seen them. Their technology is incredibly sophisticated with some robots even resembling humans all too much. There has even been the talk of how AIs have so much intelligence, they have even created their own language.

It is predicted that AIs will be in businesses and homes and work as our personal assistants. However, no one knows exactly when that will actually take place. But many feel we are closer to this technology than we think.

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Virtual Reality Will One Day Be Our Reality

virtual-reality - Tech Trends that Will Completely Alter How We Live

As previously mentioned, smartphones completely revolutionized how conducted normal, everyday tasks. Although not entirely, they even went as far as replacing physical human interaction with virtual socializing through the use of a variety of social media platforms.

In essence, we are already living somewhat virtual lives. Today, we do not necessarily need to see or live close to our family friends anymore. They can see and experience (to a degree) what is going in our lives from a distance through our sharing of photos and videos.

We’ve already seen the possibilities through creating and living in a virtual world, the next major step in the IoT world will be to have more human experiences through the use of advanced virtual reality intelligence. Why not take it a step further? Actually, be in each other’s reality, feeling emotions and seeing life through the eyes of another person?

Final Words

Robot - Machine - Artificial Intelligence - Tech Trends that Will Completely Alter How We Live

The technology is already here and is slowly being integrated into our everyday lives. We’ve already seen that to be the case in some futuristic movies with a few more recent inventions being a sure sign of what we can expect in terms of up and coming technological trends.

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