Angular vs React: Which Framework is Better in 2023?

Technology is evolving rapidly! Languages and frameworks used a few years ago have almost become obsolete and new ones have come up. Most of the updates are being done using earlier languages as a platform. Earlier cost of software development was high, so majorly big businesses and enterprises went for custom software development. But, over the past decade, technology has reached the smallest size of businesses, and every business owner wants to leverage technology to enhance their business operation. With …

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9 Proven Ways to Boost Your Website Speed for Better Ranking

In today’s fast-paced world, we want information in the blink of an eye. Patience is a rapidly diminishing virtue, and as such, people expect websites to load incredibly quickly. If your business’ website is slow, it can negatively affect user experience in a significant way. Inferior website speed can also tank your search engine rankings and, ultimately, your bottom line. First impressions matter and we all make snap judgments, whether we like to admit it or not. Did you know …

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5 Fantastic Programming Languages Best for Cybersecurity

Step into the shoes of a digital defender and discover which programming language is best for staving off evil cyber forces. You’ll need to be armed with the right tools, like any superhero. But don’t worry. There are plenty of options available! Sharpen your skillset by selecting from an array of robust programming languages for cybersecurity that can help protect our online world against malicious hackers. Are you a tech innovator looking to seize the countless opportunities in cybersecurity? Or …

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A group of smartphones with different apps displayed on them.

10 Reasons to Opt No-Code Development Approach for Mobile App Development

With the digitalization of our world, businesses are seeking new ways to keep up with modern technology and meet ever-growing customer expectations. No-code app development is a revolutionary solution that enables companies to build custom applications quickly and cost-effectively – without needing any specialized coding skills or resources! This approach has proven invaluable for streamlining processes, empowering teams, and driving efficient growth in today’s fast-paced market. Gone are the days when businesses have to painstakingly wait for months or years …

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6 Really Good iOS App Development Trends for Better Results

Get ready to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in iOS app development! In this blog, we’ll dive into SwiftUI, Cloud Integration, AR/VR innovation, and App Security. We will also explore artificial intelligence and machine learning – their advantages as well as potential drawbacks – plus examples of how these powerful technologies are used by real apps out there. With the ever-progressing tech world, mobile app developers must stay up to date with new tools and frameworks for iOS app …

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A woman holding a phone while sitting on a couch.

Progressive Web App: Technology, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Mobile fever affects everyone, and online shops are no exception. Every brand needs to have a mobile presence nowadays. This is how it can be done: Progressive Web App (PWA) is a set of technologies allowing you to install a website on a device as an application. This means you don’t need to develop iOS and Android apps together with the website. Apart from that, PWAs are not so hard to develop: for instance, your team can do so by …

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5 Best Front-end Frameworks for Web Development

The front-end part of a site plays a major role in the website’s success. A compelling and user-friendly interface attracts users and enhances user engagement on your website. Unarguably, web developers worldwide are making use of various front-end development frameworks to build websites with excellent user experience. It is even essential to render a great user experience to retain your customers in the long run. An abundance of front-end web development frameworks, like Angular, Vue.js, etc., are available in the …

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5 Good Reasons to Pick Laravel for a Web Development Project

It has been more than two decades and PHP being just a server-side language is still in vogue. Quite interesting, isn’t it? And each year the demand for knowledgeable and experienced PHP developers just heats up. In simple words, in the battle of technological supremacy, PHP somehow manages to maintain its position even after hitting rock bottom. Its claws are still intact, as a result with PHP you can never go wrong. Choosing a framework is more like choosing an …

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Top 5 Web Development Technologies in Spotlight in 2022-2023

Every business, whether big or small, aims to enhance its presence digitally, for which developing a robust website has become mandatory. According to the Internet Live Stats (Source), more than 1.97 billion active websites exist globally. If I only talk about the US, more than 133 million websites were active in August 2021, and the numbers keep exceeding at an unprecedented rate. Clearly, the kind of competition that exists in the online world is massive. To compete in that crowd, …

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15 Good Reasons to Use Python in Web Development

Python is one of the most popular coding languages and its main purpose is for web and software development. Web development is not an easy task. However, Python has made it less complex to some extent. Maybe this is why more and more web developers prefer to use Python as a coding language and it has good enough reasons for that as well. Today, let’s talk about the main reasons why you should use Python in web development and what …

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