DevOps Toolchain

7 DevOps Toolchain Orchestration Solution You May Not Know

The role of communication transparency between teams is such a big challenge in application development. Most of the teams in an organization were independent for a very long time. It meant that the development team, business analysts’ team, and QAs and operations worked far from each other. Companies suffered a lot in delivering results. There were longer app delivery cycles that delayed most of the operations. Anyone in the business realm should be able to understand what this means. There …

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Introduction to Programming: A Brief of Node JS, Laravel, React, Ruby, Vue & Python

Are you a programmer with an eye on the latest trends and upcoming languages? Or are you completely new to the field of programming and unsure on which language to start with? Well, there are over 600 programming languages, and this number is constantly increasing. Being a dynamic field, the rate of old languages becoming obsolete and disappearing is also very high. So, for any programmer, it is very important to learn new languages and frameworks to stay in the …

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Laravel PHP Framework

7 Ways You Can Get More Laravel While Spending Less

As the demand of Laravel Community grows, there are different assets accessible to enable you to learn Laravel. That is incredible! Which one will help you to keen on your skill in the difficult task? For the newbies, I’m sure these fundamentals are at the forefront of your thoughts, So, I collected these essential seven tips which will help you to learn Laravel all the more effective. Tips which I mention in the post in which some of them focus …

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The 30 Best Mobile UI Kits For iOS And Android Developers

Of all the various aspects that combine to make an app, the most important are the UI and the UX as they define the app’s experience. Developers are well-versed about both of these and why they are so important to the success of an application.These two features have to be just right in a given application as they form the very foundations of how people will think about it. Your app has to be designed so that it fascinates all …

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Top 5 Android Mobile Game Development Tools You May Not Know

It is estimated that the worldwide gaming industry will have a value of approximately $128 billion within two years. Not surprisingly, mobile will have a 50% stake of that. Thanks to innovative tech, virtual reality, and augmented reality, the mobile gaming industry is going to blossom. The mobile app market has heretofore been limited by technological factors, but innovative software has lifted the cloud. Today, the mobile gaming industry has been reinvigorated by the improved battery life on smartphones and …

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Programming Tips: How to Learn to Code on a Budget

In today’s world, it’s hard to find any modern device that doesn’t function through code. The language has become integral to everything we read, see, and write. And guess what? Its importance is only going to become greater in the years ahead. The good news is that you don’t need a computer science degree to learn how to write code. Thanks to a sleuth of online websites, video tutorials, and traditional textbooks, everybody is welcome to have a go. In …

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3 Things You Should You Know About Python & Python Developer Salary

Today, in a technology-driven world, programming is a high demand skill. Considering a growing need for coders, almost everyone wants to become one. However, this idea might turn out quite tricky for employers. Thus, when looking for a perfect developer, check out Python developer salary experience and the best hiring strategies. Due to its simplicity, basically anyone can download a Python tutorial and start learning one, but it doesn’t mean that this coder will be able to meet all your …

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Ups and Downs of Kotlin Programming Language – Is It Better than Java?

When you say Android programming, the chances are that the first programming language that comes to your mind is Java, and rightfully so. But since Google announced they now started to support Kotlin as Android’s official language, the situation is likely to change in the future. Nevertheless, just like Kotlin programming language has raised a few questions. One of them asked both by seasoned professionals and new entrants on the market for Android apps, is whether it’s smart to make …

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Java Development Programming

Java Programming: The Core Concepts of Java Development

The Java language is a leading programming tool for object-oriented programming, which is widely used to develop websites, mobile apps, and embedded software for microdevices and chips. Java is considered a programming language that is easier to learn compared to languages from the C# family, PHP, and Python, and the one that will power the evolution of the Internet of Things networks. Nonetheless, Java development requires from developers to be well aware of a few core programming concepts and ideas, …

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7 Brilliant Tips to Make Your Agile Projects Run Smoothly

Agile is a well-known project management practice that has moved well beyond software developers and their projects. Marketing, Sales, Finance and other industries are applying Scrum, Kanban and other Agile approaches in their processes and getting positive results. However, even with the best guidance and most extensive knowledge, making a transition from traditional project management into Agile is not easy. Trust me, having experienced multiple teams over going this change; there are always some things that just don’t seem to …

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