10 Common iPhone Problems – How to Fix?

The iPhone 6 has fulfilled expectations of iPhone lovers worldwide. It has become Apple’s best-selling product ever. Moreover, the newest models – the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus – were also welcomed with excitement and enthusiasm. However, while the technological innovations and improvements have swept their users off their feet, what’s bugging (pun intended) some iPhone users is a certain number of recurring problems in those new models.

Bluetooth interruptions

Common iPhone Problems - Point 1If your Bluetooth connection keeps breaking, first write down your device access password. Then try to delete the memorized Bluetooth network features. You will find the Forget this Device option in the Bluetooth category of Settings. Also, resetting all the features of your iPhone 6 is another option. Go to Settings, then enter the General area, choose Reset and tap on Reset All Settings.

iMessages won’t work

Common iPhone Problems - Point 2The original messenger app made by Apple sometimes shows some moody characteristics. If it won’t work, first go to Settings and turn the iMessage option off and on again. If this method fails, reboot the device. Moreover, if the problem persists, go to the aforementioned Reset category and choose Reset Network Settings. Again, write down your Wi-FI passes on a piece of paper beforehand.

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Poor battery

Common iPhone Problems - Point 3Some users complain that the iPhone battery is still too weak for such a powerful device. The users who experience such problems should first check the Battery Usage section, to see what apps are exhausting the battery. If turning off those background apps doesn’t help, check other demanding features, such as the visual effects and animations in the iOS. In addition, learn more about saving your iPod battery in a piece published by About.com.

Hot iPhone

Common iPhone Problems - Point 4The iPhone models are not only the most attractive phones on the market but they can also get literally hot. The main reason for this flaw is that these devices come with extremely powerful processors, situated in really small space. So, if the phone is overheating, you open Apps in Settings and check what apps are draining the power. Turn them off and the overheating should stop.

Network problems

Common iPhone Problems - Point 5First, try restarting your phone. In addition, it’s recommended to switch off your iPhone during the charging.  If you still can’t access your network data, make the good old cell data toggle off/on the move in the Cellular section. The last resort here is switching the Airplane Mode on, keeping it this way for about 30 seconds and turning it off.

Unresponsive keyboard

Common iPhone Problems - Point 6The users having trouble with unresponsive keyboards should first access iCloud and switch off Documents & Data. If the keyboard still keeps lagging, go with Reset All Settings, as explained above.

Distorted sound

Common iPhone Problems - Point 7While Apple ear pods have been praised for their design and sound performances, the inbuilt sound parts are a different kettle of fish. So, here you should first check the EQ section in the Music category of Settings. Switch it off to remove the distorted sound. Also, if you have issues with sound only when using certain apps, download the updates for those apps. Finally, don’t play with unlicensed music, but use only iTunes to get music for your device.

Blurred photos

Common iPhone Problems - Point 8While the Live Photos feature has improved the way iPhone users take photos and make videos, it can cause certain problems. The most annoying one is not being able to take clear photos in a low-light environment, such as the night. Try taking photos without the Live Photos option and see if the blur from the photos will disappear. When you turn on the camera, you will see three yellow circles on your screen. Just tap on them and switch off Live Photos.

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Losing Wi-Fi signal

Common iPhone Problems - Point 9The iPhone can sometimes get confused when it comes to Wi-Fi networks, so here is what you should do. Firstly, double tap the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off and on. If it doesn’t work, the next option is doing the same with Aeroplane Mode icon. After that, choose Forget All Networks and let your iPhone find them again. For other helpful methods, have a look at some useful tips brought by Express.co.uk.

Auto-rebooting iPhone

Common iPhone Problems - Point 10If your beloved iPhone starts rebooting without your involvement, you should first restart it. Moreover, give it another try with the all-around Reset All Settings option. Also, if you notice the problem appeared after downloading some apps, remove them. Finally, if nothing happens, take the device to a reliable iPhone repair shop and have it tested by iPhone specialists.

Final Thoughts:

Common iPhone Problems - conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsApple is making a great effort to minimize the number of bugs in their latest iPhone models. If our solutions don’t work for you, never hesitate to contact the manufacturer and follow their instructions to improve your iPhone user experience.

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