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Keeping a regular backup of our website’s files and the database is a crucially important task. But doing it manually day after day is an unbearable task; it’s much better to have a tool that can automatically take regular backups for us. This, obviously, saves lots of our valuable time and also gives peace of mind.

If your website is running in WordPress, ExpressionEngine (2 or 3), Craft CMS, PrestaShop, or Concrete5, here is a tool that has the ability to absorb all your pain of taking a regular backup. The name of the tool is Backup Pro and it is available for all of the above-mentioned CMS.

While working on one of my client’s PrestaShop website, I got a chance to use this Backup Pro module to take scheduled backup of the website automatically. So in this article, I will disclose what exactly Backup Pro does, and what you will have to pay for it.

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What Backup Pro does & what are its Working Platforms?

Backup Pro logoBasically, Backup Pro provides backups to their client’s website in a most secure and simple way. It is very easy and very simple add-on to add in your websites. Backup Pro can work on any of the following CMS: WordPress, ExpressionEngine (2 & 3), Craft CMS, PrestaShop, and Concrete5. It is very simple to operate, by clicking just a button you can start backing up your files and database. There is also a one-click option to restore your database. With the help of Backup Pro, you can simply enjoy taking backup of your website both on your local storage and also in any of the following cloud storages like Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud Files, Google Cloud Storage, or Dropbox. You can even send backup to any FTP or SFTP server and also can send to your Email Inbox.

Backup Pro also has a powerful ability to take large backup with no limitation. The only limitation may be your own server. If your server is powerful, Backup Pro can be configured for a large backup. It can be configured with your server’s CRON jobs so that you don’t have to take the backup manually. The scheduled CRON job can start the backup process automatically as per your schedule.

Backup Pro compresses its backup into the popular zip format. This can save a lot of space on the server and also make it simple to download and extract the backup in any operating systems like Windows, Mac or Unix/Linux. Backup Pro can also monitor your disk usage and show you the report.

With the help of Backup Pro, you can set which files and database table(s) you want to backup and at the same time you can also decide how much hard disk space you want to use for taking your backup. So it is completely in your hand what to do and how to do. Backup Pro will update the old backup with the new one, so every time you can get your recent updated backups ready. Along with that, you also get the Backup Pro Integrity Agent that monitors your backup status as well as your existing backup archives. You can track all backup activities like whether it have missed any daily backup schedule or not, or you can also check your backup files by yourself to ensure whether it can be used in recovery or not.

Pricing of Backup Pro:

Backup Pro priceThe prices of Backup Pro are same for all the different CMS platforms on which it works. You will have to pay a one-time payment of $99.99 to implement their add-ons on your website to enjoy a great and hassle-free backup experience. Their backup plugins will definitely help you to stay tension free, by avoiding the hassles of taking backups manually or for recovering your website from disasters.


Backup Pro conclusionAfter implementing it personally on my client’s PrestaShop-based websites, I can definitely say that the experience is really good. The configuration is simple, the automatic backup schedule is working fine and also the backup is storing nicely on my client’s Amazon S3 cloud storage. My client is extremely happy and has no regret on purchasing this module. As per the configuration, utility and support, I can also recommend trying Backup Pro on your website.

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