11 The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016

Almost all online games are addictive. Whether you play them on your laptop or handheld device, they are an easy fix for entertainment, excitement, and satisfaction. Ask anybody out there, and they will all have their favorite games. 2016 saw quite a few addictive games. Without further ado, here is the list.


The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 1When Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov created this game way back in 1984, little would he have known about the global phenomenon that it would become. It is a tile-matching game that:

  • Has been used in quite a few research studies.
  • Is available on computers and handheld devices.
  • Is known as the best-selling, paid downloadable game of all time.
This game is all about tetrominoes which are colored blocks of different shapes and sizes which have to be twisted and set in place to match tiles. There have been changes and variations in this game too.


The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 2The sheer kaleidoscope of activities that this game presents makes it addictive. Where else can you build houses, fight zombies and mine for precious stuff all at once? Initially released in 2011, this game has spun many clones and is the second best video game after Tetris. Known as a sandbox video game, it allows you to build various things using blocks. There are hostile and non-hostile creatures to combat and all kinds of terrain to walk through as well.

Candy Crush Saga

The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 3Candy galore! Who knew that a game based on crushing candy could have a valuation of more than $7.5 billion? It is a Match 3 game that was first released in 2012 and is now available on every major platform out there. Between all the candies, you also get various kinds of goals that you can achieve.


The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 4The sheer visual delight of glittering gems is probably what keeps this game going since its release in 2001. This was probably one of the earliest Match 3 games and has spawned many series and versions too:

  • Bejeweled Deluxe,
  • Bejeweled Twist,
  • and Bejeweled Blitz and so on.

Call of Duty

The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 5Shooter video games are pretty popular, and one of the most addictive is Call of Duty. Here again, this game has resulted in many spin-offs. One of the interesting aspects of this game is the fact that you can go to war in different eras and scenarios too. While the earlier games were set in the backdrop of World War II, newer games are set amidst very realistic modern warfare and even futuristic scenarios.

The Sims

The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 6This simulation game gives you the opportunity to create people and houses too. You can endow your creations with emotions. You also get the chance to meet their goals and desires. This series came into being between the years 2006 and 2008 and since then has sold more than 175 million copies all over the world.

Dragon Fist

The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 7One of the most popular games among action games in online websites like Much Games is Dragon Fist. Everyone loves martial arts and kung fu, and when given an opportunity to use the kicks and fight other martial artists, it is but natural for the game to have become as popular as it has. You need to use various techniques and weapons to defeat your enemies and move forward.

World of Warcraft

The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 8Think massive, think multiplayer, think global, and feel addictive and you have the correct thoughts to define the mega success that is WoW or World of Warcraft. 2004 is when Blizzard Entertainment developed and published this game. Among other things, you can:

  • Create and control an avatar.
  • Explore all kinds of realms and roles.
  • Choose different professions and skills and so on.
The sheer range of possible gameplay within this game makes it popular and attractive.


The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 9Fantasy worlds are one of the most popular genres in online games, and perhaps this is one reason why EverQuest is yet another MMORPG that has gained traction all around the world. MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role-playing game such as EverQuest works on some common factors such as creating an avatar and engaging different enemies and achieving various goals. But there are so many fantastic creatures and worlds; that you are sure to get lost in the sheer scale of imagination here.

Grand Theft Auto V

The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 10If you have not played Grand Theft Auto V or its predecessors, then you are missing out on some amazing experiences. It will make you think you are part of a Hollywood movie where you have to outwit the various challenges while committing heists. The real narrative of this game reads like a movie, and you have all kinds of characters and agencies thrown in:

  • Street gangs,
  • FBI,
  • Mercenaries,
  • Venture capitalists and
  • Meth dealers too.


The Most Addictive Online Games of 2016 - Point 11American football comes to video form and blazingly so with Madden. This game is available on every major and not so major platform that you can think of. That in itself should tell you its popularity! You have to learn and deploy virtually every component of football that you can find in real life, playbooks, statistics, and so on. It is named for John Madden and was conceived by Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts.

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