A group of blue microservices server cubes arranged in a row.

How to Test Java Microservices? 7 Best Tips and Techniques!

It should be no surprise for any developer who reads technical articles regularly that many businesses are looking forward to migrating their current inflexible Java application to a flexible platform. Whether right or wrong, Java microservices are becoming the main cause of the amazing implementation of web apps. However, with this power comes great responsibilities. There are many articles available on the internet regarding the provocations of implementing Java Microservices architecture. But there are rare articles written on testing Java …

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Achieving Seamless Continuous Testing with Automation: Key Considerations

Quality is a constant in modern software development. However, maintaining consistency demands an effective approach toward quality engineering that could complement effective, accurate, and sustainable development. Since attaining such precision in QA is vital to yield relevant feedback, automated continuous testing was introduced as a solution to reform software development lifecycles or SDLC. Continuous testing not only allows testers and developers to exchange quality-related feedback but ensure every change introduced to the existing code or functionalities is automatically verified for …

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A group of people looking at graphs on a laptop.

The Most Important Big Data Programming Languages

Programming languages, like human languages, possess unique structures, syntax, and dynamics. Whereas spoken languages are usually influenced by geography, the choice of programming languages hinges more on the programmer’s inclinations, the culture within the IT community, and business goals. When diving into data science, three programming languages take center stage. We reached out to experts in data analysis to shed light on these languages and explain how they contribute to dissecting big data. Why Do Programming Languages Matter? Programming languages …

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Two people working on a laptop with code on it.

Choosing the Right Technology Stack for Your Marketplace: Factors to Consider

When embarking on the journey to create a marketplace, one crucial decision you will make as a business owner is choosing the right technology stack. The right technology stack will not only ensure your marketplace runs smoothly but can also be a significant determinant of its success in the United States and beyond. This article will explore the key considerations when choosing the technology stack for your marketplace. We’ll delve into the factors that can influence your decision-making process, ensuring …

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Index Fragmentation in SQL Server

How to Detect & Measure Index Fragmentation in SQL Server?

Today, we’re going to explore a fascinating aspect of SQL Server (wiki), a system used to manage databases. Our topic for the day is “Index Fragmentation in SQL Server”. We will learn how to detect and measure it. Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it might sound! Let’s think about your favorite playlist of songs. The songs are arranged in a particular order so you can enjoy them exactly how you want. But what if, over time, some songs …

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The History of ReactJS (Infographic)

ReactJS is undoubtedly one of the most popular, widely used, and influential JavaScript libraries in the web development industry. While working as a software engineer for Facebook Advertising, Jordan Walke created the first rough draft of the library in 2010. Walke needed a way to make his own life easier, when developing for Facebook that allowed the updating of specific parts of a page without the need to refresh the entire thing, which led to the creation of the library. …

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A woman is using a laptop and a mobile phone to develop a website.

What are MVP Solutions and How To Use Them?

MVP is a Minimum Viable Product, and the implementation of MVP solutions into your startup can save you a bunch of energy and nerves. Essentially, it will be your product in the most basic form. It will still solve the essential needs of your customers, which you plan to address but will cost you 3-4 times less than a full-weight product. The concept of MVP was popularized by Eric Ries in his book “The Lean Startup”. It emphasizes the importance …

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React Native vs Hybrid App Development

React Native vs Hybrid: Which One is Better for Fintech App?

FinTech Apps have changed the game in the finance industry. If you want to develop your fintech app and are stuck with choosing an app development approach, this blog is for you. Fintech apps are saving people from a lot of complications that make our life difficult. They make daily transactions easy, secure, and quick. So, the question is what makes these apps user-friendly? Of course, the frameworks and programming languages make them amazing apps. It is a long-time debate …

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How to Install Laravel Homestead for Local Development?

The Laravel Homestead Vagrant box offers a preconfigured environment for building Laravel-based web apps. Homestead allows you to easily create a local development environment consistent with the environment in which your Laravel application will operate in production. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Laravel Homestead on your local machine for use in development. Step 1: Install Required Software Some software has to be set up before we can begin setting up Laravel Homestead. Our first step …

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Angular vs React: Which Framework is Better in 2024?

Technology is evolving rapidly! Languages and frameworks used a few years ago have almost become obsolete and new ones have come up. Most of the updates are being done using earlier languages as a platform. Earlier cost of software development was high, so majorly big businesses and enterprises went for custom software development. But, over the past decade, technology has reached the smallest size of businesses, and every business owner wants to leverage technology to enhance their business operation. With …

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