Top 5 Most Trending Niche in Mobile Apps on 2017

Mobile apps have evolved very since the Android and iOS operating systems were build. In fact, an Android device is renowned with its apps only. With the passage of time, these apps got better and better. Now we see apps that address the real-life scenarios in a manner that they have generated their necessity in almost every task we do. In this article, I will try to put forth most trending i.e. most demanded niche in the Android apps. Pick up something that your mobile is capable of, and you will find an app for that task.

From banking to e-commerce, music to social media, Mobile apps have proved their mettle. Thanks to the developers that their intuitive ideas are worth of what we look at our mobiles today. A question always chased me in my research that why the need of the hour was to build apps for Mobile devices. Let’s have a look on the niches that are currently trending in 2017.

Most Trending Niche in Mobile Apps:


  1. Games like Asphalt8, Temple Run, Clash Royale and more.
  2. Social Media Apps like Facebook, Twitter and others.
  3. Communication Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Sanpchat, and Hangouts.
  4. Online Streaming Apps like YouTube, Hotstar, and Voot.
  5. Online Shopping Apps like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc.

Let’s discuss what some of these apps must amaze you with.

Note: These are based on the popularity of keywords searched on play store, Windows store and app store & search engines like Google and Bing.

Trending Games in 2017:

Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Game freaks have set sensation for developers to build unbelievably awesome games like:


When it comes to popularity, racing games stand in up front of the stack. Gameloft has genuine winners with racing games without the price tag, with Asphalt Xtreme and Asphalt 8-Airborne. Both have theirs pros, and their rating is almost similar.

The first is an off-road racing game that can be played while connected to the internet, is multiplayer. Why this game stands that popularly is because of the availability of other racing games, have a bit aggressive pricing strategy. If you can succeed in finding the best for free, why to pay for the play.


Clash of clans was once made a teen sensation. After that, this game is the latest version from Supercell, in Clash Royale; you will build platforms, collect cards, and then square in one-to-one duels with online opponents. Since the latest is the best, you can get a real-time multiplayer battle arena and can continuously plan your strategy to move ahead. Like Clash of Clans, you can collect and use trophies on the go. You will enjoy the game. This game deserves worth a try.

Trending Social Media Apps 2017:



Ever had a question you wanted a quick answer to? You will most likely type in that query in the Google search box which will invariably give you a long list of answers. Many times it guides you to Quora which is an online platform to post questions on various topics and get answers from experts or experienced people. Even if you have the most unlikely topic to ask a question on, you can place your best bet that you will find an answer on Quora.

The Quora app works on the same premise as the website. It has easy navigation and has a fast loading time. If you have a question, you can post it on Quora and be sure you will get the best answer from the expert insiders which might be better than answers given on any other website. There is an answer rating system just like there is on the site.


Facebook started as a clone idea for its time as there were other social networking sites on the internet as well, but the way it was presented, and the computing power behind it made it the top player of all social media websites. It has been said that Facebook has somewhere around 1.8 billion users, it also has one of the topmost social media apps, with its number of downloads and users.

The Facebook app is much similar in design with the website, with its home page new feed and profile sections. The chat interface is also similar in design and although there is a different app for facebook messenger the parent Facebook app does well in the chat arena as well. The news feed will bring all the news and happenings from your liked pages and friends.

Facebook has a notorious reputation of profiling its users and displaying ads, but in the mobile apps, you will come across a lesser number of them.

Trending Communication Apps 2017:

smartphone chat user chatbots

Communication apps have made the transfer of information from one end to the other across the globe very easy. Top trending comm. Apps are listed below.


Nothing was fancier than this when WhatsApp introduced unlimited messaging for free hugely cutting down the cost of communication. All you need is a cheap internet connection. WhatsApp was introduced on over a billion cell phones. Also, it is continually enhancing the convenience, including new elements and is getting more secure.

What makes it number one? Everybody utilizes it, no matter for chatting, voice call or video calls. I can bet that you are also one of those million users of WhatsApp.


Here is all girl’s favorite app. Using Snapchat with those funny filters have become a new trend. The concept of Snapchat remains unique as the photos and images are only available for a short span of time before disappearing forever. This might surely have lessened the hassle of storing and managing data. As per reports, since May 2014, the app users are sending 700 million snaps a day capturing critical moments on the go.

Trending Online Streaming Apps 2017:


1. YouTube

This app makes exploring any kind of entertainment: from music videos to trending games to the news and so much more. YouTube can be accessed online and by downloading the official YouTube app, available on both Android and IOS play store. YouTube lets you subscribe to your favorite channels and share videos with friends, making this one of the most loved online streaming apps.
The new design makes searching for videos you love easier and quicker than before.

By just tapping an icon or swiping to switch you can go to your account, subscriptions and recommended videos.

It also takes connecting and sharing with others to a whole new level by having the option to create playlists, express yourself with shares or comments, cast a video to your TV edit and upload videos with music and filters, and so much more!

2. TubiTV

One of the popular free movie streaming App that offers shows and movies without the user having to spend time! With new videos that are added every week, one can never run out of entertainment in the form of action flicks, Korean dramas, documentaries, anime, comedy and so much more without having to pay a subscription fee! Tubi TV has the biggest library of free and legal movies and TV shows to choose from, while on the go.

Features of this app include a personal queue that allows user to bookmark their favorites, multi-device syncing (X-box, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Samsung television and Apple TV) and option to continue watching where user left off on their device.

Trending Shopping Apps 2017:

eCommerce - Mobile Commerce


Its free availability for iOS and Android made it an app worth needed. You do not need to go to malls for shopping; your Mobile is your shopping spot. If you only need a little of anything, Amazon can be the best option to go. However, you knew that. Put your original account to good use with this app, which lets you surf tons of products, read reviews and scan barcodes.


AliExpress (Alibaba) is one of the leading online stores from the Alibaba business assemble, where you can purchase anything that you could need specifically from your Android gadget. We are discussing a huge number of definite articles. Diversity and variety of quality products to choose from made Alibaba an app worth to try.


Top 5 Most Trending Niche in Mobile Apps on 2017 - conclusion

The above apps are worth to try once. Every app has fulfilled it is responsibility in a well-known manner. Creativity and vision can be seen in the design, User interface and the innovation put behind cannot be neglected. With advancement in technology, more and more up gradation in apps can be seen, and many more useful apps are yet to come.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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