Arvixe Vs HostGator: Which is the Best Web Hosting Provider?

HostGator and Arvixe are two leading website hosting providers in the list of best WordPress hosting. They are popular for affordable prices and come with top features, quick speed, 99.9 uptime, expert support, and coupons. So many customers are tended to make a decision and wondered is better for their sites.

In this comparison HostGator and Arvixe, we have reviewed 2 firms comprehensively and match them on price, speed, services features, security, reliability, and technical support. Finally, we find out both HostGator and Arvixe are quality website hosting providers, only Arvixe is perfect for windows fans while HostGator is the perfect choice for little to medium sized businesses.

Price & Extras

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 1Arvixe has Windows and Linux shared website hosting solutions in store for the public. In views to the affordable Linux hosting, this firm provides 2 best packages, namely personal class pro and personal class. Previously, this hosting provider rates then plans at $4/month and $7/month. But at present, it provides an amazing 30% Arvixe coupon discount and slashes the real price down to $2.8/month and $4.9/month. Pay focus that this discount is exclusive to buy through the following discount code.

Comparatively, HostGator is added with 3 shared plans – Business, Baby, and Hatchling. When it comes to pricing policy, this firm begins the plans from $5.95/month, but currently. It provides a 30% HostGator coupon discount. With the markdowns, this website puts the regular price of hatchling package down to $4.16/month, which is available for readers going through the discount code as follows.

Both of HostGator and Arvixe are confident that customers will be happy and relaxed by offering a problem free money back guarantee, and the former back sixty days and the latter helps 45 days.

Price & Features

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 2If shared website hosting cannot meet your needs for bigger business. HostGator and Arvixe provide VPS service.

For VPS solutions, Arvixe has 3 plans, namely VPS Class Pro, VPS Class and VPS Class Lite with the price at $70/month, $40/month, and $20/month respectively.

As far HostGator, they give 5 best options, Snappy 8000, Snappy 4000, Snappy 2000, Snappy 1000, and Snappy 500. And the firm prices them are at $159.95/month, $129.95/month, $98.55/month, $49.95/month, and $19.95/month.

Customers often take price as an important factor when they make their decisions, so it would be more supportive if we select plans with the closest price for comparison. Out of listed reasons, Snappy 1000 and Class Lite would be best examples.

Arvixe Vs HostGator - HostGator Logo

HostGator is quicker than Arvixe

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 3With top experience, HostGator and Arvixe understand the performance is forever the key to online access. They both utilize robust services and strong data center so that they can provide amazing speed and no less than 99.9 percent uptime. As we checked their server response time for more than twelve months.  Arvixe makes 399 ms in past 1 month, and HostGator gets 338 ms. Arvixe is still 17 percent slow than HostGator, but 2 firms are much quicker than competitors.

Both HostGator and Arvixe partner with SoftLayer network service and data centers. Arvixe mainly places their servers in the data centers from Houston and Dallas while HostGator mainly uses make use of four data centers in Texas and Dallas. As an outcome, 2 firms both keep the servers remain endless and make sure the hosting websites running quickly.

Both are rich featured

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 4Arvixe is truly unmatched. The firm is not only supporting a big set of technologies for its hosting packages, but also continuously providing all the general specs like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, one free domain name, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP files, and unlimited email storage.

HostGator and Arvixe are basically top-featured, providing unlimited disk space, SSH, Ruby on Rails, Shared, SSL, SSI, Python, Perl, PHP, MySQL, 1-click installer, cPanel and unlimited monthly data transfer, they also restrict the hosting sites for different plans.


Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 5Keeping your site up around the clock is vital, especially if it is the main way your clients and customers link with you.

Arvixe has 99.9 percent uptime guarantee and their network operation center is Cisco certified. The data centers are based in Texas with full redundancy system to save the servers as well as internal environment heating, ventilation system, and air conditioning.

HostGator also has 99.9 percent uptime guarantee rate, due to their use of CentOS Linux with full root access and Dell PowerEdge servers. Their top performing network is Cisco powered. Their data centers have UPS backup energy sources.

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Arvixe Logo

Customer service

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 6Both are responsive and trustable hosting providers. HostGator and Arvixe let customers have the access to reach their help center through email ticket. Both are responsive and turntable providers, HostGator and Arvixe let customers have the access to reach their help through email ticket. Additional, it is verified that they both react to any problem and question with competence whether on live chat or phone call. Emphasizing on support standard, they hire a team of knowledgeable technical representatives who are professional and selected.

Hosting security

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 7In order to get the top standard level security, both of those 2 website hosts provide the daily backup service to provide you the best updated backup file, SSL and SSH certificate to better save the path for data transfer, as well as saved data centers for exit and entrance.

Further, Arvixe also permits the brute force detection engine, password protection, DDoS attack, and the secure IMAP.

Additional advantages

Arvixe Vs HostGator - Point 8Nowadays, the customers have become a smart choose and they like to match the hosting firms on every ground including the extra advantages. Both HostGator and Arvixe provide additional specs so as to entice the customers. HostGator gives free weekly website builder; Google AdWords value $100, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, a toll-free number only for business plan users and HostGator coupon.

Arvixe provides a free domain for life, secure FTP, unlimited bandwidth and disk space, MS SQL database, Arvixe coupon code and so on.


Arvixe Vs HostGator - conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsFrom our HostGator and Arvixe review above, it is clear that both of the 2 solutions are feature top and support efficient. Among the rest, the former is right for people seeking for an affordable and reliable option, and the latter is favorable for webmasters who favor to a quick web host.

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