Interesting Ways to Thank Your Customers on Social Media

A strong customer base is the backbone of any business. In order to increase the ratio of repeat customers, there are plenty of ways, but thank them on social media sites is one of the best techniques to express gratitude. Yes, appreciation is important to customers; it makes them valued and remember your brand. Today, almost every business is active on social media because billions of people are using social media sites to connect with their peers, family, and favorite brands.

This is why social media has become an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy because it creates the best and fertile environment for making personal engagement with customers and increasing brand awareness. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., are popular social media sites where you can post quality content, get valuable insight into your consumer’s interest and preferences.


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But have you ever pondered your thoughts on thanksgiving? Apart from posting and engaging, you can leverage social media to appreciate your loyal customers. Usually, brands offer huge discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to keep their customers happy but thanking your loyal customers on social media is another interesting way to show authenticity.

Happy and loyal customers will go on to champion your product for you and spread positive words to their friends and family. Here the motto is not to promote yourself, but it’s all about showing gratitude to your customers. Bain and Company revealed that customers spend 20 to 40% more with brands that respond to their social media comments. So, what could be the other way to show affection to your customers rather than social media?

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Why “Thank” Your Customers

The phrase “thank you” expresses more than just a courtesy. The more you value their appreciation and suggestions, customers will help and support your business amid crisis. Without a strong customer base, you have no business.


A lot of businesses fail to realize the significance of thanksgiving when they acquire new customers, but engaging with old customers on a timely basis offers them plenty of advantages. Many organizations are now working on a customer satisfaction strategy because once they achieve this by showing appreciation, those customers won’t leave them soon and keep doing business with them.

Thanking customers can feel them valued, heard, and seen. When you appreciate customer’s suggestions and efforts, you build positive momentum that eventually increases sales and keeps your business moving forward. Here are several reasons why you should thank your customers and show appreciation.

  • It makes your customers valued;
  • This is a sign of respect;
  • It will increase the ratio of loyal customers;
  • This improves the perception of your brand;
  • It increases Upselling opportunities.

If you are thinking of increasing business conversions, drive traffic and improve your brand reputation, you need to express gratitude to the customers who support and market your business by positive word of mouth. And what better avenue than thanking them on social media in front of the entire community? But how to do that?

Ways to say thank you to your customers on social media


Do you want to know ways to say thank you on social media? If yes, in this blog post, we will show you interesting ways brands are using social media campaigns to thank their customers and build brand advocacy. So, let’s get started.

Give Customers Surprise Discount

Offering discounts is the best way to win customer’s hearts. No matter what the reason is. Let your customers acknowledge that you care for them and offer them an optimum discount on their total purchase or bill. Especially if you offer a special discount to the regular customer, they won’t go anywhere else even if you slightly increase the price. They will appreciate your generosity and keep in mind when they again want to purchase the same product.


Your customers are the pivotal part of your business, and keeping them happy is your responsibility. If your customer base is huge and facing issues keeping track of discounts and offerings, white-label delivery software makes it easy to manage customers and offerings.

Moreover, offering them discounts on social media also encourages other customers to buy your products; it will entice them and create a sense of exclusivity to your Facebook and Instagram followers. By doing this, you can effectively create a strong customer base and create something tangible and meaningful.

Mention Your Customers

After ordering food from your restaurant, you often receive a thanksgiving notification on your phone. And isn’t it an amazing feeling that the restaurant mentioned you on their Facebook business page? It seems a simple gesture but one of the best tricks to WOW your customers. It will encourage them to visit your restaurant over any other and create a sense of some affection.

Look for similar options and mention them in your featured posts. Also, communicate with your customers on a timely basis and use social media to follow up and keep the conversation alive.

Here you can take the example of one of the popular brands, Nike.

Needless to say, Nike offers good and quality customer support; it is also known for its best customer service on Twitter.


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They run a dedicated Twitter account, Nike Service, which offers support round the clock and in multiple languages. Apart from thanksgiving, you can also use social media to resolve customer’s issues. And Nike is doing the same; when any customer mentions their account on Twitter, they immediately jump in to help.

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Give a Shout Out

Shout out is another way of advertising and marketing your products or services. In Instagram and Facebook, you see there are lots of individuals promoting brands, and they show themselves as an influencer. Let’s understand this concept with a real-life example.


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USA-based Chrome Industries produces bags, backpacks, and other apparel for cyclists. The Company found their loyal customers and sent them personalized jerseys to wear around the city. They gave a public shout-out on their Instagram handle to the fans and loyal customers who regularly shared pictures of themselves wearing their jerseys.

Offering something special to customers who take the time to engage with your brand and share it with their own followers could be one of the ways to thank them for supporting your brand.

Hold a Giveaway on Social Media to Thank Your Customers

The key to establishing long-lasting business success lies in customer satisfaction. It means creating products and services that encourage your customers to choose your product over rivals. Holding a giveaway is a perfect reward to your loyal customers with a mesmerizing price.

A giveaway is a popular marketing technique where you give your consumers the chance to win the hamper. It is the tried and testing marketing tactic to generate a buzz about your products. You can get started with Instagram or a Facebook giveaway and make your loyal customers feel like they will receive additional perks beyond your products and services.


There are many advantages also associated with the giveaway technique, such as

  • You can create a campaign on social media to receive more likes and comments;
  • It will increase your subscription list;
  • It is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and app.

A giveaway is the best way to engage with your customers; it will help you to grow and boost engagement on social media channels. Here are some creative giveaway ideas:

  • Free product trials;
  • Quirky and personalized gifts;
  • Bonus loyalty points;
  • Gift cards.

Be sure you are offering some value to consumers and push them to do business with you in the near future.

Be Available

Customer preferences keep evolving with time and technological changes. Today’s modern customer seeks instant support when they need it. One of the amazing ways to show your potential customers that you thank them on social media is simply to be available whenever they need you. People are not only using Facebook and Twitter for likes and comments, but they are also using them to connect with brands and get their doubts resolved. In fact, people head to social media sites first rather than sending an email to the brand.


Monitor customer’s queries and respond to them on time. You can also use instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger to get real-time notifications so that you can respond to users quickly. It will make your social presence strong and leave a positive image in your customer’s minds.

Ask for Reviews and Referrals

Thanking customers is not just expressing gratitude and shower an application; you can also receive some positive feedback or reviews. This is the ideal time, so grab the opportunity and ask your customers to leave some feedback. You could ask for online reviews and respond to them that your reviews are appreciated, and we will surely improve the product or service.

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Final Words


A strong customer base is the main ingredient that keeps your business afloat and lets you create a brand reputation in the market. Thanking your customers feels valued and gives you favorable results in the long run. A small gesture can either make your business break, get started with the above techniques, and show your customers some extra care before they leave you.

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