Android Monitoring – A Sharp Edge Technology for Largest Smartphone Platform

The storm of Android smartphone has been around for a longtime now. The storm is still not over. New gadgets are making this Android platform more popular. With new tablets and smartphones on Android and their growing usage it gives many reasons to be sold like hotcakes. The biggest of the features Android supports also brings in some big menacing issues. The scores of applications featured in Android make it the hottest selling platform.

Big Platforms and Big Issues:

The use of Android phones has given a joy to the users but worries to a few as well. The biggest chunk is the worried parents and stressed employers. Keeping a check on children has become way too tough for parents in coming days. Well that is what they think even if it is not the exact case. The case with employers with regards to their employees is also somewhat similar. Is it really too tough? No it is not. Android monitoring is not a rocket science. Technology always answers the things that people want.

Easy Solutions to all the Issues:

The spy apps on the Android platform have taken the worries off. Android monitoring is now getting easier in coming days with access to some of the finest technology. New use has given rise to new solutions hence, parents and employers can easily monitor the smartphones and tablets of children and employees respectively.

Spy like the magical Aladdin’s Genie:

StealthGenie is the perfect tool for Android monitoring. The app is a know-it-all solution to so many things. Look at some of the basic easy to get facts about StealthGenie:

  • Works in stealth mode
  • Consumes minimal battery
  • Tracking on multiple features
StealthGenie is compatible with Android versions 2.1 and beyond.

Rub the lamp and get the Genie solve your problems:

StealthGenie’s access is easy. The app can be easily installed once purchased and then used to monitor. The simple steps to do that are:

  • Buy the subscription
  • Get the activation code in an e-mail
  • Install the app from Stealthgenie Website
  • Activate the app from the code given at the time of purchase
  • That’s it! Now start monitoring from any remote location over a Control Panel
The StealthGenie’s easy to access features are way more as well. Android monitoring gets you accessible to:
  • GPS Location Tracking (Current Location, History, Geo-Tracking and Geo-Fencing)
  • Call Logs and Live Call Intercept
  • SMS & IMs Monitoring (WhatsApp, Viber, BBM, Skype)
  • Live Surrounding
  • Contacts, Memo, Calendars and Notes
  • Phone Lock and Remote Phone Access
  • SIM Changes
These features guarantee a person about the whereabouts of anyone who has the target smartphone or tablet. Now the stealth mode working will never even let anyone know the app is there to monitor him or her. Children can never dodge or cheat the parents and employees can never be ahead of their employers. This is truly a one stop solution to so many worries regarding Android monitoring. A true blessing in disguise, StealthGenie!

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