VSYS Review – A Good Option for Offshore Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting

Looking forward to enjoying the fuss-free website hosting experience? Well, in that case, VSYS might be the best bet. A reliable offshore and VPS hosting brand, Virtual Systems (VSYS) is an idyllic choice for those organizations who believe in maintaining data security at its par.

This is a professionals’ choice and an efficacious and legitimate solution against DMCA takedowns. What makes VSYS stands a class apart is its privacy-oriented and nitty-gritty approach to keep the identity of your website hidden in order to provide paramount protection against DDoS attacks.

Still, skeptical and thinking whether it is worth investing in or not? Read on to find out a detailed description about the same and get a clear and rich insight. Otherwise, you can directly check their website here at https://vsys.host/.

Here, we go!

A Quick Overview of Virtual Systems (VSYS)


Began its operations in 2009, VSYS is a prominent Ukrainian company that boasts an outstanding track record in rendering out-of-the-box offshore and VPS hosting. It believes in offering hassle-free hosting services without burning a hole in your wallet. All you have to do is register with an email id and get the payment done by using bitcoins. Simple, right?

The best thing about VSYS is that it never asks for any personal information and thus, mitigates the risk of data breach completely. From services to payments, everything is fully anonymous which assures data security to the fullest.

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What Makes VSYS Worth Giving A Try?


VSYS is integrated with innumerable features that actually make this service worthy of consideration. We have listed some of them here for the readers’ sake of convenience:

  • Client’s ISO Image Installation.
  • Complimentary Set-up.
  • 40-day money-back guarantee.
  • Separate Virtual LAN on demand.
  • 60 minutes of Managed Human Support.
  • Reverse DNR for email.
  • Monitoring of the Proactive Server.
  • 1 Gbps Premium Uplink.
  • Excellent migration support.
  • Complete access to the server from the web through IPMI V.2.

List of Services Offered by Virtual Systems (VSYS)


VSYS is one of the trustworthy hosting brands with multiple servers. Here are mentioned some of the services offered by Virtual Systems to facilitate the users worldwide. Let’s have a look.

1. Website Hosting


This service mainly enables you to publish your website or an application over the internet. In the layman language, it basically rents you some space on the physical server where you can easily store the files and essential information regarding your website to promote seamless functioning.

VSYS is a leading name in offering excellent website hosting services to users at an affordable price. Just connect with them and keep your website online.

2. VPS Hosting


Virtual Private Server Hosting, commonly abbreviated as VPS Hosting, is basically done to imitate the dedicated server environment virtually within a shared server. This service has now become one of the preferred choices among customers worldwide, owing to its low cost and high efficiency.

If you are looking forward to the VPS Hosting, then opt for the VSYS right away and get the best technical assistance. VSYS is specialized in DMCA-protected servers to make everything safe and sound.

3. Storage Servers


Wondering how to handle the data overload? Storage Server might be the solution you are looking for. It is mainly used to store a large number of data files and supports data transfer over a network.

Searching for enterprise-friendly storage servers? Turn your heads towards the Storage Servers from VSYS and enjoy a budget-friendly service. The price ratio is starting from $6 per TB.

4. Offshore Dedicated Servers


Do you have an urge to safeguard your data and identity? Go for the offshore dedicated servers from VSYS and protect your systems from any cybersecurity threat. Powered by Windows or Linux, these servers are anonymous and thus, maximize the security to a great extent.

5. GPU Servers


Packed with graphic cards, GPU Servers are mainly designed to harness the raw processing power. If you have an urge to increase the performance of your system, then think no more and immediately opt for GPU servers from VSYS. Powered by NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080TI, these servers come with high-computing hardware whose cost starts from $250 per month.

6. DDoS Protection


Worried about a DDoS attack? Wait no more and choose VSYS for added DDoS protection. They offer cloud-delivered protection that restricts attack before they reach your infrastructure. It boasts laser accuracy for filtering out the DDoS Traffic.

VSYS has several backend servers for load balancing and renders a proxy for an outgoing connection.

