7 Ways to Create the Most Shared & Engaging Website

Websites that are optimized for social media sharing typically attract more traffic and sparks more engagement with customers. Is it just a matter of adding social sharing buttons to pages? Actually, it covers everything from encouraging more sharing on your pages to seeking more feedback from users.


Website Engagement 01Besides the content the design of your website is what communicates with the user. It depicts the entire personality of the brand. It is all delivered through the very basic mediums like the logo placement, colors, high resolution and attractive images, fonts, layouts and so on. Creating reading space, maintaining font styles and size makes it easy to differentiate between the headings and paragraphs, making it easy to understand with no possible confusions.


Website Engagement 02Even without experimenting too much with fancy buttons, you can play around with basic shapes and lines to give your website a fresh look among the thousands of websites that your users go through every day. Users are now more tech-savvy; they like to see more innovative ideas that can be displayed through design elements, transitions or by creating the most unique user experience.

Be Heard

Website Engagement 03The content of your website should specially be created for your users and not aimed at mentioning all your goals and achievements but solving their queries instead. The tone n voice should be simple and based on the personality you want the user to visualize. Research is the most important aspect in this segment to provide your customers real and valid news in the most precised yet attractive manner.

Sell it

Website Engagement 04Various marketing activities can provide a better communication between you and your users. The idea you deliver of your website is what the users will know about you. Sharing some expertise information like case studies, articles or blogs without self-promotion will place you in a favorable light. This will make people realize that you are open to new ideas and their concerns. Through this users begin to build trust and hang on to every word that you say. Marketing through digital means has proved to be more far reaching as compared to other means.

Share it

Website Engagement 05Have you provided some creative content on your website? Would you like to tell everyone about it? Then make sure you provide your user ways to share it. Social media is one of the most popular media networks among people these days, mainly companies, brands and people with an interactive nature.

Providing social media links to your website results in more engagement between the customer and your website.

Be a good listener

Website Engagement 06Make sure you are not using your own assumptions to make decisions all the time, but also consider the feedback of your clients or users. Once you are following up on all the feedback you gain more insights to arrive at a proper solution. This will help you enhance your website, product or services on regular basis.

Never Stop Learning

Website Engagement 07A change is the only stagnant element in this world and has no limits. Through your tracking options you get to learn which part of the website the users are able to function more and easily. This way you get a chance to improve and develop your website on daily basis and make changes depending on user comfort and new trends.


Use of some intelligent and smart designing can help you generate the returns you expect from your website. These suggestions are just a few from the lot. Keep up the dynamic nature and move on. Lastly, make sure your website is optimized for phones and other mobile devices.

This article is written by Noman Ali, SEO manager at Cygnis Media (Application Development Company). Here at Cygnis Media we are creating Facebook Application, Web and iPhone Apps.

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