Why Blockchain is Important for Software Developers?

Blockchain technology is becoming more prevalent with every market cycle. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies grows, so does their acceptance by the mainstream public. That said, blockchain is far more than just a vessel for cryptocurrencies. The technology itself has been deployed across various industries, such as supply chain, healthcare, and decentralized finance, among others. Assets like gold, company shares, and NASDAQ indices can now be tokenized and traded on the blockchain — over 2,000 of such assets are now …

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Famous Companies Using MEAN Tech Stack for Development

What is a MEAN Stack Development? Have you ever thought about learning MEAN Stack? You may have wondered how companies use it for the current needs of development and future trends. In this article, we will describe MEAN Stack. Moreover, we will also discuss the top giant companies that use MEAN Stack. The primary reason to use Node.js to develop MEAN Stack is to build dynamic websites. However, companies have been using JavaScript for both Frontend development and backend development. …

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Top 10 PHP Development Tools for Developers in 2022

Over the years, PHP has emerged as the fastest and extensively used server-side scripting language for developing web applications. Interestingly, PHP is the known server-side programming language for 78.2% of the websites developed worldwide. PHP is preferred over other server-side programming languages like Python and Ruby, owing to its adequate documentation, various ready-to-use scripts, a supportive community, and amply supported frameworks and development tools. Why are PHP development tools important? When building web applications, developers write hundreds of lines of …

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Why Node.js is for Real-time Applications?

Real-Time apps have become the necessity of the people residing in this ever-advancing digital world. The value of getting things done faster has increased like never before and hence the need for real-time features. In applications, the most common real-time features are notifications and messaging. The flow of messages on online chatting apps is like talking to a person sitting just next to us. This feature has evolved over time and impacted individuals and businesses. Besides this, the need for real-time tracking, live streaming, online gaming, video conferencing and more everything has changed the lives …

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Ruby on Rails (RoR) for Web Development: Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for a time-tested and truly reliable solution for your web development endeavors, you can’t go wrong with Ruby on Rails (RoR). This framework that has already become a classic among developers and businesses of all sizes is the best fit for building robust web applications with less code. This cost-effective and user-friendly tool can be employed from the get-go by both experienced and novice developers alike, which makes it even more appealing. Nevertheless, as with any web …

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10 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

There’s no straightforward answer to the question: “Which programming language should I learn?”. Before you make a choice, have a set of preliminary criteria (e.g., your career goals – high salary job security, etc., type of computing you are interested in, and previous coding experience you might have). In this post, we will take a look at 10 programming languages with the highest growth potential for the future. We will base the review on the following criteria: The number of …

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Why choose Node.js for your Next Project?

The number of websites and mobile applications is continuously increasing at an incredible pace every year. Now we have billions of websites and mobile apps that execute required functions and produce desirable results. What you see in front of your eyes on the display screen results from multiple calculations and operations which take place in the backend of the system. It is mandatory to have a proper working backend so that the frontend works well. There are numerous coding languages …

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Everything You Need to Know About Laravel PHP Framework (Infographic)

Emerging IT businesses need the best solutions for developing secure web applications. Reduce the hours of tasks with a suitable framework of Laravel. In developing pragmatic web applications, the PHP framework of Laravel is used for writing templates. Web users can save time and build easily maintainable codes. The Laravel PHP framework comprises an engine called Blade. For the development process of web applications, web users write plain PHP codes. With continuous advancements, the latest version of Laravel development is …

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Software Development Project Roles and Responsibilities

What’s the most critical aspect of building a new software application? Of course, you have to ensure that it’s equipped with all the right features to fulfill the client’s business requirements. You also have to optimize the code to boost its performance. You even have to build a robust software security strategy to ensure that the application doesn’t contain vulnerabilities that would expose the end-user to data breaches and other security threats. Likewise, you need to constantly implement new features …

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HIPAA Compliance Automation with DevOps | All You Need to Know!

As companies move to cloud services, understanding HIPAA compliance standards and requiring strict adherence to them is becoming the foundation for a reliable app. It is a necessity for gaining the trust of users who provide confidential health information. In this article, you will find out how to automate HIPAA compliance with DevOps and how your business can benefit from it? HIPAA Compliance: How DevOps can Help? Imagine a business where product owners, developers, testers, IT operations employees, and data …

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