7. Managed Support


Wish to optimize your technology environment? Have a look at the VSYS managed support services and protect your website from DMCS shutdowns more leniently. With 100% anonymous servers and a great offshore location, VSYS provides a flexible content policy and safeguards your website from the illegal use of copyrights & DMCA.

It always uses the privacy-driven approach with no emails and no further questions. Just go for a seamless registration without revealing your identity and get the hosting done right.

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Cost-Effective Plans & Pricing of VSYS


When it comes to VSYS, you can rest assured about the plans & pricing as it will not hurt your bank balance in any way. Moreover, they accept payment through bitcoins or cryptocurrency, therefore, seeking their services never puts your privacy at risk.

Let’s have a look at some of their plans to have a clear idea about the pricing strategy.

1. VPS Hosting
  • Available at $18/month.
  • It is located on the hypervisor cluster node.
  • Boasts well-defined resource volume like CPU cores, disk space, and RAM amount.
2. Shared Hosting service
  • Available at $5 per month.
  • Ideal for small and medium-sized websites.
3. Dedicated Servers
  • Available at $120/ month.
  • Comes with round-the-clock tech support.
  • It is hosted in the VSYS datacenter with proactive monitoring.

How VSYS Stands Apart from The Crowd?

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Wondering why choosing VSYS is preferable? There are multiple reasons which make Virtual System stands apart from the homogenous products. These are:

1. Authentic & Trustworthy Hosting Services

One of the foremost reasons to opt for VSYS is its utmost reliability. By choosing Virtual Systems, companies can rest assured that their website and identity are in safe hands. Unlike others, they never show any interest in your personal information and never asks anything about the same.

Moreover, VSYS keeps things anonymous and ensures maximum safety to the users. It promotes anonymous user registration and accepts bitcoin payments to ensure safety.

2. Round the Clock Tech Support

Customer support is the backbone for tech services and plays a pivotal role in improvising the overall experience of the customer. Keeping this thing in concern, VSYS believes in offering round-the-clock support to the users. Just connect with their experts in the hour of need and they will resolve all your queries within a blink of an eye.

Their tech specialists also have physical access to server hardware. Your request will get a response in flat 15 minutes. Sounds cool, right?

3. Cost-Effective and money-saving plans

Looking forward to enjoying hosting services without emptying your bank balance? Go for the VSYS and get the hosting done without costing a dime. What makes them cost-effective is their ability to monetize in both ways i.e., outbound for traffic delivered by offshore dedicated services and inbound for the location customers.

All and all, it is 100% sure that their plans and pricing will surely not hit your pocket hard and can be easily afforded by everyone, irrespective of the size of the organization.

4. Excellent network capacity

Network capacity plays a significant role to keep your website online and protecting it from getting shut down. VSYS is counted amongst the biggest and most reliable IP networks in Ukraine. It boasts outstanding network capacity with 1Tbps of IP traffic to support the website needs and requirements of the users.

5. Protect Your Website against Distributed Denial of Services Attack

Virtual Systems (VSYS) boasts the DDoS filters which carefully mitigates the risk of passing the malicious traffic and only permits genuine and legitimate visitors to access your website. Moreover, they also offer excellent DDoS protection services, and that too without spending many dollars. VSYS has come up with three DDoS protection plans, namely – RP Lite, RP Pro, and RP Premium. In addition to this, it also features content caching and the management of blacklist and whitelist.

Its dedicated filters assure that customer services will never ever get attacked by DDoS.

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The Final Note


This is all about VSYS. Hope you find it well! Hosting has always been a major concern among organizations, be it a start-up or an established one. If you are looking for well-grounded offshore and VPS hosting services, then look no further and immediately make VSYS your companion without thinking twice.

Their 99.97% uptime, competitive price, and 24X7 tech support make them an ideal choice for everyone. Choose them right away and enjoy stress-free services without shaking your financial budget.

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If you are looking for well-grounded offshore and VPS hosting services, then make VSYS your companion without thinking twice. Their 99.97% uptime, competitive price, and 24X7 tech support make them an ideal choice for everyone.

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