Smart Technologies of 2017 – Let’s Find Out the Current Progress!

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds on an almost regular basis. And to keep up with them is really difficult. By the end of the year what we once considered as upbeat, an in-thing, fashionable, trendy and latest seems to become outdated and obsolete. Wouldn’t you say this is the case? So, what are going to be the smart technologies of 2017? Read on to find out below:

Software of the Future


A lot of money is being spent on developing software. According to one study, enterprise software funding will be increased by 6.8%. There will be an expected rise in of 2.7% in IT spending as a whole including data centers and communication services. In tandem, devices will be seeing an increase of 0.5%.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

There is buzz circling VR and AR trends and rightly so because it has completely changed the landscape of how we see or perceive reality. What is real and what is not, it has become a fine line. 2017 will be no different rather witness more AR and VR in our everyday lives.

Smart Technologies - VR-Virtual-Reality-Glasses-Simulation

The iPhone 8’s camera is all set to launch with an augmented reality version of its own. On the other hand, Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus – the virtual reality aspect is bound to reflect in its social media service. In addition, Snap Inc. is all set to launch Spectacles that will allow users to capture and display content within their lenses.


The gaming industry will be experiencing a boom in 2017 as well. With AR and VR already flourishing new games are being churned out on a daily basis. According to reports, you can expect in gaming the release of Nintendo Switch – a hybrid cum handheld console. Many big titles are expected to be released as the year progresses for PC and their adaptation to smartphones.


Some of the notable titles include Resident Evil, Mass Effect, Halo Wars and Tom Clancy’s Ghost which are all slated for the release of their deluxe editions. These are sure to garner in more gaming fanatics.


What would it be like if you can be in two different places at one time? Telepresence is the answer. It is not a magic trick or something rather a next-gen technology in the process of development. The components of it are in place, and this year it will see the light of the day.


For medical and business fields, this will be a major breakthrough. Board room meetings can be held with attendants located in more than 2-3 distant parts of the world.


Chatbots are nothing new, but their deployment on various platforms to identify customer attitudes and buying behaviors will prove to be of immense help. However, the capital investment in this venture is immense, but the payoff is even higher. Whereas it will no doubt improve customer service, it may contribute slightly to unemployment.

Smart Technologies - Chatbots


Just as the year 2016 saw the release of some amazing phones, similarly, 2017 will be full of exciting revelations. The smartphones that will be gracing 2017 with their unveiling are as follows:

  1. Blackberry KEYone (Mercury) – new entrant
  2. A Surface phone by Microsoft, although, the name is still under wraps
  3. A rumor that LG is coming up with its flagship phone after its successful phones in the shape of LG G6 and G7 respectively.
  4. Another highly anticipated phone that is sure to blow the roof off is by Samsung. It’s called Samsung Galaxy X which will host a flexible 4K display and packs no pocket dialing feature. It’s also malleable, and so it can be tucked in anywhere once folded.


So, the innovations that are headed our way are one of a kind. There will be considerable in the percentage of smartphone users.

In conclusion

So, the above are some smart technologies that will pretty much make up the year 2k17. Start saving guys if you haven’t started already because these gadgets are tempting and it will be difficult to keep your hands away from them once they are out in the market!

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