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Today, in this article, I am discussing on 5 feature-rich IP cameras which are really good and performing pretty well. I hope this can be very helpful for those who are planning to purchase an IP camera for their home or small office.

1. Sricam SP012:

IP Cameras - Sricam SP012

Sricam SP012 is a Wi-Fi mini camera with a special automatic IR LED illumination night vision functionality which is super easy to handle. The recorded footage of this camera can be viewed from any computer, iPhone, and from any android smartphones. This can be very hassle-free IP camera where you will not need any DDNS and even there is no need of port forwarding to make it active. You can make it activated just by plug-and-play.

This is a standing IP camera; you can enjoy keeping it in any place. You can also mount it on the wall. This camera can support SD card up to 128GB for capturing and recording videos and pictures. Along with it, you will get motion detection alarm, phone push alarm and whistle alarm. It comes with a 1.0 megapixel CMOS sensor and it can capture videos and pictures up to a 1280 x 720 pixels (25fps) resolution. It has and inbuilt H.264 video compression algorithm to get a satisfied transmission capacity for high definition videos. This camera is having the P2P technology which can help to link it to the internet without requiring any port mapping complications. You can avail this IP camera either in White or in Black color. Its price is kept around $35.

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2. Sricam SP009:

IP Cameras - Sricam SP009

Sricam SP009 is another Wi-Fi enabled night vision IP camera. The features you can get on this IP camera is more or less the same as the above camera. Here you have only one color choice which is White. Although this IP camera is wall bracket type, but you can fix it in a place of your convenience or you can even put it on any shelf. This IP camera is much cheaper than the previous one. You can get it around $25.

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3. ESCAM QF002:

IP Cameras - ESCAM QF002

ESCAM QF002 is having the IR cut dual filter that can automatically start working at night to get clear night videos and pictures. This camera is having 3.6mm megapixel lens with a video capture capacity of 720P HD. It also has the P2P mobile preview facility which you can utilize according to your requirements. It supports an SD card up to 32GB and it also supports both Android and iOS. Simultaneously 4 visitors can access the camera online for tracking. The price kept for this camera is approximate $50.

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4. ESCAM Ant QF605:

IP Cameras - ESCAM Ant QF605

ESCAM Ant QF605 can be enjoyed in both ways either by bracketing it in the wall or by keeping it standing anywhere. As like the previous camera, it also supports IR CUT dual filter to enhance the night vision quality of the camera. It also has a two-way audio system to transmit audio on both ways.

It supports a recording of 720P HD videos. Its built-in H.264 high-quality transmission can transmit video seamlessly. It supports a micro SD card up to 32GB. Like the previous camera, this camera also supports 4 online visitors at a time. This IP camera supports multi-platforms like any Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, and PC. The camera is priced approximately $40.

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5. ESCAM Brick QD300:

IP Cameras - ESCAM Brick QD300

The goodness of ESCAM Brick QD300 is its lens. It comes with waterproof resistance and its IP rating is IP66. That means you can use this camera both in outdoors and indoors activities. You can enjoy operating this camera at a temperature from -30° Centigrade to 60° Centigrade and the relative humidity (RH) should be less than 95%.

It comes with a CMOS sensor of size 1/4 inch with a resolution of 1.0 Megapixel. This helps to improve the quality of this camera in various ways. The video resolutions you can get is up to 720P (25fps / 30fps). It also supports many ONVIF NVR brands like NUUO, Milestone, Axxon, HIKVISION, Alnet, QNAP, etc. It supports any iOS and Android device. The price of this IP camera is kept around $45.

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IP Cameras - conclusion

I must say that the above 5 IP cameras are good in its own way and features. If you are planning to track any outdoor activities, then you should purchase ESCAM Brick QD300 which comes with the water resistance. The Sricam SP012 and Sricam SP009 are the cheapest option with a capability to deliver good quality video output. For better video quality you should consider either ESCAM QF002 or ESCAM Ant QF605 or ESCAM Brick QD300.

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